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Posted on November 3, 2018 at 9:50 AM

It's the beginning of November; brrrr, winter is on the way.  My least favorite time of year.  Looking forward to our trip to Orlando in about 5 weeks for the warmer weather and of course the dog show.  Though for whatever reason I never expect to "win" at this show (as if being in Orlando at the BIG(?) show) makes a difference, I am slightly hopeful and wishing that Gunner will win the mere 4 points he needs to earn his certificate of merit title.  That' right . . . . . after a 7 point winning weekend in Fremont, Ne. in late October, 4 points is all he needs!!!  Earning his CM in Orlando would be VERY cool, so I'm hoping and keeping my fingers crossed.

A very sad day on Oct. 11th; my vet Dr Kim Patera passed away from ovarian cancer after fighting it since June (when I found out).  She will be missed terribly by myself and many others I am certain and finding just the right vet to take over for her will be a difficult adjustment.

Our J litter is now 10 weeks old, healthy & well.  Still watching Jewel & Jade as possible show prospects (leaning towards Jewel), and up until the other day still had not sold any of the others.  A couple of inquires here and there but none that had worked out.  Then along came my nephew Dan and his wife Heather, originally inquiring whether I still bred Yorkies, they ending up adopting not one, but two of the pups, JOY and JAX.  Dan lives in Arizona and will be in town for Thanksgiving, so the pups will be leaving with them when they return home.  That leaves just Jasmine actively needing a home soon while Jewel & Jade may stay a bit longer until I make my decision. That's about it; otherwise day to day stuff and counting down the months until I get to retire from the job that I have to do so that I can live my life doing what a truely love........breeding and showing my Biewer Terriers!!

It's October . . . .

Posted on October 8, 2018 at 10:05 PM

Lincoln Ne Open show is over with nothing exciting to tell.  As expected, it seems that Gunner (and most any of the other Biewers in the show) don't stand much of a chance of beating our friend Tammy Ryker's dogs.  They are well groomed and nice looking Biewer Terriers, but why they are so much better than Gunner or the others that they win so often, we're not sure.  Even though they are friends of ours and a part of our midwest group, sometimes we kind of wish they weren't showing where we are so we'd have a chance to get some wins/points ourselves.  Another show in two weeks in Fremont, Ne. and then Orlando in December to end the year. Getting the chance to talk with Kathy for the first time in a while during this show weekend, she broke down and spoke of "not doing this anymore"; losing heart in breeding and showing with her recent losses of the two pups from her litter of three, then her loss of one of her oldest, and one of the original Biewers she imported, and to top it off, the pup from her litter earlier this spring that has had health issues and  recently found to have a type of liver shunt, suddenly died unexpectedly after seeming to be doing better.  Kathy was feeling disheartened, like these were signs that she should not be doing this any more.  I of course told her this was not the case, that she did and does all that she can for her dogs, and does more than many others would do, and that all that she was feeling was how any of us feel dealing with the loss of our dogs/puppies.  She's had a run of bad luck with these happening so close together, but none of them were her fault.  I think she'll come around and continue; her knowledge of the breed would be wasted not to keep going.  She has shared and taught so much, not only myself, but others in our midwest group as well.

Hope's puppies are 6+ weeks old now and so adorably cute!  This is when they get to be so much fun!  Getting ready to take them in for their first set of shots and then maybe I will settle down and start trying to find their forever families.  Still keeping an eye on two of the girls to maybe keep one back for myself. 

Puppies and more puppies!

Posted on September 12, 2018 at 9:40 PM

X-ray day came & went and just 3 days after we had puppies!!!!!  Just as the x-ray showed, Hope whelped 5 little puppies; 1 MALE and 4 FEMALES.  They were born about 5 days earlier than expected which maybe accounts for their small size.  Some in the 3 oz range (fairly average I suppose), and two of the girls at only slightly above 2 oz.!!  So small, but able to latch on and nurse well, so no supplemental feedings were necessary.  Only keeping a close eye on them day and night to be sure they always had their time on the better nipples at each feeding  The pups are now almost 3 weeks old and all of them are doing well.  Keeping my eye on two of the girls as a possible show/breeding prospect for myself.  Soon I will begin to contact the names on our waiting list for the others. Kathy T. messaged me about a week after telling me that she did not think that Pixie's breeding with Sunny "took", and said that she WAS pregnant after all.  Suddenly blossoming belly and an ultrasound confirmed that she had at least two puppies.  Two weeks after Hope had her litter, Pixie whelped not two, but three puppies, 2 males and 1 very tiny female.  Sadly, one male a stillborn, and the tiny female lived for just 4 days.  Kathy said she had little to no hair on her ears and bottom of back legs so was very likely premature.  Thankfully, the one remaining male is doing well at almost a week old. That's it for now, besides gearing up for the two more local open shows coming up in October in Lincoln and Fremont, Ne., and then looking forward to our trip to Orlando in December for the big national show with a little vacation built in.

