Blasts from the Past 2017

Updated: Aug 12

Chloe is Here....and so are the holidays

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Our new female Biewer Terrier arrived from Russia on Nov. 21.  She has such a happy, fearless personality and looks as if she will grow into a beauty!  Her vet check showed her perfect in health & soundness; all that is left is for her to prove to be 100% Biewer Terrier through the DNA testing still to be done.  After all of this..........surely nothing will go wrong!?!!   Ivan and Ivy are both in their new homes and adjusting well I am told.  Camie went home with my sister Barb so that they can both live out their retirement years together.  Barb is already in love with Camie, and Camie seems content in her new home.  First few hours there, Barb said she was curious, but not afraid.  I know they will be great company for each other and Camie will LOVE all of the one on one attention she will be getting.  I am happy for both of them! Orlando trip with Kathy is coming up quick and will be showing Sunny in the Open shows in the Eukanuba show there.  I am hearing there will be about 100 dogs showing in the open shows with a large count of Biewer Terriers.  Sunny will have a lot more competition than he or I am used to, so it should be interesting and fun.  I am curious as to how he will do up against many others.  Then we will come home again and be done showing until early 2018; February maybe, depending on the weather.  But before that we have Christmas to celebrate with the family.

Time is STILL Flying by..........

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IVY & IVAN are at 9 weeks old now & doing great!  First set of shots done, the second set coming up next week.  Both are happy & healthy and thankfully no problems with coccidia or parasites of any kind this time.  IVY has been reserved and will leave us in 3 weeks to live with a lady in Kansas.  Hoping his family will find him soon....

Camie had hernia surgery a week ago and is recouping well.  Having to keep her from running & jumping for 10-14 days, she is reluctently kept in a pen much of the time and is sadly unable to play with her pups for fear they will hinder her healing process with their rambunctious play.  Soon after healing and/or when the pups leave, CAmie too will be able to officially retire and live with Barb.  Bittersweet day but glad she will be living with family.

Sunny & Hope were shown again in mid OCtober in Fremont, NE.  No luck again for Hope but Sunny to BOB in two out of the four shows that weekend and earned 6 more CM points.  Eight more to his second title.  He wil show again in Orlando in December; I am curious how he will do up against Biewer Terriers he has not been shown with before.  We will be done with shows for the year 2017 after that so his 2nd CM title will likely come in 2018.

Decided to try breeding Hope & Sunny when she came into heat which started the weekend of the Fremont show.  It was not meant to be it seems; our timing was off, Hope had no interest at all, so we missed our opportunity with no successful ties.  And so we wait another 8 months before we can try for pups again. With all that is going on in the house these days, the holidays and new kitchen remodel happening early next year, it's probably for the best.  Things happen for a reason.

Our new little girl from RUSSIA wll be arriving here in a little over a week......sooner than I had orginaly expected.  She is SO pretty in the pictures I've seen; I am hoping she will be just as much so when I meet her in person.  Her registered name will be Ola de Gras Choice of the Heartland; our call name for her has not been decided on yet, but I am thinking maybe Chloe.  Excited that she will be here soon and hoping my hunch is right that all will go well with her DNA testing to result as 100% Biewer Terrier so I can get her AKC registered and into the show ring next year.

Six (6) weeks flying by . . . .

