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AKC Lucky Lady's Dream Dog - Lucky
This boy was my dream come true and the
start of so many more dreams, that without
him would never have come to realization. 
He will always hold the title of  PAWtriarch of my furry family.

HOW IT ALL BEGAN . . . . .

Thank you for visiting my website.  

My name is Rose and "living my dream" of showing and raising Biewer Terriers came to be, through my dream of owning a Yorkshire Terrier.  

When my husband Jim and I were married, we both had grown children already out on their own, and our Yorkies & Biewer Terriers became our second generation of kids; they are as much a part of my family as anyone else!!  Since we never had children together, we lovingly consider our Yorkies & Biewer Terriers "our babies."  When we adopted our first Yorkie in 2005 I fully realized just how much I truly loved the breed.  It was almost instantaneous that I knew that one Yorkie was not going to be enough.  I not only knew I wanted more Yorkies, but I wanted to experience "everything" Yorkie! 

This was the initial reason I decided to breed; to experience everything about Yorkies...from the moment they are born, until they are old enough to go to their forever homes; and to help someone else's Yorkie dream become a reality.  In my quest to learn as much as I could and for the pure joy of talking with others that felt the same way I do about the breed, I joined more then one Yorkshire Terrier forum based website, and I surfed the web daily for anything new to learn.

It was through my daily research about the Yorkshire Terrier, that I discovered the Biewer Terriers. How wonderful to come upon a breed that had all the qualities I love about the Yorkies, with the added fun of the feature of being tri-colored! Having realized my Yorkie dream, owning a Biewer Terrier instantly became my newest dream.  I didn't have to wait quite as long to adopt my first Biewer Terrier, and even quicker to get our second one.  Not surprisingly, the desire to breed these beautiful dogs was also in my plans and I held tightly to the possibility of  taking them into the show ring in the future.  My husband and I enjoyed visiting the dog show that was here every year and I have attended a few Yorkie meet ups with friends, as well as hosting a few meet ups of my own.  In doing so I have made many new friends.  It was so fun seeing so many Yorkies and/or Biewer Terriers in one place and meeting other Yorkie/Biewer Terrier lovers.  I had hoped to make it to some rare breed dog shows at some point to get to know personally some other Biewer Terrier owners, to watch & learn, and dare to dream of someday getting my Biewer Terriers into the ring, to see what they (and I) could do!


That dream FINALLY became a reality after the Biewer Terriers were accepted into the AKC Foundation Stock Service in 2014, and AKC Open shows were available and more accessible.  With a little help & guidance from another Biewer Terrier breeder to get me started, I am now truly LIVING MY DREAM.....and loving every minute of it !!  

See our "SHOW PAGE" for photos of just some of the shows we've taken part in. 



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