Just an Update

Posted on August 18, 2018 at 11:50 AM

August 18 - 3 days until x-ray day and we find out how many pups Hope will be having and then just about another week before they are due to arrive!  She is doing well, eating good and getting quite a belly; I would guess 3-4 pups.  I am excited and nervous at the same time as it has been a while, and the thought of not having Dr Patera on the sidelines doesn't help.  She's been there for each of our litters for such a long time; it just doesn't seem quite right.  Haven't heard any updates about how she is doing or a prognosis for her.  Praying & hoping she will be alright.

A week or so ago, Kathy did not think that the "outside ties" between Sunny & Pixie resulted in a pregnancy, but today is another story!  Today she messaged me to say that Pixie is indeed pregnant; after noticing that her belly was beginning to pooch out a trip to her vet for an ultrasound showed that she has at least 2 puppies.  So exciting for her and the co-owners (McDannald's), and of course for myself with Sunny as the stud to the pups.  She is due about one and a half - two weeks after Hope.

I'm still wondering where my next female will come from.  Kathy has offered co-ownership of one of her new girls which I am considering, but also think I still have the opportunity of pick of one of Deb Sidle's pups which are still to young to know about show quality.  Another club member has a litter due about the same time as Hope, AND there is also the possibility that maybe Hope will have a girl I might want to keep.  Thought I was in a hurry, but having to wait for the pups out there to develop has slowed down my rush, as has the other options (Kathy and/or Hope).  Hopefully not to much longer, though a new pup in the house with puppies due would not necessarily be the best thing.  So we will just wait & see what happens.....good things come to those who wait.

Puppies on the Way!

Posted on July 31, 2018 at 11:10 PM

Hooray!  Our breedings between Hope and Sunny were successful!  After a trying week with 3 dogs (including Hope) down with diarrhea and no appetite, a trip to the vet & meds got them all back on track.  Once her appetite came back, Hope's mid section began to pooch out quickly and now at 5 weeks post the first breeding I can confidently say that she is definitely pregnant.  Pups will be due around August 28.  SO EXCITED!  Made an appointment for her xray for puppy count & placement/size for August 21.

A bit of bad news in that when I called the vets office about the diarrhea issues I was told that my vet, Dr Patera was out on medical leave with no timeline for her return.  Concerned, I messaged my friend and hers Kerry Kam to see if she could tell me what was wrong.  Dr Patera has a type of stomach cancer (adnecarcinoma??).  I do not know all of the details, how bad, prognosis, etc., but going by the way she looked and sounded when I saw her last month, I am certainly very concerned for her, as is Kerry.  I hope and pray that she will be able to beat it and get back to feeling well enough to practice veterinary medicine.  Today, about a week or so after getting that news, after I posted the news of Hope's pregnancy, Kerry messaged me that she had sent a screen shot of the announcement to Dr Patera, and her response to it was, " OMG, Best news ever!  Yeah! Cant wait to see the babies!"    Did my heart good to see that; glad that she is happy about it and that it brought a smile to her day.  Kerry says that she has been much more chatty lately.  I hope that means there is some improvement for her.

Will be going with Kathy to another Open Show this coming weekend (Aug 4-5) in Marion, Il.  Hoping for better results for Gunner this time around without the competition of the professional handler in the ring.  Another tough competitor is Tammy R with her Brixley and new boy Brutey; they will not be there this time either.  Maybe we might have a chance for some points this time.

Hope Finally in Heat

Posted on June 28, 2018 at 10:55 PM

June 14, 2018 counted as day one of Hope's 3rd heat; finally!!  Called Dr Patera  to set up cytology swabs to determine best breeding time on days 8, 10, and 12.  Day 11 is when Sunny really started showing interest in Hope and day 12 is when I began noticing that Hope was actually flagging for him, though for the most part still grumbled at him if he got to frisky.  Still from wha I was seeing I still felt we had a good chance for natural breedings but took Sunny with me to the cytology swab on day 12 just in case an AI was warranted.  Swab showed the upcoming days beginning day 12 were Hope's prime breeding time; with my thoughts of a natural breeding and because Dr Patera was having carpal tunnel issues no AI was done.  We were going to have to rely on natural breedings.  Attempts at breeding on day 12 did not work and early morning attempts on day 13 had me worried that my thoughts were wrong.  Hope wanted nothing to do with Sunny mounting her!  Later that evening with much forced asisstance from me we did get a good 15 minute tie, and had the same good fortune on days 14 and 15.  Each time had the same reaction from Hope; never had I bred a female that seemed to dislike the whole process so much.  It was very odd.......  BUT, with any luck the timing was right on and hopefully we will have a nice litter of Biewer Terrier puppies in about 9 weeks; late August or very early September.  

