Blasts from the Past 2016

Updated: Aug 12

No pups this time...................

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Right on schedule, Camie came into heat on October 29.  Though we normally would breed twice and then rest one, due to Camie's c-section with her last litter Dr Patera (and I) thought it would be best to rest her this cycle to allow her body completely heal & rest.  The heat was pretty uneventful for the first couple of weeks, but beginning on about two weeks in Sunny suddenly started to show a little interest and withing a day or two more he was definitely showing us that at just 7 months, he knew something was up and what he was supposed to be doing!  Good to see that he's got the drive..........................but not this time Sunny boy, not this time.

...just a short update.

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Just an update;  The Open Show in Shawnee, Ok. will be chalked up to practice & gaining experience in the show ring.  Neither Sunny or Hope gained any points towards their CM this time, best "win" was 2nd place out of 3 males for Sunny and 3rd place out of 4 or 5 females for Hope.  Oddly for some reason Sunny wanted to RUN while in the ring rather than walk.  I have no idea why.  We've got lots of time to work with them both as this is pretty much the last Open Show scheduled close enough to attend until May of next year.  Kind of a bummer  as it IS a long time and I do enjoy doing it. 📷

While I was out of town for the show, Hannah left for her "rest of her life" home with Kerry's parents, Al & Helen Kam.  Jim was there to see her off and said it was pretty tough to see her leave.  I too had tears in my eyes as I said my good-bye before leaving the night before, but early reports from Kerry later that same night she left with pictures of Hannah & Reggie together showed me that she was.......and would be fine.  Of course I knew that, but it is the WORST part of breeding having to let my adults go.  A phone conversation with Al Kam after I got back from Oklahoma assured me even more that Hannah was doing well.  She will likely get daily walks (which I'm sure she will love!) and I'm told she had already bonded with Al's wife Helen.  Reports like these both does my heart good and tugs at my heart at the same time because I miss her presence here as well.  Coming home from my trip the first thing I noticed was that there was less barking, and no bigger dog to find in the pack.  The next morning when John opened his "sticky" bedroom door in the basement, there was no Hannah barking at the sudden noise......and no barking at Jim coming down the hall with a laundry basket.  It is definitely different without her here.  BUT, most important is that she is happy and will be loved & well cared fore in her new home, and that is what I want for her. 

Busy, busy makes for lag between posts....

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I see it's been 2 monts since I last posted....busy, busy as this post title says.  Continuing where we left off....our pup Charm left us as scheduled and after meeting & sitting with her new mommy at the airport for 2+ hours I know she will be happy & loved in her new home.  In fact I've heard from all of the forever families of our G & H puppies and all of them are happy with their new family members and all pups adjusted easily & are doing well.  Halo went to a show/breeding home and needed to show completely clear of the intestinal issues we had with these litters before she could go.  It took multiple re-testing and treatments of Pancur before we FINALLY go the "all clear" for her to go.  She arrived at her new home in Maryland in the last week of September.  Again reports from her new family were all good & I am anxious to see how her show & breeding career progresses.

Now home is back to as normal as normal can be with still 6 dogs in the house.  Knowing Hannah is being retired, we are keeping her pup HOPE to replace her in our breeding program. Hannah was spayed on October 7th & will be leaving us on the 19th for her new home.  She will be living with Kerry Kam's parents, so will be connected & see Reggie who is living with Kerry and also she will be living with GIGI, Camie's pup that they also adopted.  All in the family..........I like it that way.  Tears well up in my eyes thinking of Hannah leaving us, but I know she will be just fine.

Also happening in this time period was the beginning of my participation into the dog show world.  Sunny & I took part in our first AKC Open Show at Purina Farms in Missouri in late September and Sunny did very well, taking Best of Breed and a Group 2 win the first day, and Best of Opposite the next day.  We made the trip with Kathy Totten another member of the BTCA who lives in Kansas; it's great having someone who knows the ropes to learn from.  Two weeks after that show another one took place a bit closer to home in Lincoln, Nebraska.  This time I was able to also enter Hope into the show at 4 months old.  Again Sunny did great with BOB & Group 2 wins on both days.  Hope did very good for her first time and being so young and took Best of Opposite on the first day out.  Another show coming up in Shawnee, Oklahoma on Oct. 22-34; we will be making the drive again with Kathy, and of course hoping Sunny continues his winning streak.......and also hoping to maybe get a Group 1 win and maybe even best in Open Show.  We'll doubt he will get it some time.

