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Dec 22, 2014 ..the wait is on

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What a wild & crazy month this is!  Both girls came into heat at the most inopportune time; both were in "standing" heat while my husband and I were away on our trip to Orlando for the dog show.  Arrangements were made however, so hopefully we will have at least one litter of pups in February, with a lot of luck maybe even two.  Camie went in for cytology swabs and progesterone testing from day 8 thru 15 and on what showed as her fertile day(s) - beginning day 13 thru day 15 - after unsuccessful natural breeding between she & Reggie, Camie was artificially inseminated on day 13 and a second time on day 15.  Showing thru testing as her fertile days we are hopeful that we will finally have our first litter of puppies out of Camie/Reggie.......maybe on Valentine's Day!  Breeding between Hannah & Reggie was supervised/assisted by a friend of mine.  Having had 4 previous breedings between these two I did not expect any problems.  However for whatever reason we did not get even one successful tie between them this time.  My friend insists that Reggie did penetrate Hannah and stay in for a short time, but pulled out to soon to get a tie, both times she was with them.  Continuing breedings after we returned home from our trip, even I was unable to get them to successfully breed.  I can only guess that the stress of us being away, the trips to the vet (with a stranger; to him) for AI's with Camie, and who knows what else maybe played a part in the unsuccessful natural breedings with Hannah.  I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping & praying that by some miracle we will also welcome Hannah's 5th litter right along with Camie's 1st.  The wait is on................time will tell.

On another note, our trip to Florida and being a part of Biewer Terrier history at the Eukanuba National Championship Show/Expo was exciting & fun.  There is no way I wanted to miss the opportunity for pups form Camie again, but watching the other Biewer Terriers in the show ring really made me wish that I could have brought her along to Orlando.

November 2, 2014

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It's November already; this year has flown by!  With no new puppies this year we were certainly feeling the pangs of puppy withdrawal until a couple of months ago when my daughter blessed us with a precious new grandson in early September........almost a "Labor" day baby. He is a beautiful bundle of joy and I feel so blessed to have my daughter back "home" in the Heartland for this exciting time in her (and our) lives.  It is so fun to have a new grand baby to snuggle, love, and to spoil........

As we enter into the month of November I am also getting more excited as we get that much closer to the time that our girls will be coming into heat again.  Even though we could still have a month or so before that happens I believe that I am beginning to see the early signs of things to come.  If I remember correctly, at about this time pre-cycle, the girls & boys start to "play" together more often than they normally do and I have definitely been noticing that lately.  After resting Hannah and missing our opportunity with Camie this past spring, I am really looking forward to having puppies in the house again.  With any luck we'll be welcoming two litters in early 2015.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves!  Before all of that we still have the Thanksgiving & Christmas holidays to prepare for & celebrate.  They will be a "first" with our new grandson so we have that added to our list of reasons to celebrate and be thankful.  And in between those two holidays, my husband & I will enjoy a trip to Orlando, Florida to witness the introduction of the Biewer Terrier breed at the AKC Eukanuba National Championship Show!  A piece of history in the making for these beautiful little dogs that I do not want to miss.


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......... where has this page been all this time?  I believe I tried it a few times and then deleted the page without publishing it, and lookee previous posts have remained intact. It's been about 3 years since I've posted anything; let's see if I want to try this again

Well a lot has happened since November 2011. We've had a total of 4 litters of Biewer Terrier puppies now. Our beautiful Yorkie Halle had her last litter of pups in 2012, has since been retired and is now living in her new home with a friend of mine, happy & well. We've added a new Biewer Terrier to our breeding program and are hoping to welcome her first litter in early 2015.

I had a little taste of the world of showing dogs when I was able to "show" Camie in an AKC Sanctioned match in fall of 2013. She and I did fairly well for 2 total novices and it was a fun experience. I don't know that I will ever get fully into showing dogs; that may be one thing that will remain a dream of mine. Lack of time, lack of dog shows close enough to enter, lack of a mentor, and lack of experience and therefore, confidence. I still think it would be awesome to have someone be the handler for one of my dogs in the show ring, and I still have hopes that someday someone will adopt one of my pups for show and to take them to championship level!  How awesome it would be to have raised a "Bred by.........ME" championed Biewer Terrier!!

Best news of all happened APRIL 2014...........after many years of dedication and hard work by the Biewer Terrier Club of America, the Biewer Terrier breed was accepted into the AKC Foundation Stock Service!!! The world is about to be formally introduced to this wonderful breed and I am happy & proud to be even just a tiny part of this history in the making!

Ready for the announcement!!

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I'm finally 100% convinced and ready to tell the world................

Biewer puppies on the way!!!

Oh the first few weeks of a dogs pregnancy play such mind games with me.  Yes she is, maybe she's not.............yes, no.......yes, no; until FINALLY in about the 5th - 6th week it becomes obvious.  Hannah is starting to show.  She lost her appetite in her 3rd week and after a trip to the vet for a B12 shot, she is starting to eat more and with that, starting to show.  Puppies are due in mid December and I am SO excited!!!!  Stay tuned.......................... 📷

Another weekend.....November 13, 2011

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.........more like another weekend, gone!   📷  Sunday night spent like most other nights; here on my laptop.  The weekend was uneventful yet I hate to see them end.  I am thankful for the job I have but still wish that I didn't have to go to work.  I'd much rather be a stay-at-home mom to the Fab Five!

Hannah is 4 weeks (give or take a few days) into (what I am 99% sure of) her second pregnancy.  Right on track with her first experience, she is loosing her appetite..........and right on track I am beginning to get the itch to take her in to see the vet.  More so this time though just to get her a shot of B12 rather than confirm pregnancy.  Still not sure that I will (have) to take her; it just depends on whether her appetite will pick up on it's own.  I can hardly wait............the pups will be due to arrive between December 10-16!!

My 1st Blog Entry Nov. 4, 2011

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Don't get to excited when you see this new blog page on my website.  Not sure what I'm doing here or why.  I've seen a few other sites with blogs and have heard they are a good thing to do, so I thought I'd give it a go.  My life is fairly average so I'm not going to promise that my posts will be exciting & fun to read.

I sit here on a Friday night as I do most evenings, at my laptop checking visitors to my website, and/or socializing with friends on Facebook and a Yorkie forum.  As I do this I normally have at least two of the Fab Five asleep on my lap while the others sit with my husband Jim as he watches TV.  At various points through the evening they will all rotate between my lap & the living room.  I have only a very few TV shows that I watch....or try to watch, as very often I will fall asleep if I just sit to watch a show.  I have to stay busy which is why I prefer to stay entertained on the computer.

It's bath weekend for the Fab Five; most often I will bathe & groom them once every two weeks.  I got the 3 Yorkies done today; afterwards took them each out to the backyard for their autumn leaves photo shoot.  Once I get the Biewers' baths done & their pictures taken, you will surely find them posted here on the website shortly after.  I LOVE taking pictures and find that the candid ones usually turn out the best.  Other than the baths/grooming, this weekend holds no special plans...............we'll just wait & see what life may bring.


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