Happy Birthday to ME!

Posted on May 31, 2018 at 8:05 PM

Yes, today is my birthday but that is not THE news.  Lots of (birthday) wishes came my way in the last couple of days though.  First one in that yesterday on 5-30-18 after about 10 months of dedication to  a healthier lifestyle (mostly eating habits), I reached my weight loss goal by committing to the Weight Watchers program and sticking with it "my way"  Thrilled that it happened the day BEFORE my birthday since I knew the birthday celebrations would take a bit of a toll and could have meant another week or two before I might hit the goal otherwise.  Like I said, "my way", meaning if there is a reason to go off program for a day or so, I will not deprive myself of "living".

Wish #2 that came to be started at least a month ago and involves the process and hope of getting our new Biewer Terrier from Russia registerd through BTRA so as to be able to register with AKC-FSS.  First came 2 different DNA testings to be done & results gotten. Once received, those results would need to be sent to the Biewer Terrier Registry to look over.  The Mars Wisdom 4.0 had several different tests in which each dog tested needed to pass at least 4 (?) of the 7 (?) in order to be able to be BTRA registered.  There were a few tense moments seeing the results come through, looking different than those we had seen before.  Many unanswered emails to the registry and those replies we got asked for still more information.  We then had to contact the people at the Mars Wisdom website to request & explain some of the results, and then relay back to the registry (who was also going back and forth with the BTCA board members.  FINALLY after about a month of sometimes tense fear that he would not pass, and much frustration of the lack of communication, we got the results & reply we had hoped for.  We received word that GUNNER had passed and received his BTRA registration certificate all in one day.......on my birthday to boot!!!

Now, let's flash backwards about a month ago, when Gunner first arrived.  Co-owning with Kathy he was with her for the first week or so when he arrived and I first met him at the Open show in Seward, NE.  It was love at first sight; I had forgotten how small puppies were at his age and it was obvious that he was not going to get to be a bigger guy anyway.  His coat was already fairly long and looked even longer because of his short stature.  He didn't show too much fear of the show atmosphere or me having never seen me before, and walked confidently with me on a show lead.  We entered him in the Sanctioned match the Seward Club put on after the AKC show was over and GUNNER won the whole kit and kaboodle...GROUP, BOB, & BEST PUPPY Iin the SHOW.  After a performance like that you can see why I was so concerned that he be registerable.  Crossing my fingers that his confidence will stay with him as he gets older.

End of May coming into June, still waiting on Hope to come into heat.  I am so in puppy withdrawal, it seems like forever even though really it's only been about 9 months since Camie had her last litter.  Waiting and hoping that Hope will have pups this time around and also still working on my search for another female.  Kathy's 3 girls arrived in the states last week; it will be a while to get them registered and see what potential they may have.  In the meantime I have word out with two BTCA breeders on a female that was born about 3 weeks ago, and one that has a litter due in July.  Hoping that "good things come to those who wait" wins over again, just as it did with Gunners registration.

Until next time. . . . . . .

What's up. . . . .

Posted on April 13, 2018 at 8:10 PM

...non-dog news; kitchen remodel is done and it is SO pretty!  Still working on the finishing touches (paint, arranging cabinet space, decor).  First family meal in the new kitchen was on Easter. Our new male GUNNER (co-owned by Kathy & I) arrived in the states in early April, a bit later that originally scheduled, but safe & sound.  At this time I haven't see him yet as he is with Kathy, but she has sent videos and tells me he looks pretty nice so far.  Just a tad over 4 months old; seems confident, straight top line, ear set, bite (though still just all puppy teeth), and carries tail well. I suspect the first time I see him will be at the end of this month when we meet in Seward, Ne for open shows that weekend.  I will be showing Sunny again hoping to earn more points needed for his CM2, and hopefully I can show Gunner in a sanctioned match they are also doing there that weekend.  No points to earn in a sanctioned match, but will be good practice in getting him in and used to being in the ring. I am also still wanting, needing, looking for another girl to add to my program.  I'm kind of burnt out on buying out of country (or so I say); would like to find one here in the states but not many seem to advertise their pups as freely here.  Another option in that Kathy has purchased 3 new girls from out of country and once they arrive if they look good for show/breeding she mentioned the possibility of sharing ownership of any of them as well.  Again, still not quite certain of the ins and outs of co-owning, but the option is there if I want it.  We'll see......

Update on things......

