Blasts from the Past 2015

Updated: Aug 12

Christmas will be different this year........

Posted on December 20, 2015 at 10:15 PM📷 delete 📷 edit 📷 comments (0)

Well, I see I haven't posted since Thanksgiving; almost a month ago.  Alot has happened in that short time; some good............and some bad.  Let's just get the bad out of the way first.  On Dec. 5th, Mom passed away.  A shock in that no one had any idea she would go that day......that quickly, and after an evening the night before of smiles while visiting with grand & g-g grand kids & Christmas carols outside her door at Brookstone.  The photo I saw of her, she looked happy & beautiful.  And then the next morning she was can that be?!!??  She had been troubled with a raspy voice the week before, what I assumed was a cold coming one.  Mid week she was found on the floor of her room (but okay), and reports of her doing the rocking motions that seemed to have subsided in prior weeks.  She went quickly, peacfully, and without pain and for that I am grateful.  I am also grateful that the last time I visited with her she was the Mom I've known and loved and our visit was a good one.  I am glad she is at peace, that she can now be happy and well, and that she will never feel alone anymore, and most of all I am happy she is finally able to go "home"...............home to be with God.  I think that's where she truly wanted to be and certainly deserves to be.  But oh I am missing her, more that I am missing her presence in our lives.  Missing her just being here, being at our family gatherings.  Yes, it's going to be very different without her her this Christmas and for all of the important days in our lives and will take some getting used to.  "I miss you Mom and I love you.  Merry 1st Christmas in heaven". Also since Thanksgiving..........the "F" pups have all found their forever homes.  Two have left us already, the other two will leave after Christmas.  Our search or wait for our new stud male is still on with a possibility from two different litters.  One is presently about 7 weeks old, the other maybe 4-5 weeks.  So we still have some waiting & watching to do before figuring out whether either will be our next stud male.  The Eukanuba show in Florida has come & gone without us there this year.  Details of the Biewer Terrier part of the show came out late, so travel plans were not made.  Probably for the best because the timing was much to close to Mom's death.  And Christmas is just around the corner and with the pups in the house and all else that has been going on, I am so behind in my preparations making this final week before Christmas more stressful than  usual.  I know all will work out and be fine, so trying to concentrate on that. We'll make this blog post shorter this time...........lots of other things I need to be doing.

Happy Thanksgiving

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.........a day late, but a happy thanksgiving it was.  Good food and family is always a combination for fun.  The weather forecast was a bit iffy, but  the threat dwindled and held off until after the days festivities were over.

Speaking of family; an update from my last post on Mom......she is now in the skilled nursing care facility she needed and I for one am happy the decision & move is finally over.  Now each of her children can relax and just enjoy of visits with her rathre than trying to be her caregivers...........something none of us are trained to do.  God bless our mama!

The F pups are 8 weeks old; before we know it they will be ready to leave us.  My pick of the litter is also someone else's pick of the litter and chosen as a show & breeding prospect!!!  How exciting for me to finally have one of my pups chosen for a show ring hopeful.  Hoping she does well.  Two families are presently showing much interest in adopting Faith; both families wanting her for her small size.  I take comfort in knowing that both families have experience in having owned Yorkies of Faith's size before.  Some slight interest in both Francie & Frisco to date, but nothing serious just yet.

We are officially stud-less as of Nov. 20 when Reggie went to his "rest of his life" home.  Naturally I cried when it came time for him to leave and we miss having him here.  But with the awesome reports & photos of how well he is doing in his new home and at how easily he adapted to his new surroundings & family, it makes me happy knowing he is doing so well. That's exactly what I want for him.  Meanwhile, we are still searching for our new stud male.  The two male pups in Kathy's litter are charting to be bigger than I am looking for, so they are out.  My search for an imported male pup has been unsuccessful so far and maybe for a good reason.  I'm not really comfortable doing that without references from someone I know; to many what if's and possible set backs.  Closer to home, another BTCA member has a 3 week old litter with one male that could be a show/breeding prospect.  So yet another "watch and wait" is on as we see how he progresses.