I think that's pretty much a shortened version of the goings on in these past two months.  So glad to finally have a bit of "peace" in the house with the puppies gone and for the break we will have since we are resting Camie with her next cycle.  No new litters planned until late spring/early summer 2017; then we will see what our handsome new stud Sunny will produce with our Camie and Hope.  They should make some very pretty babies!!

Another rough road before a light at the end of the tunnel

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Just as we got news that the coccidia that the pups had was cleared up, tests on their stool samples then showed that they had contracted giardia, another type of intestinal parasite infection.  This happening just one week before two of the pups were set to leave!  Thankfully, 5 consecutive days of meds (with butt & paw washes on day 3 & 5), then another stool sample which showed them clear of any new giardia ova delveloping.  With that good news, Gidget & Layla left us for their forever homes that same day and the next, and reports a few days later show they are happy, healthy, and doing well in their new homes.  I was able to see & hold our little Gigi at the vet's office when we were there, and she is also doing amazingly well.  With healthy pups in the house once more my stress level dropped BIG TIME, and I am able to enjoy their playful antics much more without constantly cleaning up yucky poo every few minutes (or so it seemed), and stressing over whether or not the pups would be able to leave when the time came or that I would be sending not completely healthy pups with their forever families. In between all of that inquiries came through for the adoption of both Charm (whose first adoption fell through) & Halo.  I was honest from the start about the parasite issues the pups were experiencing, especially with Halo being considered as a show/breeding prospect.  That being said, all families were very understanding and still agreed to their adoptions.  Charm will be leaving us to live in Virginia on August 30 and Halo's travel arrangements to Maryland are still in the works.  It won't be long now before our household can become "normal" again. And then we begin my new adventure in the dog show world.  Sept 23-24, Purina Farms in Missouri I will be going with Kathy T. and am entering Sunny in the 4-6 month puppy class.  I am looking forward to it and think that it will be least I hope it will be.  Just as soon as these pups leave I will need to get to work, working with Sunny stacking on a table and walking with a show lead.  He seems to stand pretty well on a table while I comb/brush his coat, something I think he learned from Ann (his breeder) as she is a professional groomer.  I hope his walking on a lead will be as easy for him to do.  There are other shows coming up in October that I also plan on and/or hope to get to and those I would enter both Sunny and Hope, the pup from Hannah that I am keeping.  We'll see how well we do and whether or not I like doing it as much as I dreamed I would.  I hope so.............. I think that's about it for now.  Whew!  I think that's enough..........until next time!

Things are non stop with pups in the house

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So much has gone on in just a month.  Our new boy arrived home on June 13; his registered name is Moore Bowwag's Island Pair a Dice......we will call him Sunny.  I chose him fairly quickly after looking at one set of pictures and now that I see him in person I know the right choice was made.  With each male I passed up I kept telling myself that I would know when I found the right one and I guess I was right.

About a week or two after he arrived we hit a rough patch with our own puppies.  The pups came down with a case of coccidia and it hit poor little Gigi quite hard.  She had multiple bouts of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) caused by being ill, weakend by the diarehhea and lack of appetite.  She even ended up in the Urgent Pet Care overnight to be monitored and kept on IV fluids.  So thankful for a dear friend & vet tech who came to the rescue and took Gigi into her care when she left the ER, as she still needed to be monitored every 3 hours.  Thankfully, Gigi and the rest of the pups (who were not hit near as hard) are finally on the mend and doing much better; prety much back to their playful selves.  With just about 3 weeks left to go before they are ready to leave Gidget, Layla, Charm, & Gigi have homes waiting for them.  As of today, only Halo is still available though I have an interested party or two in her as a show/breeding prospect.  Hope is my pick of the litter and will be staying with us to take her mamas place in our breeding program.  Bringing me to the depressing thought of the need to re-home my dear sweet Hannah as she is retired.  As tough as it is, it does help knowing that she will be placed with the best possible family and one that I know I will keep me updated on her.  Hannah (and Gigi too) are going to live with Kerry's (vet tech friend who adopted Reggie) parents, a possibility I knew about for quite a while now.  I am so happy to know she will be going to the home of a local family where she will be loved & well cared for.  Stll, this will be a tough one to let go and I get teary eyed whenever I think about it.  I know I can't keep them all...............but I wish I could.                                                                   

