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April 2023

Updated: Apr 15

4-15-23 Well, so much for the "no news is good news" theory. I texted Molly's person this past week and her reply is that all is still pointing to liver shunt. She says she is having vca send me copies of her report and that I am free to talk with Dr. Peterson about things; which I will whenever I get that report. The "still pointing to liver shunt" has me thinking that she has not gotten a definite answer yet & she did mention that they have done all tests except a $2500 CT scan which I'm assuming is what they need for that. I thought for sure that they were getting an ultrasound done?????, and that would have given them a definite diagnosis. In any case I guess we are still in limbo for now but once again I'm pondering what to do as far as breeding goes. I'm getting closer and closer to thinking it is time to retire from breeding . . . . AFTER Dolly is past her breeding age and possibly breeding Lexi that one time.

I was glad that Matt DID join us for Easter dinner though getting him to have any sort of conversation is like pulling teeth. He did sit and stay for a bit after dinner which kind of surprised me but I was glad he didn't just eat and run. We also got his taxes done so that's good.

We had our April "bunco" which was a movie of the month theme instead at Karen Tweedy's house. Discussing different things about the movie Fried Green Tomatoes was kind of fun or interesting; not as school-like as I thought. Not necessarily something I would want to do regularly though. Terri is up next for hosting May. . . . .


4/8/23 Ahhhhhh, normalcy has returned to our house! Max, the last of the M and N litters of pups left for his forever home yesterday. I met puppy courier Brenda Pierce at the airport at 10 am and away they flew to Providence, RI. First report from his new mommy Joan was, "Rose, there are no words; I will just say I'm in heaven! Bandit (their other Biewer) already loves him." So nice to hear and I have no doubt that Max will have a very easy adjustment to his new home and be well loved.

I also took Matt to an eye appointment in the morning yesterday. He said barely a word on the drive there so I knew he was for whatever reason this particular day having a bad/down morning. It still upsets me though; me taking the time to do all I can for him that he can't/won't muster up a simple, morning mom, explanation of his feelings, just something. I wish his life was better. . . . .

No dinner plans for Easter. Matt maybe works and probably wouldn't want to come over anyway, Kristen is in Las Vegas this weekend (we have Levy), Crisler works weekend nights so sleeps most of the daytime hours, and no speak of Easter plans from Jenny either. So it's just Jim and I, and the dogs. With the grandkids getting to big for anything Eastery, it's fine by me not having to worry about a big Easter dinner especially since I'm still trying to do good with WW. I feel I'm doing okay but the weight is so slow to come off and seems to be slowing the last week or so.

Still no news about Skye's puppy Molly. It's been a month now since I last spoke with her owner. Having heard nothing at this point, I'm feeling fairly good that the diagnosis of possible liver shunt has been proved to be false, otherwise surely she would have contacted me to let me know and to get her full refund. However, either way I would have expected her to let me know. I like the thought of assuming no news is good news, but I suppose I will contact her soon about it so that I know from her that the results were good and that Molly is fine. Hoping and praying that is the case.


4-2-23 We had a very special visitor, twice actually in this past week. Gloria Wilcox, the lady I rehomed my sweet Yorkie Halle to when she was retired from breeding came for a visit. It was so nice to be able to see Halle again and at the same time kind of hard to see her showing her age of 15 years. Her eyes are all cloudy and her hair is thinning. But the worst part was that she was SO, SO skinny! Gloria told me that she has been eating very little since she lost her other Yorkie and that she was down to about 4 lbs. I knew that was much less than her normal self and way less than she should be. Seeing her proved that even more. I told Gloria that she had to get her eating again, force feeding her if need be. We sent her home with a couple of Stella & Chewys raw medallions and I also gave her the Dyne supplement, as well as telling her about the Satin Balls recipe for putting weight on dogs. Later that day and the next, Gloria called to let me know that so far Halle was eating the new food very well and even with a few good feedings in her she already seemed to be more alert and stable on her feet. Poor Halle was probably slowly starving and wasting away. Gloria felt like such a bad doggie mom, but said that she truly thought that her lessened appetite was just due to her age. Still, a dog has to eat to live! I'm just glad she was doing better and pray it continues. Connie and Lexi also came for a short visit the other day; this was the first time I had seen Lexi with her short haircut. OMG, she looked so cute, and so much like Skye. Seriously had to look twice whenever I saw her sitting still for a minute. She also looked so much smaller; what a difference having short hair makes. She also felt lighter and when I put her on the scale found out that she had lost weight since the last time I weighed her, like a whole 1/2 lb lighter at just 6 lbs now. Even had me wondering if she might be to small to breed though 6 lbs is within my breeding weight range. Misty has been in her new home for a week now, and five more days to when Max leaves for his new forever home in Rhode Island. Then our house will be back to normal for a while.

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