...and so our search continues....... 📷

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Well.........after the disappointing news of Marty's male charting to big for our next male, the breeder of the other male we were watching/considering informed me that he has decided to keep the male himself. 📷  Even though I knew that was a possibility I was so disappointed to hear that news; mostly I think because it meant our search was starting all over again, putting the arrival of any new male that much further away.  After checking with a few other BTCA members about available males and finding they're slim to none right now.......a smal glimmer of hope appeared when a member I actually know posted a photo of her new litter of 2 males & 1 female, born October 18th.  At first glance of the newborn pups, the coloring looks great but it will be quite a few weeks before we know if they will be good breeding prospects.  So, we wait once again, keeping our eyes & ears open for any other available males that might come up. Hannah's F pups are now 4 weeks old.  They are up on all fours and beginning to use  the potty pad I've placed in their box.  None have discovered how to climb out of the box yet, but they are getting close.  Another week or so and they will all have full run of their pen.  At this point now it seems we have to fairly positive buyers for two of the girls and another one or to possibles for the third one.  The lady that WAS interested in our male backed out due to the little bit of tan he has on one leg.  I am not to disappointed because there was just something about her that I wasn't sure about. On a personal, non dog note:  family is in dismay trying to figure out how best to handle Mom's need for 24/7 nursing care.  At this time there is no definite plan as to where she can go.  The assisted living place she is at insists she have a companion (other than them) with her from 9 am to 9 pm every day, and there are just not enough of us to cover a full time schedule like that.  But until we find another place for her that is what needs to be done.  As Dodie put it, " a nearly impossible task".  I think it's more like "a next to impossible or plain ol' impossible task".  Stress level is high among all of us, for sure. 📷

Stud search update (and F pups of course)

Posted on October 18, 2015 at 9:40 AM📷 delete 📷 edit 📷 comments (0)

I emailed the breeder I adopted my Biewers from inquiring about the male he spoke of in July/early August; beautiful male pup I wanted to watch, but early on was growing fast and seemed that he would get to big.  OMG, he sent me photos of him now at 12 weeks and ready to go and he did indeed turn out to be VERY handsome...........but unfortunately charting to be in the 8 lb range which is much larger than I am looking for.  So disappointing as other than the weight he was all that I was looking for and then some.  📷 I am still waiting for new pics of the other male I've been considering since he was born 7 weeks ago; this breeder posted picture after picture the first couple of weeks and nothing since then.  Promised to get some soon, but still waiting.  If this one doesn't work out I'll have to start searching elsewhere all over again. Would like to find one sooner rather than later; we took the plunge and had Reggie (our male) neutered the other day and once he is healed completely he will be moving to his new home.  The girls are due to come into heat again in Febr or March 2016; doubtful that we will have a male old  enough to use, so will need to find a stud. The F puppies are almost 3 weeks old and all are doing well.  Have a little one lagging a few ounces behind the others, but she is nursing just fine and very feisty so I'm not worried about her.  Their eyes were all opened by 16 days old.  Seems only one of the names on my waiting list was still interested in a puppy, but pretty much have buyers for each of these pups..........the girls for sure, the male is an "iffy" show prospect.  The possible buyer being the "iffy" one at this point; we'll just wait & see.

....just a little update

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No really important news to post but thought I would anyway - first thought today would have to be Happy Birthday to my hubby Jim!  64 years old; closer to retirement than I am :/, darn it.  Jim was lucky enough to receive some free tickets to go to KC and see his favorite football team, the Chicago Bears play today..........what a nice way to spend his birthday.  Not into sports, he went with a friend & I stayed home preparing for my bunco night tonight. On to puppy news.........nothing much to report except that they are gaining weight nicely and I can tell when they nurse that Hannah's milk supply is becoming more and likely more rich.  Even the smallest girl is gaining sufficiently for me not to worry so much, even though she is a couple of ounces behind the others.  Maybe she is just going to be a tiny one. Still no new pics of the male we have hopes of adopting.  Another request for pics and info with no response after 3 days.  I am trying to be patient, as not all people are as photo crazy as I am, but come on..............when someone is interested in adopting a pup for show or breeding I would think keeping that person up to date on the puppy's progress is in order.  I don't know what to think about the breeder's lack of response..........but my inquiring mind would like to know how the puppy is doing/growing and/or if the breeder is still considering us in adopting the pup.  Even just that information or a reason why, when photos might be coming would be nice, let alone considerate.  Hmmmmmm............