I've got plans in the works to get myself into some shows in September & October with Sunny and Hope, and I'm really hopng they pan out.  Getting myself to Kansas somehow so that I can ride along with another Biewer Terrier owner is the obstacle I have to overcome.  Where there's a will, there's a way...........I hope!

At 4 and 5 weeks, AND my search is finally over!

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First an update on our G & H litters; all 6 girls are progressing nicely.  Camie's girls have done well from the start and at 5 weeks weigh about 1lb 5 oz.  Camie has done well too after having her c-section and is a good little mama.  Hannah's girls, after being shuffled back and forth between Hannah & Camie for a few weeks are now all back with Hannah as she now has plenty of milk and they are gaining weight as they should.  In fact, her biggest girl, today at 4 weeks is as big as Camie's girls at 5 weeks.  I think she will be my keeper.  We had another instance of trouble with one eye on the same pup that had the problem at 1 week old.  However, a trip to the vet, an eye rinse, drops, and an antibiotic should clear up a scratch found on her eye.  Lots of sharp puppy claws in close eye contact as they nurse.....I'm not surprised, and more so that it doesn't happen more often! Now for the best news ever.....well, a long time coming anyway!  FINALLY found our new male & future stud.  Scratch the beautiful male in the Ukraine...aside from still waiting on results of tests to prove (or disprove) that he is 100% Biewer Terrier, it turns out that he is charting to be barely 3 lbs, and that is just to small.  Then on to another possible prospect from Brazil from a show/breeder well known for helping to get the Biewers recognized in that country and a member of the BTCA.  I was "thisclose" to adopting him and about to start the process, but something in the back of my mind was still telling me he just wasnt quite what I was looking for.  So, as a last effort before committing to the pup in Brazil, I inquired about another pup I had seen from a BTCA member here in the states.  He was already sold BUT she talked to (believe it or not) Ann Schultz, the lady who bought Farrah from me, and wouldn't you know ANN had a male pup she was thinking of keeping, but was willing to sell as long as he was going to a show(?) home.  She sent me photos and I immediately knew he was it.  Great face, good markings on the body, and charting about 5 1/2 pounds.  We chatted on the phone and yes......he will be a Heartland boy!  He will be 12 weeks on June 30, so ready to go just as soon as I can make travel/pick up arrangements.  SO EXCITED and so glad my search is finally over.                                                                                                    Another bit of exciting news:  Farrah is doing really well in the show ring and Ann keeps me updated on her progress and shares her winning photos.  Just look at her; she is growing into the beauty I always knew she was.  After all, she would have been my pick of the litter!


Hannah has 4 girls!

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Hannah free-whelped 4 beautiful girls on Sunday, May 29th.  As always, she had no problems with the delivery and was done within 1 1/2 hours.  Pups were active & nursing immediately. Two to three days later though her pups were not seeming to gain as nicely as we'd like so we decided to try putting a couple of her pups with Camie.   Since doing so, and here one week after delivering her pups, Hannahs girls seem to be steadily but slowing gaining weight.  After checking my weight records of other litters Hannah has had & seeing this same slow weight gain with some of them, I don't feel quite as anxious about it now.  Another thing we've had to deal with (and had happen once before as well) is that at one week old, one of Hannahs pups had an eye that was swollen.  I noticed it late in the day on Sunday, by Monday morning it had lessened but did have crusted eye gunk still, so off to the vet we went to have the eye rinsed and received eye drops to use.  Eye drops for a one week old pup...............that is going to be difficult to do!!!  All in all though, both Camie & Hannah's pups are doing pretty well and for that I am thankful.  There ae two of Hannah's girls that I will be watching with the hopes that they progress into a healthy breeding size so that I can keep one of them as a breeding/show replacement for Hannah.  This is her final litter, meaning she will be spayed & rehomed after raising these pups. I so dislike this part of breeding most of all...........having to give up MY dog after all they have done for me.  Finding them the perfect home, and one that I can stay in contact with after they are gone is the only way it is bearable for me.  And this is what I will do for Hannah, just as I have for Lexie, Halle, and Reggie.