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Camie's pups are 6 weeks old already and both are doing great.  Posted them as available one day, sold the next, and then buyers cancelled sale the next day, so back on the market they go.  Buyer(s) were a repeat customer who let the excitement & cuteness of new pups get the best of their better judgement which is why they cancelled.  It stinks, but no doubt good homes will be found for them. Early October took part in an Open show in Lincoln, NE with Sunny & Hope.  Neither of them earned any points but it is always fun being around other Biewer owners.  Another show coming up this weekend in Fremont, NE showing against the same group of dogs, so we'll see if a new venue and different judges will make any difference.  Thinking I may retire Hope from the show ring as she doesn't seem to be what the judges are looking for and may instead breed her when she comes into heat again.  She's only had the one heat cycle but going on past experiences with Hannah & Camie, she should be coming in again sometime soon. With the thought of not showing Hope and retiring Camie from breeding, my search has been on for a new female to show & breed.  Kathy Totten and I have been looking online at the possiblity of importing dogs from Europe and today I actually commited to sending a deposit tomorrow for a very pretty female that I/we found in Russia.  She is out of a very legitimate looking show kennel called Ola De Gras Kennel, that seems to have many Champion show dogs, professionally groomed and very beautiful.  She has sold a few pups to others in the USA and I am fairly confident that this pup will be100% Biewer Terrier so that she can be registered with AKC.  If not..............well, I tried and will have to sell her and begin my search again.  Fingers crossed that won't be the case.  On the bright side, importing dogs is slightly cheaper than buying from breeders here in the states.  It will be a while before she will get here, but it gives us plenty of time to get Camie's pups sold & in their new homes, and Camie too will be leaving us to live her life of retirement with my sister Barb.  Can't think of a better place to place my retired adults than with family.

Camie's puppies are here!

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Happiness and heartbreak is the best way to describe it.  Let me begin by saying that though the ultrasound showed what we THOUGHT was 4 puppies, the x-ray we had done a week before birth showed only 3, with one of them being described as a very large puppy.  As discussed, a planned c-section was definitely in order and Dr Patera said to watch Camie for the beginning signs of labor; then to let her know.  VERY early labor signs were noticed on Labor Day, 9-4-17 and Camie & I met Dr Patera & Kerry (vet tech) at the clinic for the procedure at 6pm.  I was right there, watching as they prepped Camie, putting her out, the beathing tube inserted, and strapped to the operating table.  During the procedure I waited on the other side of the room for the pups to be born and helped with cleaning of the airways and rubbing the pups to awake/arouse them from the effects of the anesthesia.  Camie had 2 males and one female; the BIG puppy weighed a little over 8 ounces!!!! , and sadly he never quite woke up enough to come out of the anesthesia and we were not able to fully revive him before his heart gave out & stopped beating.  It is so heartbreaking to lose any puppy and this one just had me asking "why"?  He looked healthy, he was the first to let out a squeak while being rubbed, but never fully woke up.  Thankfully though, the other two did perk up and once Camie was awake and alert enough, I was able to take the little family home.  As always I was nervous about whether I'd be able to get them awake & alert enough to latch on to nurse, but they did and now at 4 days old are gaining steadily and are doing well.  Camie is recovering nicely and being a good mama as she always has been.  Camie was spayed also during her surgery and once the pups are weaned she will be officially retired and we will be looking for the perfect family to love her for the rest of her days.  Ugh, I really do hate this part.

Double Good News

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Starting with the news of the day........ We took Camie in this morning for an ultrasound to confirm pregnany, and pregnant she is!  FOUR puppies were easily spotted, and so come the first week in September we will be welcoming our " I " litter.  Talking with Dr Patera after the pregnancy confirmation, it was pretty much decided that we would go ahead with a planned C-section when the babies are ready to be born.  Considering the problems whelping Camie has had with her other two litters, I am totally okay with the planned cesarean.  With this being Camie's last litter, she will also be spayed at the same time.  Camie is about 4 1/2 weeks PG, so time now to see what supplies we have and what we new things might need.  Anxious to have pups in the house again.

Spent the last weekend in July at the Waukesha, WI Open Dog Show, traveling with Kathy.  Had a good time; got to meet a couple of other BTCA member and their Biewer Terriers, and competed with a total of 10 Biewer Terriers.  A little more competition was both good & bad, but in the end we did win what we had hoped to at this show.  Sunny took BOB and a Group 3 on the second day of the show, earning the last 2 points (plus 1 more) to earn his CM title.  The first day of the show Hope took 1st in Bred BY, but with only 2 dogs showing in that class no points were earned for her this weekend. 📷  All in all it was a fun weekend and a nice little girl time trip.

Successful Ties!