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Hannah's pups arrived right on schedule; 9 weeks from her second AI procedure on Sept. 30th.  I could tell when we woke early in the AM that it would be that day, debated about going to work, and then decided with Jim home to keep an eye on her that I would go and he could call if things started to happen.  Being updated throughout the day had me anxious so at 2pm I decided to call it a day and go home.  Sitting with Hannah I could see she was getting more restless and finally at 5:15pm I saw her first visible contraction.  About 30 minutes later the first pup was born, and the other 3 at about 20 minute intervals.  GIRL, GIRL, BOY, GIRL......all seemingly healthy and eager to nurse.   Today (10-4) the pups are doing okay though one female has not yet gained back the weight she lost on her first day.  She's active & nursing well but I think I will need to supplement her a little to get her caught up with her sibliings.  I will feel better (as always) when we get past this first couple of weeks, when the pups are not so small & fragile. Havent seen any new photos of our "possible" new male since 9/22.  I messaged his breeder asking about him and for new photos.  Heard back that he is doing great, starting to wean and get up and about, but no new photos as of today.  📷  Frustrating as I know he has to look so much different by now..........standing, sitting, and longer hair too.  Trying to keep in my my sayings of "Patience is a virture" and "good things come to those who wait" In the meantime, Reggie's new family is anxiously waiting for the day he gets to go to them.  I set up the day to have him neutered (10-16) and once he recovers from that, he will be ready to go.  It will be a sad day to see him leave but I know he is going to a great new home to a family that will love him, and where he will still have plenty of fur siblings to be with.  That makes it so much easier. 

The Countdown is On

Posted on September 24, 2015 at 10:25 PM📷 delete 📷 edit 📷 comments (0)Sept. 24......Hannah's pups are due in less than a week!!  X-ray was done yesterday and verified that we have 4 puppies on the way and all looks well.  So exciting..............oh how I love puppies!! Speaking of puppies, we've got our eyes on a little male from a breeder in Georgia.  He is just 4 weeks old so it will be a while before we know if he will mature to the size & look we are searching for, but it seems promising for now.  On the other end of that scenario, our new home for Reggie is pretty much set and I am pretty pleased with the home we've found for him.  Actually, his new family found us, in a vet tech that met Reggie last Decemeber when she assisted Dr Patera with the Camie/Reggie AI procedure.  Even so, as the fact that he will be leaving us gets more real, I get so sad having to let him go; especially when he looks at me with those soulful brown eyes.  I want to have him neutered before he goes and hope to get that set up soon.                                                                                                                                                           In the past couple of weeks the girls started to fight :(......what a surprise that was, but maybe it shouldn't be.  Not like it hasn't happened with pretty much each of the girls I've had.  Not so much "the girls", but more Hannah towards Camie.  They've gotten along so well up until now and I am hoping that they will be fine once again once Hannah's pregnancy is over.  I noticed the first incident happened pretty much at her 6 week time that the canine pregnancy calendar states that they may become more irritable, so I'm going with that for the reason it started.  And as usual, it seems to happen only when the dogs start up a barking frenzy for whatever reason, otherwise they seem to get along as usual.  But after the 2nd incident I decided it was time to keep them separated until after the pregnancy is over.  Not fun. Mid September I officially sent out my first BTCA newsletter to the club members!  Received a few compliments of a job well done and enjoyed putting it together.  With articles and ideas to include in each publication submitted by other club members or officers, I think this is something I will enjoy and continue to do.  They say they'd like it to go out quarterly which means another one in December.

Hooray..........and Boohoo...

Posted on August 26, 2015 at 8:55 PM📷 delete 📷 edit 📷 comments (0)Well, looks as if I'll have to wait once again to experience having two litters at one time.  The ultrasounds done on Camie & Hannah showed that "Hooray", Hannah is finally pregnant again after 2 years; we saw at least 3 - 4 fetal sacs!  Sadly, the ultrasound on Camie showed no babies for her this time which really surprised me because I thought she seemed pregnant more than Hannah did.   I'm not sure what the deal is.  Is it just because now that I've been breeding for a quite a few years that all of the "could happen"'s are finally catching up with me?  All my streak of years with no problems at all are catching up with me?  Who knew I would ever have to use AI to get my girls pregnant for reasons other than using sperm from an out of town stud?  Why is it that Reggie seems now so unpredictable at getting a tie with the girls that I have to resort to theAI procedure?  Why is it that Camie is so uncooperative?  Will she ever accept a males advances, or is it just Reggie that she won't quite stand for?  And then there is the puppy losses I've had with the last two litters....little Destiny whom we lost after 5 days and Emanual who was stillborn.  I will never know what happened with Destiny; she seemed fine at birth; however in my heart I am almost positive that Emanual was still born due to the oxytocin we opted to use to get and keep Camie's contractions going strong enough to free whelp.  IDK, I think I will think twice before opting for using oxytocin again.  But for now I am thankful we have Hannah's puppies to look forward to.  I am guessing she will give us the 4 or  5 puppies in her litter as she has in the past.  And hey, as long as we're on the new things to experiance as a breeder with all of these not so good/difficult things going on, wouldn't it be nice/fun to raise a litter of all GIRLS!!!  Haven't had THAT happn yet!?!  📷  Time will tell.............