Camie's Pups are Here.....

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Camie's pups arrived on 5/23/16, 63 days from day 13 of her cycle, coinciding with her breedings with Tater and/or 1 day before she was bred with Dreamer.  As her x-ray showed she did indeed have 3 pups, but we lost the first one born (a male).  Camie's hard labor started at about 3:30 - 4 pm and by 6, still not pup presenting itself.  Off to urgen care we went since the vet closed at 7.  When we got there it seemed that Camie's contractions got a little stronger & was starting to make progress.  They gave her a shot of oxytocin and finally the head of the first pup made it's way out.  It looked so big and the poor thing got stuck there. :(.  The vet there did an episiotomy to try & free him but even then she could not reach and/or turn the shoulders to free him.  He was very stuck and that is when they rushed Camie in for an emergency c-section.  When the pups were delivered they brought us back to see them, the male and two females.  The big boy was struggling to live as they administerd oxygen to him and about 30 minutes later he passed on to Rainbow Bridge.  They let us take Camie and her girls home that night but not until 11:30 after Camie's vitals were steady.  As always and maybe even more so this time after a c-section it was a long night of getting up and checking on Camie & her new family.  But everyone did well, the pups were nursing well right away & Camie was an attentive mama.  At 3 days old everyone is still doing good.........knock on wood things will stay that way.

In the meantime, now we are waiting to meet Hannah's pups.  She is due within the next 3-5 days......could even happen on my birthday on the 31st of May.  I like to think that Hannah is a pro at whelping pups.............she's never had any problems delivering and has had her litters of 4 and 5 pups within 2 - 2 1/2 hours.  After all that happened with Camie, I'm hoping Hannah continues to do well with this, her 6th and final litter of pups.

Pitter-patter of Puppy Paws Expected.....X2!

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April 20 was ultrasound day for the girls.  I'd been cautiously optimistic that both girls were pregnant, but afraid to get my hopes up to high knowing that Camie had fooled us the last time. We did her ultrasound first since she was the first to go into heat and pregnancy wa confirmed seeing at least 2 puppies.  Hannah was up next and shown to be pregnant with "multiple" puppies.  Her images showed pretty obviously that she was not as far along as Camie is, leading us to believe that there is a good possibility that Camie did indeed get pregnant with her slip ties with Tater rather than the later ties with Dreamer.  A pregnancy with Dreamer would have put her within just a couple of days of Hannah and the ultrasound images would have been muchmore similar (we think).  Time..........and DNA testing of the pups will tell us for sure.  But yes, yes, yes............finally have the two pregnancies we've been trying to achieve.  Let the fun (and work) begin! 📷

BTCA/BTRA Biewer Terrier News!

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I forgot to mention in my last post some exciting news......I guess; at least it benefits myself & Ann in regards to her "full registration/breeding adoption of Farrah.  After the disappointing news of my first show hopeful (Farrah) carrying the chocolate gene and therefore NOT useable in Ann's breeding program, just a couple of weeks later  the BTCA announced that they have found through the Mars testing that the Biro Biewers were testing as purebred Biewer Terriers and with that they have decided to acknowledge & accept the  chocolate color gene as part of the Biewer Terrier.  At this time the chocolate/white colored Biewer Terriers are not able to be shown, but dogs carrying the gene are registerable through BTRA/BTCA.   Now I don't even come close to fully understanding how all of this genetics works, but I am thrilled that with the announcement, Ann is now able & willing to keep Farrah in her program!!!  She took her to her first show in mid March 2016 and says she performed as she hoped she would and pretty well for a 5 1/2 month old puppy.  She won the first of many ribbons!!  She's already blossoming and I am anxious to see the beauty she will become as she matures into an adult.