Posted on March 16, 2018 at 10:55 PM

Since my last post, we are about a week or two away from welcoming our (Kathy & I) new boy to America.  Tentatively planned to arrive on April 2nd and then hopefully get his Mars & DDC DNA testing done/results and registered in time to show him in late April in Seward, Ne.  If not then, surely the next shows in Lincoln, Ne. in mid/late May. Chloe has been adopted by a family here in town whose name was on my waiting list for a puppy from our next litter.  She will be leaving us after she recovers from her spay surgery, so probably the last week of March.  Works out well that she will be gone before our new boy arrives.  Gunner is being delivered at the Kansas City airport so I'm not sure when he will come here; whether he will stay with Kathy for a while or come here shortly after arriving in the US.  Since I will be the one showing him, he will be staying with us.  Not sure how co-ownership works; seems he will be here for the most part and Kathy will have stud rights.  Assume we will share vet bills.  Need to get something in writing. On a somewhat non-dog note......the house has been very hectic with the remodel of our kitchen underway this month.  Another week or so and they will be finished and it is looking SO nice!!  Worth the disarray of the house but looking forward to it being finished.  We have also been meeting with financial advisors on getting Jim's 401K set up for his retirement and also planning mine coming up in another year so that we are set financially for the rest of our lives.  Everything seems to be in's a GREAT feeling finally seeing the light at the end of the working life tunnel.  Makes this final year of going to work every day bearable. much for that idea

Posted on February 25, 2018 at 12:40 AM

Dog show weekend in DM, Feb. 16-18 . . . . . made the trip with Kathy Totten and when she stopped in to see Chloe when she picked me up, she found that not only was Chloe missing two of her bottom incisors, but also that her bite was off.  I took Chloe to see Dr Patera the Monday after the show when the Yorkie boys went in for shots, and Dr Patera confirmed that her bite had indeed changed for the worse.  It is settled now that showing Chloe is out of the question; the only question left was wheter or not to breed her.  In the end I decided not to take the chance of breeding only to have pups with bad bites, so I intend to find Chloe a pet home and begin my search for a different female.  Such a disappointment; I had high hopes that Chloe would do well in the ring and also now have to start my search all over again.

On that note though.........Kathy and I have been toying with the idea of finding another male that we could co-own together and amidst all of this, we did find him!  A pup from the breeder that Kathy has purchased pups from before, we are confident in our choice and HOPEFULLY he will turn out as we anticipate....100% Biewer Terrier and a good show prospect/stud dog.  Today was the day that we told the breeder "yes", so it will be another month or so before he comes home.

As far as the dog show went; tough competing with the professional handler AGAIN, but Sunny did gain one more point towards his CM2 by taking his class and Best of Opposite on the first da of the weekend.

Stay tuned.......

Did I say "nothing can go wrong"? (see previous blog entry)

Posted on January 21, 2018 at 12:10 AM

I spoke to soon I guess.  After doing the required DNA testing on our new Russian import Chloe, good news is she passed as being a Biewer Terrier.  Only hurdle left was to wait for her pedigree to be imported so that I could register her with BTRA & AKC.  Or so I thought. . . . . As it turns out, when we took Chloe to the vet to have some baby teeth removed, Dr Patera discovered that only 4 bottom adult incisors were up (6 incisors is the norm) and x-rays showed that the other two were NOT there!!  This I thought immediately put an end to my plans of showing (and possibly breeding) her.  When I brought it up to her breeder in Russia, she informed me that she did indeed tell me that she did not have all teeth and was recommended as breeding quality.  Looking back at our messages she did say those things and I misunderstood "not having all teeth" to mean that the adult teeth were not in yet, and assumed that breeding quality and show went hand in hand. My vet said that Chloe did have all of her baby teeth when she checked her on her first visit, so I wonder how the breeder would know she would not have all adult teeth when she was just 3 months old???  In any case, misunderstandings on both of our parts....mine for sure, and well......."live and learn I suppose.  As far as showing her goes, on the up side the Biewer Terrier breed standard does not specifically list must have a 6*6 bite or full teeth, only "Bite- Level or scissor bite. Teeth- Straight and even."  That being the case and talking with Kathy Totten, she thinks I could/should go ahead and try showing her; she thinks it will not be a big deal and possibly not even noticed that she only has 4 incisors on the bottom.  I also found an article called A Bit on Bites; Judging Canine Dentiion on the AKC website from 2015 stating this.......  Toy: As companion dogs, most toy breeds have lax dental standards, forgiving a few missing teeth. The Japanese Chin even includes instructions to judges when examining bite: The Japanese Chin is very sensitive to oral examination. If the dog displays any hesitancy, judges are asked to defer to the handler for presentation of the bite. . . . . . .I am hoping this still holds true. So, as nervous/paranoid as I am about being "corrected" or dismissed from a show, I will likely give showing her a try.  Stay tuned........


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