The deed(s) are done!

Posted on August 14, 2015 at 6:25 PM📷 delete 📷 edit .......and now we wait.  Waiting is always the hard part 📷  It did get easier with each litter (kinda-sorta) but this time around it is a little harder again because A - Hannah NEEDS to have gotten PG this time since it's been 2 years since she's had a litter, and B - I am anxious to experience having two litters at once.  YIKES, am I crazy!!??? As mentioned earlier, yes both girls were indeed AI'd this time around. I could have tried normal breeding with Hannah/Reggie but at the same time, since we were taking her in for fertile time testing anyway and with Reggie's track record for missing ties lately we decided not to take the chance of missing our opportunity.  Camie was a bit more receptive to Reggie's advances this time, and may have stood (being held still by myself) for a natural breeding attempt, but......we didn't want failed attempts so we opted for the AI procedure again.  The girls' cycles were SO close......OMG, we could very well have 2 whelps on one day.  Hopefully not, but it is definitely in the realm of possibility.  Hannah was bred on July 28 & 29 and Camie on July 30 & Aug 1 putting possible puppy dates between the end of September - early October; maybe even on Camie's birthday which is October 1.This being approx. 2 weeks since the breedings things are still pretty normal; to early to tell anything.  Both girls are still slightly swollen and for the record (whether it meant anything or not) Hannah threw up a little bit the other day, seemingly for no reason.Now that the girls' heat cycles are completely over it is time to have Reggie's prospective new family over for a meet & greet.  She comes highly approved by Sandy @ 24th Street Animal Clinic & that makes me feel very comfortable.  With the breedings done he really could be placed at any's always sad to see them go even knowing they will be fine and are going to a good new home.Actively searching for our new stud with a prospect or two on the table.  Marty's male born the same day I emailed him about my search seems to be growing way to fast and will likely be bigger than I am looking for so I don't hold out much promise on that one.  Another litter from a different club member is due at the end of August-no guarantee there will be any males born but we'll see.  Just yesterday I saw another male - ready to go - posted by another club member and I am checking into information about him right now.  So far from the little I know, it seems he may be a good prospect.   We will see..............stay tuned!

Here we go!

Posted on July 27, 2015 at 10:50 PM📷 delete 📷 edit 📷 comments (0)The girls are in heat again and I am determined to get litters from both of them this time.  Hannah actually beat Camie to it by 2 or 3 days.  Once I knew Camie was in, I called Dr. Patera to start our plan of action.  We are to test for fertile days as before and AI again if necessary.  I am cautiously hoping that with the added weight Camie has put on since her first breeding attempts, she may be more receptive to having Reggie mount her.  We will see.  Dr. Patera was pleasantly surprised with Camie's first swab test at 5 days, stating that the cell formation was much more clear as to where she was in her cycle than it was at 8 days with her last one.  That's a good thing I would assume.  Day 8 test showed the same good progression but still to early for any breeding attempts.  Reggie is showing slight interest in Camie but is much more interested/busy following Hannah around and trying to mount her.Not wanting to miss a litter from Hannah again we decided to go ahead & do the progesterone testing on her as well.  Weird thing is that we tested her on her day 8 & it showed normal cell formation for that time period, but when tested again today (day 11), Dr. Patera said it looked as if her cycle was going backwards!  Not sure how or why that would be????  Dr Patera said she was going to go ahead & send that one in anyway and would call in the morning with the results on whether or not a breeding was warranted tomorrow.  I attempted a natural tie between Hannah & Reggie yesterday (day 10) with no success.  Reggie tried & tried and Hannah was flagging for him, but we ended up with no tie.  From what Dr. Patera described today maybe it is not Reggie's fault for not getting it, but Hannah's unreadiness.  But whatever the case may be, not wanting to miss a pregnancy this time, Hannah may be AI'd as well this time if need be.It has been officially decided that these will be the last breedings with Reggie.  He will be retired and rehomed with a vet tech I met during the AI procedure with Reggie/Camie last December who fell in love with him.  She actually contacted me in early July wanting pictures of Reggie "for her cause" and it was then that I proposed the adoption of Reggie to her.  She was very excited about the idea........and so my search for our new male begins.........  I have contacted a fellow BTCA club member about a litter due at the end of August and also the same breeder my present Biewer Terriers are from.  Just so happens he had a litter of 3 males born the day I contacted him; only one of them possible show potential though.  It will be a few weeks or more before we will be able to know if he is a possible candidate for my program.  Exciting though at the prospect of getting a new male.  I love my Reggie but am ready to find a male that fits the breed standard just a bit better.  I've got specific things I am looking for this time; a silk coat, even amounts of black/white on the torso, little or no black on the legs and absolutely no gold on them.  Hoping for growth to 5 1/2 - 6 lbs at adult weight.Another new bit of news; Kathy T from the BTCA club contacted me asking whether I would like to enlist to do the quarterly club newsletter.  Right away my first thought was "this is something I could do" but at the same time insecurity hit me.  I agreed to give it a go at least once to see how I liked it.  However, so far template and articles from other club members have been ZERO.  Hopefully they will get something to me soon so I CAN try it out, but their lack of taking action makes me nervous about getting things from them for future issues.  Again, we'll see and time will tell.