...the Wait is On

Posted on March 29, 2016 at 9:40 PM📷 delete 📷 edit 📷 comments (0)Well, the breedings between Camie & Tater did not go quite as well as we'd hoped.  Camie was not at fault this time; she was receptive and would stand for Tater but he could only achieve slip ties.  And though he was interested it was obvious he wasn't sure what was going on as it took MUCH coaxing to get him going.  I didn't think it was totally hopeless that Camie would get pregnant from these slip ties, however with the "ok" from Kathy we went ahead & also bred Camie to Dreamer (the male we got for Hannah's breedings).  Dreamer seemed to be a pro and immediately tied with Camie the first night he was here, and again the next night.  I am confident there is a good chance Camie will have pups from either one or both of the boys. Hannah was bred with Dreamer four days in a row on her days 11 - 14, again instant, easy ties lasting 10 minutes each.  On day 14 his interest started dwindling (though we still got a tie in the evening of that day) and by day 15 it was like he knew she was done and would not/could not breed again.  Again, I am fairly confident Hannah too will be having pups.....what will be her last litter.....nine weeks from now.  Time to play the waiting game...... Having borrowed studs in the house was not bad at all.  Both males were very well behaved and got along with our crew and vice versa.  Hopefully, we will have our new stud sometime before to long, and except likely for Camie's next heat cycle when what ever male pup we do get will still be to young, we will only have to hire a stud once more. That search for a male is still very much ongoing with no prospects in sight.  At the moment I know of two upcoming litters coming in April, plus the possibility of my own & Kathy too may have litters in May.  You would think I'd be able to find one little male pup out of that!!!  Keep telling myself, "good things come to those who wait"........

The "heat" is on..............

Posted on March 16, 2016 at 11:00 PM📷 delete 📷 edit 📷 comments (0)Both girls are now in heat; Camie starting first on March 9th, Hannah following close behind on March 14th  Still close together, but at least 5 days difference is more manageable than a day or two as they have been cycling the last couple of times. We met Kathy in Lincoln on day 7 of Camie's cycle to pick up her little male Tater Tot to use as the stud for Camie.  He is a perfect size to use with her and they both are accepting of each other right from the start.  Though Tater is a virgin male, he seems to know what to do and I am fairly confident they might be able to get natural breedings done, instead of having to AI.  We are doing the progesterone testing done to check for her fertile time and have Dr Patera on stand by should an AI be necessary.  But even after Dr Patera saw them together the first time, she too was pleased with what she saw.  Our hopes are high........... The plan for Hannah was to fly her out to Maryland to be bred to Ann's male Primo.  But after seeing the crate/carrier size specifications for the airlines, I found them to all be much to small for Hannah to fly comfortably in.  Ann did not want to send her male here, so we will instead be breeding Hannah with another one of Kathy's males.  Things happen for a reason and in the long run I am happy not to have to go through the added expense and time used to travel to and from Maryland.  This will be Hannah's last breeding and I hope to be able to keep a puppy from her last litter. I am still watching a male pup as a possible candidate for our next stud.  Still to soon to make a decision, but 'm hoping.  He happens to have Hannah's parents in his line (his grand parents) which is a plus as this would be another way to keep those lines in case Hannah doesn't have a pup that I would keep.  I'm kind of hoping this works out, but will have to patiently wait & see.