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July 7th now, day 16 of Camie's cycle.  This breeding started out nerve-wracking for me as up until day13 or 14, Sunny showed very little interest with no attempts to mount Camie.  Cytology tests on day 11 showed Camie as early ready for breeding, but back again on day13 the test showed her reverting back, showing as not so ready after all.  An AI attempt was futile; with little to no interest on Sunny's part, there was no semen to collect.  Things brightened up and took a turn for the MUCH better on day 14 when all of a sudden Sunny was avidly eager to be near Camie 24/7, and our first tie was achieved!!  I had earlier made plans to pick up one of Kathy's males to have on stand-by as stud if Sunny did not come through, but Sunny came through just an hour before we were to leave to go pick up Dreamer.  Day 15 breedings took place morning & evening, and a repeat 2 - tie day again on day 16.  Interest was still strong on day 17 so we got one more tie for good measure.  It seems obvious that maybe our virgin male did know what he was doing, waiting to show interest only when Camie was ready.  I'd bet we have a good chance for pups just after Labor Day.  I am anxious to see what Sunny & Camie will produce!

It's Time........Fingers crossed

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June 1 of Camie's heat cycle is here!  It's been a long time since we've had a breeding, pregnancy, and pups in the house and I am SO excited and anxious that the time is here.  With is being so long and having an inexperienced stud in the house I am also a bit nervous wondering & hoping that he/they can get the job done.  We are on day 5 today and I do plan on calling my vet to possibly have progesterone testing done to pinpoint Camie's fertile days and maybe to have Dr Patera on stand-by in case we need to do an AI procedure.  I hope that is not the case but don't want to take any chances on missing this breeding as it will likely be the last attempt/pregnancy for Camie.  I estimate we have 5-9 days before she is ready; so far just an occasional sniff of interest on Sunny's part.

Show results

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NKC Open shows were held in Springfield, Ne on May 20-21, 2017.  The weather was crappy; cool & wet and the shows were held in an open air building.  The dogs probably appreciated the cooler weather, but I sure didn't.  Still, it was a fun weekend getting back into the swing of showing and both Sunny & Hope walked really well.  Sunny won BOB in 2 of the 3 shows earing 4 more CM points, and Hope won BOS in one show earning 2 CM points.  Slow but sure I am more confident that she will get her CM standng, wearas Sunny needs just 2 more points to have that "CM" title added to the end of his name! Happy 1st Birthday to HOPE today, and to each of her litermates!!!  I received 1 year old pics of each of her siblings and they are all doing great and looking good.

Quick note....

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Nothing major to report; just wanting to touch base.  Sunny is now a young adult after celebrating his 1st birthday on April 7th.  He is a handsome boy and will hopefully do well in the ring this year and attain his CM title this summer.  He is however bigger than I was hoping for in a male.  His stature is not so much the problem as that he is heavier than I had hoped for.  Would love to have a male in the 5 - 6 lb range; Sunny is hitting the scales at 7 lbs, give or take an ounce or two.  He is built solid.  I've even wondered if he might be to big to use with Camie; time will tell. Hope will be turning 1 in just a couple of weeks.  She too is much bigger than I had thought she would be.  She is a taller, lean 7 + lbs, built much like her mama Hannah.  With her I am strongly wondering if she will earn much of any points in the ring against the smaller Biewer Terriers.  Her coloring is pretty, her coat is silky and I guess it will depend of what the judges like.  Time will tell on this as well. Waiting on Camie's next heat to start; I estimate it to be in June sometime.  I've noticed that she has been putting on weight, which seems to happen pre-heat cycles so I think we are on schedule for the timing of it.  Looking forward to pups's been a whole year with none. Shows are starting up again; 1st up is next weekend right here close to home in Springfield, NE.  Kathy & I are even hositng a Meet the Breeds booth so it should be lots of fun.  From what we know so far, Sunny will be the only male Biewer Terrier showing so I'm hoping that means some points for him.  There is going to be 3 open shows in the two day time period so lots of opportunity for gaining some points.  That's it for now...............................

Short, but sweet.............