Waiting, waiting.....

Posted on July 1, 2015 at 10:55 PM📷 delete 📷 edit 📷 comments (0)It is July 1st and I'm waiting, waiting for the girls to come into heat again.  Going by the time between cycles last time, Camie should/could have come in last week and though I've seen tell-tale signs of frisky play for the last few weeks, we are still waiting for day one of her cycle.  According to Hannah's "schedule", she isn't due til mid July, and I'm beginning to wonder if Camie will "wait" until then and we'll have both girls coming into season together again.  I would much prefer Camie to come anytime NOW to give us a week or two in between breedings/litters for our sake and for the dogs' sakes.  So, hopefully soon, but time will tell.  Waiting with anticipation in the meantime.Camie's three little girls were off to their forever homes by Mothers Day; they will be 6 months old in early August and that's when I'll request new pictures of them.  I am anxious to see how they've grown & changed.  ELLIE's new name is Matilda/Maddie, EBONY is Bella, and ELSA is now called Trixie.  I think Bella is going to be the spitting image of her mama.......a beauty for sure!

Time Flies with pups in the house....

Posted on April 16, 2015 at 9:30 PM📷 delete 📷 edit 📷 comments (0)The E babies are 9 + weeks old now and they all have their forever homes waiting for them.  I didn't get my dream of having a pup sold to a show/breeding home this time as was seeming possible early on, but I don't doubt that it will happen some day.  These babies will be loved & spoiled by three REPEAT customer families and that is AWESOME!  Not only are they going to families I already know, but they will get to start and live their lives with "family" of sorts.....with fur siblings raised by me.  These weeks seem to have flown by and the pups have been a barrel of fun, especially since it's been quite a while since we've had pups in the house.  Spring is here and they LOVE playing out in the back yard and we love watching them.  They'll be gone before long....................I'm ready for more!!

All is Well

Posted on March 14, 2015 at 8:10 AM📷 delete 📷 edit 📷 comments (0)Camie's pups are going on 5 weeks and are all doing very well.  Named them Ebony, Ellie, and Elsa; all are neck & neck in size with Ebony trailing just a bit by an ounce or two.  Of course that could change as the weeks go by...........and the weeks are flying by quickly!!  Camie is being an AWESOME first time mommy tending to her pups every need and very attentive to their calls when she is not in the room with them.  Her appetite is GOOD now; it seemed that once her milk came in at full force & the pups were nursing more vigorously, she (or her body) realized that she needed to eat.  She's even eating plain kibble readily on her own..............if only that and/or this appetite in general would stay like this even once her pups are weaned.I had two BTCA members interested in adopting pups as show/breeding prospects.  One of the ladies said she had to back out due to financial issues at home.  The other lady, at this point is still thinking about it; she might possibly adopt two of the girls.  The pups each have a bit of tan/gold at the tops of some of their legs and that has her concerned.  I don't blame her as I don't like to see it either (Camie, Reggie, and Hannah all have a little as well); that color there is a fault in the breed standard.  I was told however that a little is nothing to worry about and for the most part it is covered by the black if the coat is kept long.  But I will make sure that any Biewer Terriers I adopt in the future will NOT have that color near the leg area.  In any case, whether the second lady does or decides not to adopt a pup or two, there are still other prospective forever families for these pups as pets, so I am not to concerned.  I am SO enjoying watching these pups grow and look forward to the weeks ahead as they are beginning to enter that FUN stage of being active, playful miniature versions of the adults!