Dream realized; back to being a dream....for now

Posted on February 24, 2016 at 10:45 PM📷 delete 📷 edit 📷 comments (0)My first "bred by" show hopeful has been crushed.  Today I received an email from Ann telling me that DNA color tests done on Farrah came back testing positive for carrying the brown/chocolate gene.  This rules her out of Ann's breeding program and she will be selling Farrah with limited, pet registration.  Ann was heart broken and I am disappointed as well.  I did the honorable thing and offered Ann a refund of 1/2 of the adoption fee bringing it down to pet price cost which she appreciativley accepted.  She did mention the though of still breeding Hannah with her male, mentioning the possibility of shipping chilled semen rather than flying out to breed her.  I'm not sure what I want to do here; not looking forward to flying there, the timing might not be right if both girls go into heat at the same time (having to get Camie to Kansas to be bred to one of Kathy's boys), and on that note........why not just take Hannah to Kathy's as well??  All things to consider.  The time for the girls' cycles is getting closer so need to start thinking of & making arrangements. Aside from keeping a watchful eye on the girls and on the possiblity of Hannah's dislike for Camie as her cycle gets closer, things are pretty quiet in the house.  I'm still searching...more watching for available male pups for our next stud without a lot of luck.  One new possibility...........for now we'll leave it at that.  Not going to count on or get my hopes up just yet. That's it for this entry; just wanted to note the disappointing news about Farrah. 📷

Back to Square One.......Stud-less

Posted on February 2, 2016 at 10:40 PM📷 delete 📷 edit 📷 comments (0)Who knew finding a new male would be so difficult?  I sure didn't; but that it is.  My last possibility is no more.  I'm not quite sure why except that it was handled a bit weirdly for a while.  I had expressed interest in the male when they were just 3 weeks old.  At 9 or 10 weeks the breeder tells me there is more than me interested.  Me, thinking I was probably interested first wonder why someone else would even be considered.  Regardless, pics she sent of the pups were less than impressive; both in quality of the photos and the fact that the pups' ears were still very floppy and the breeder seemed to busy to bother taping them regularly to get them to stand.  Also, the weight of the pups at 9-10 weeks had me thinking that they might get to be a little larger than I was hoping for.  When the time came that the breeder actually sent photos of "a" pup asking if I was ready to put a deposit on him, the photos she sent were not even of the pup I was interested in!!  When I messaged her about it, I heard nothing back at all.  A few days later I see a post on FB about the pups she had left to sell including the two pet only.  Did she find fault in the male I was interested in for breeding?  Did she decide that she just didn't want to sell to me???  I have no idea.  But within the last few messages with her and the photos of the pups, I was becoming less & less interested anyway so am not to disappointed.  Just curious.  I'm thinking she was also a bit over whelmed with all of the pups she had in the house at one time.So, starting from scratch in my search for another male.  Kathy in Kansas is still helping me by keeping in contact with the breeder she bought from internationally.  If her pups prove BTRA/AKC-FSS registerable, I am okay with that idea.  We'll see. The last of the F pups went home this past weekend.  Ann seemed happy with her new show prospect and I am excited to see how she does with her in the show ring.  Sittng at the airport with Ann while she waited for her flight home, I got to know her a little better.  She is a very nice lady and VERY knowledgeable about the Biewer Terrier breed, pedigrees, breeding, etc.  She even knows how to do the AI procedure herself which may be helpful if I send Hannah to her for breeding.  With 3 out of 3 disappointments in my search for a stud so far, I am hoping that the breedings of both Camie & Hannah will be successful this time.  Maybe my luck will really change and I will find my next stud in a pup out of Hannah.On a non-dog note, my siblings & I had our first meeting to disperse Mom's belongings.  I get to have her curio, wanting it mostly as a single large item that will allow space to hold manysmaller treasures. I have had my eye on it for a long time each time I went to Mom's house thinking in my mind that when the time came, that is what I'd like to have.  Many things we went through on our first meeting hold some sentimental value to many of us but dispersement of them is going well and fairly.  It's been almost 2 months since Mom's been gone and we all miss her a lot. At certain sporadic times, little things can bring on tears that she is not here anymore.

Oh oh, changed my mind.......