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Sweet, as in Hope has started her first heat cycle, day one being 2-10-17.  That means number one is in the books and I will anxiously await for her second cycle to see what she and Sunny will produce! Her first comes at just over 8 months of age, MUCH sooner than her mama Hannah did (at 15 months). Hoping her cycles don't go too long in between; with any luck maybe, just maybe we will have new years babies from her. 📷 .**** Note:  Hope has shown NO INTEREST in accepting the males attempts.  Would not stand still (runs away, no flagging he tail, and grumbles/growls in protest at every attempt to mount. Hoping this is just a matter of immaturity on her part.  Will likely take her in for progesterone testing when she comes into heat again.***

Bummer! 📷

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Well geez................. just when I was beginning to wonder about when Ann might be breeding Farrah, I get the news that while at the vet for her yearly shots/check up, it was found that Farrah has an  inguinal hernia.  At first Ann's email left whether or not she could/should be bred up in the air, but later came back & said that her vet could not "ethically" correct the hernia so that she could be used for breeding.  From what I've researched it shows that this "may be"hereditary, or could be caused by obesity, trauma/injury, or pregnancy.....though I guess it did lean more towards dogs should not be used for breeding if they get an inguinal hernia.  That being said, last email conversation Ann says she will finish Farrah's CM title and then either work with another lady to train Farrah in performance shows (agility,etc...??) or find a family to place her with as such after being spayed.  My mind is torn on whether or not it is the ethical think to do in refunding Ann for pet price for Farrah.  I would gladly do the right thing, but not sure what that is and at the same time do not want to be taken advantage of or seem to "easy" to get money back from.  Not so much in Ann's eyes, but others that know her.  For now I am leaving it open for her to bring up, and I guess as long as Farrah is still in tact there is no rush to do anything.  But my gosh..........what a disappointment for everyone involved.  Next visit with my vet, I will ask her about the condition, and what she feels about it.  Alson wondering if it means hereditary from Farrah to her offspring or from Hannah or Reggie??  I assume all the way through the lines but odd that no other pups have had the issue.

That's it for now, just wanted to get these thoughts down...........

Happy New Year - 2017

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A new year has begun.....what will it bring?  

Well, it started out pretty well for the BTCA as we were officially appointed as the Parent Club for the Biewer Terrier breed by AKC!  I'm pretty sure our move out of FSS and into Miscellaneous class will come shortly.  It has been hinted to me that full AKC acceptance into the Toy Group might be just about a year away (after move to Misc. group).  Hope so........time will tell, but any way you look at it, it is a good way to start the year.

My hopes (besides the obvious health & happiness of myself & loved ones) is to continue showing both Hope & Sunny and to get them both to earn their Certficate of Merit status.   In just 2 of the 3 weekend shows last year Sunny earned 9 of the 15 points needed.  Hope is just beginning with 2 points earned.  I will admit that I don't know how the move from FSS to MISC will make us eligible for more shows, but that is what I am told.  I'm also hoping that fellow BTCA member Kathy Totten will welcome my company & let me travel with her to shows in her camper. Besides showing these two, I also look forward to out next litter of pups from Camie; she will be bred with Sunny.......a first for this pairing, and a first time for him.  She is not due to come into heat until June so we've got a bit of a wait.  We really need pups from her next heat; Camie is 4+ years old and this may be her last breeding.  Hope is still a youngster at 8 months old and has not had her first heat to date so no doubt it will be 2018 before she is bred.  For the time being we will just concetrate of showing her & earning her CM title.

On a more personal note; the family (skin) is all doing good.  Christmas with everyone was fun as always and even lasted the entire day this year.  Kristen & Matt had nothing else going on after our morning festivities, so they stayed the day and Matt cooked a turkey dinner for us later in the day.  Jenny & the kids came back later and we all played a new game with dice called 10,000.  

At one time I had two of my kids working at the Mart with me, but now it's just me again (and Jim).  Kristen left in the summer and John this past fall.  With the new year, sadly for me Kristen & Gage will be moving to Colorado in March to be with Kristen's new guy, Nick.  It makes me very sad to lose her being right here with me, but I understand that she and Nick need to be in the same town in order for their relationship to continue to grow.  I truely hope it is all she hopes it to be but secretly hope someday they will come back & make Omaha their home.  Everything is "the same" for the rest of us....Jim & I, John, Matt & Emily, and Jenny and the kids.  Work & home, and or work, home, and kids.  

That's about all that is newsworthy for now..................


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