Camie's 1st Litter is Here!

Posted on February 16, 2015 at 8:20 AM📷 delete 📷 edit 📷 comments (0)2-10-15   So nervous to leave her to go to work this late in her pregnancy; went on Monday and thought about her all day.  Thankfully found her perfectly fine & still PG when we got home.  Tuesday morning even more nervous so I took her temp & found it to be 98.5....low, so I decided to stay home.  Good thing I did as noticeable obvious start of early labor at 11:30am.  Very slow progress the entire time..........a bubble sac appeared at about 2:20pm and remained there for 2 hours!  Contractions were sporadic and seemingly weak.  I had calls in to the vet with no immediate call backs (upsetting to me).  Sac popped around 4 - 4:30 and shortly after I finally got a call back from the vets office.  After consulting it was decided to take Camie in for check on what was or wasn't going on.  An xray was done showing puppy in birth canal with the ability to pass, so oxytocin was administered (2 at 30 minute intervals) which produced the first puppy at about 6:30pm....a girl.  They sent us home then to whelp the other pups supplying me with 2 more injections to use if needed.  The second pup arrived about 2 hours later (another girl), and with "help" from the oxytocin sent home, the third (a girl again) arrived just before midnight.  Her final pup came about a hour later; a little male who was sadly stillborn.  After researhing the use of oxytocin (and from what little I already knew), I attribute his loss to the result of using the oxytocin and/or due to the fact of the prolonged labor.It is now 2-16; the three girls are doing good; nursing well & gaining weight.  Camie is being a good first time mom but her appetite is not what I think it should be.  From experience I know it is normal to want to be hand fed for a while, but several times I've had to force feed her.  Her temperature has been normal so far.  I'm also noticing some gooey bloody discharge from time to time, something I don't remember ever seeing with any of my other girls after whelp.  It is not constant, not a lot, and no foul smell so MAYBE it's normal????  But not having seen it before and coupled with her seeming lack of appetite,  I think a call to the vet is in order if for nothing else but my peace of mind.  After explaining to Dr Patera Camie's symptoms it was decided to take her in for a check up.  Physical exam of her belly area showed nothing out of the norm - uterus shrinking back to normal size and no hard masses that might indicate a retained placenta.  Camie's termperature was normal (as it has been the last couple of days), and blood tests taken showed all things normal, no infection.  I was told that the gooey bloody discharge is also normal.  So WHY then, the lack of appetite?????  We decided it might be attributed to an upset tummy from eating all four placentas.  Dr Patera prescribed an antibiotic for Camie as a precaution; she had thought about an appetite booster but since Camie is nursing she decided against it.

January 24, 2015 ...... 3 weeks to go!

Posted on January 24, 2015 at 11:25 AM📷 delete 📷 edit 📷 comments (0)Well, as of January 9th it was official!  Via ultrasound done by our vet, pregnancy was confirmed for Camie's 1st litter and I am so excited to see these babies!  Though Camie had a slight decline in her what I already consider a difficult appetite, she never had the complete loss that I've experienced with Hannah.  After getting her to 5 1/4 lbs after breeding, she lost a few bringing her back down slightly under 5, but with 3 weeks to go she is now at about 6 lbs and getting a nice rounded belly.  The ultrasound confirmed at least two puppies; now knowing that she is definitely PG, and with two pups for sure, I am now kept wondering exactly how many she will have and hoping for at least one more or maybe even four.  But of course healthy pups and safe whelp is of the utmost and front of importance!  Within one day of posting the announcement of her pregnancy on Facebook I had at least 4 people contact me about wanting a pup.  Seems we just might have a waiting list this time.  IF ONLY Hannah would have gotten pregnant this time as well (confirmation that she was not also on Jan. 9th), we would have had plenty of pups to go around.  Hopefully we will have that luck when we breed both girls again later this summer.  For now I am thankful for Camie's pregnancy and look forward to welcoming her pups into the world.


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