Posted on January 23, 2016 at 7:10 AM📷 delete 📷 edit 📷 comments (0)Just a short new update........a couple of days after commiting to out new stud male, I contacted the seller again to tell him that I changed my mind.  He was totally okay with my decision which was based on my lack of experience in owning & breeding a dog from such tight line breeding.  Luckily for me, no money had changed hands (the seller wanted to wait until after he took them to his vet for a last check up & shots), so no money was lost.  As it turns out, the breeder contacted me after his trip to the vet and told me that the male pup had only one testicle that had dropped, which makes him available as pet only.  He said "things happen for a reason", referring to my decision not to take the pup.  I am now back to watching the only other available male puppy from a BTCA club member; he is truly a bit more like I am looking for  with more color on  his face.  He is presently 9 or 10 weeks old; and depending on his correct present age, seems to be charting between 5 1/2- 6 1/2 lbs.  The breeder tells me there is another club member also wanting this pup; though I don't know for sure I'd think that I may have been the first to inquire about this pup since I've showed interest since he was 3 weeks old.  She also is waiting til the pup is a bit older to determine his breed/show potential and will then decide with whom she will place him.  Time will tell.  I am so ready for my search to be over; we really need to get our new stud in the house.  But I am reminding myself, "good things come to those who wait".  It's just that in the meantime we are needing to pay stud fees to breed the girls.  Speaking of which, I spoke with Kathy in Kansas and she is agreeable to having Camie bred to one of her males which should happen sometime in February or early March.  Hannah is also due to come into heat again at about the same time.  Ann, who adopted a pup from our F litter has expressed interest in using her male with Hannah.  Not sure how that would get done with Ann living in Maryland, but she is very interested and I would love to go for it!  That would have both breedings this time around taken care of and with any luck, maybe.....just maybe I would be blessed with a non related show/breeding quality puppy (male or female) out of one of the litters.  That would be awesome, as Hannah will probably be retired after her next litter. So, my wait continues................................

Happy New Year - 2016!!

Posted on January 9, 2016 at 11:55 AM📷 delete 📷 edit 📷 comments (0)Whew!  Finally the holidays and many goings on of December have come to an end and life is settling down into a bit of a more normal routine.  Had a fun family game night on new years day with all of the kids & grand-kids over for dinner and games; it was a fun beginning to the new year. The year is starting off cold & snowy with 8 inches of snow on Christmas eve and then a few inches more a few days later.  A cold front coming in in early January is keeping much of the snow on the ground.  Don't care for snow & cold much, but we do live in Nebraska so I grin and bear it for the most part while counting the days til spring. Farrah from our "F" Biewer Terrier litter is still with us, but set to be picked up on January 23rd.  She is keeping us busy and becoming one of the pack.  Her first night without any of her siblings, she let us know that she would not be happy sleeping alone so into our room she was moved.  Even still, being in a pen is not to her liking either, but I think I finally figured out that she will be okay there if mom (Hannah) is in there with her.  Just a couple more weeks and she will be off to her new home and things will quiet down....................................or will they? Just this morning I commited to the decision to adopting our new stud male!  He is out of the litter of pups the president of the BTCA had that I had been waiting on since they were 3 weeks old.  The decision was a bit concerning (to a novice like myself) because the pup is out of what is considered a "tight" laymans terms, line/in breeding.  A 1/2 brother and 1/2 sister were mated to produce this litter.  The breeder did his in hopes of correcting some color issues he was wanting to correct and the suggestion & guidance had come from his vet (a very experienced collie breeder).  I took a few days to read online about in/line breeding and that together with the information Jonathan gave me, I felt comfortable enough to give it a go.  The real "go ahead" for me is the pedigree of the pup........many dogs from lines of people I know and many well known champion lines as well.  I think he will do just fine.  He is out of a 5.5 lb sire & 6 lb dam and I am told he is charting to be between 5 - 6 lbs.  The black/white on his torso is what I was looking for.  The coloring on his head I think will end up being lighter than I was hoping for, however he's got the darker color in his lines and being bred with Camie could also bring some of the deeper color to the pups they will produce.  At least that's what I am hoping........that and I will be sure that any future females will also have the deeper coloring on the head/face.  The puppy is presently 10 weeks old and should be home with us likely by the end of this month or early February, depending on when the courier can bring him home. That's it for excitement right now..............stay tuned for the homecoming of our new little stud!


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