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February 2023

Updated: Feb 23

2-23-23 One more post before February is over. First off, we did NOT go to the dog show in Des Moines. Christine ended up with a surprise litter of poodle puppies a few days before and with another litter expected very soon she was not able to go. That was minus 2 Biewers showing making the points awarded slim to none, so not worth the trip for me. I was pretty okay with staying home, but still the little get-away would have been nice. I finally hit the point of accepting the fact that Max was not going to be show worthy due to the black ticking coming through and messaged Scott Werth about his availability. No response yet but I'm hoping he still wants him. I feel bad for the pups (Max & Misty) being cooped up more often than I'd like for them, but free run with the mamas gets a bit to wild and crazy for me for very long or very often. They are definitely at the age of needing a family & structure which is one of the reasons why I am hoping the Werth family will adopt Max. With just Misty here I will be more agreeable to letting her out to be a regular family member. Hoping I can show her after her hair grows out more, however I did notice that her nose is not completely black yet. I'm hoping it will still change or that there is someway I can hide it . . . . . IF she matures to be show worthy. Waiting til at least 6 months old (in mid April), so we'll see. Otherwise, I've also been toying with the idea of asking around and finding myself a new puppy to adopt, one that does not have any of the the black ticking issue and one with the rich gold colors on their head.

February bunco with the sisters/nieces was FUN! Little valentine gifts were handed out from/for all. Nice to have it going again; hopefully it will continue in some way.

WW is going okay. Having the app handy is certainly helpful (or is it the "want" (in order to lose weight for the Florida trip). Either way, following the points is going easy enough; weight is coming off, slower than I'd like, but slow but sure. I am of course still playing by my on rules of splurging when the need arises but succeeding in being good the rest/most of the time. I sure hope I can lose a decent/noticeable amount by the end of April for Florida!


2-12-23 Happy birthday to Dolly's first litter of puppies; Lila, Lexi, and Levi! I've already gotten a new photo of Lila from Debarah Billings; she is a pretty girl and she tells me that she will be showing her again starting in May. Surprisingly to me, she is only 5 lbs at 1 year; as a young pup she was charting more in the 6 lb range. Still possible she will add weight as she gets older??? With Levi having just been here a couple of weeks ago I know what he looks like and his weight, and Lexi living right across the street came for a visit, birthday photo shoot and her weight is 6 3/4 lbs. She had her first heat cycle about a month ago, so we'll be breeding her on her next cycle.

Joan Quinn, the lady who came to see about Misty and has a one year old Biewer Terrier has kept in touch with me. Opal's sire & dam are out of Germany and registered with IBC, but Joan is working with Opal's breeder and AKC to do what needs to be done to get her registered with AKC. She's done the Wisdom Health DNA panel and she is 100% Biewer Terrier and clear of all genetic diseases. If all goes well with getting her registered with AKC she may be a good breeding mate with Winston. . . .

The Des Moines dog show is coming up next weekend. I'm still not excited about it but I guess Connie and I are still going. I'm not so sure I'm going to bother showing Max in the Beginner puppy show since with his color faults he likely won't be shown anymore anyway, and will be placed in a pet home. Plan to hang on to Misty until her coat grows more to see how it looks.

On family news, January-February birthday celebrations are done with dinners at LaMesa for John & DK, and last night birthday dinner at a new place, Sickies Garage for Jenny's belated January birthday. Found out last night that Brandon's birthday is at the end of March, so we have that coming up next. Even more fun times to come with the sisters with the return of our bunco nights this coming Thursday with the added fun of sharing little Valentine gifts. Even better yet . . . . . we sisters along with a few of the nieces Florida trip has been finalized and flights booked for April 29 - May 3! We will be staying with niece Denise and no doubt it will be a fun packed few days and a nice get away! Looking forward to it. In anticipation, I decided to rejoin WW in hopes of losing a few pounds before we go.

Nothing more from Emily since our initial conversations. She did not come for a visit nor did I hear anything from her after telling her a Saturday visit timeline. Not sure why, but oh well.

I think that's it for now . . . . . . .


2-7-23 Oh my, I heard from EMILY! I noticed that she sent me a friend request on Facebook the other day and after accepting it, she messaged me. We've been chatting back and forth some and she is up to coming over for a visit possibly this weekend or before. All of this is good news in that I've finally heard from her, but yet in the back of my mind unfortunately I wonder . . . . . why, or more specifically why me. To the best of my knowledge she has not done the same with other family members on either side. So, I am cautiously optimistic that this could be the beginning of her making her way back into the family folds. I've urged her to reconcile with her parents and hope that comes to pass sooner rather than later. But for now, I am happy to hear from her and look forward talking with her more. I told Matt that I heard from her and got less of a reaction than I thought/hoped I might. That's another worry of mine; that Emily being in contact with me will make Matt feel bad and I'm just not sure how to handle that. I hope it all works out . . . . . and soon. I need her to be my grand-daughter, but first and foremost I feel like Matt needs her to be there for him in some way or another.


2-4-23 Happy birthday to John today and to DK on February 1st! No dinner celebration planned (per John's request) but I believe he will be stopping over today to pick up his and DK's birthday cards. Valentines day is coming up next, not that I really care. I've grown to see it as a "have to do something nice" day and it's the same thing every year. Flowers because it's valentines day; I'd much rather get something any other day of the year "just because".

Well, as much as I had been thinking about skipping the Des Moines dog show I guess I will be going after all. Christine messaged me one day after entries closed that the counts were posted. 5 Biewer Terriers are entered which Christine tells me are 2 of hers, Winston, Valerie's boy (one of Kathy's dogs), and one other special male which we wonder if it is Stryker. Gosh I hope not, but the good news is that Kathy will not be there so at least I won't have to deal with the stress of having her there this time. I wonder what it will be like seeing Valerie; though I have nothing against her and Larry, they are Kathy's friends so conversations with them will be a bit strained and short and less personal. After hearing from Christine I did text Connie about whether or not she was still interested in going to the show and she said she was still planning on it, which made my decision to go ahead and go final. No only bad weather would keep us home. A damper showing Winston IF Stryker is the unknown male because with the professional hander he has been next to impossible to beat. So I am hoping it will be some other male instead. Max is the only Biewer Terrier in the 4-6 month beginner puppy; hoping he does okay. Now that the other pups are gone I really need to get a lead on him and see if I can get him to walk. Whether or not I will continue to show/keep him or sell him as pet is still up in the air. He definitely has the black ticking coming in where it doesn't belong and I don't know if I'll be able to hide it for long.

Misty on the other hand has no ticking YET. I've only noticed a small amount of gold on one of her toes which I think will be able to be clipped and/or hidden. I'll hang on to her for a while more so because I am really curious about how her coat will turn out as she gets older. The lady that was interested in her stopped over yesterday with her one year old Biewer for me to evaluate for show. She is a pretty girl, but her ears are large, tail does not curl nicely, and her body is a bit long and maybe not the straightest topline. However she did appear not to have the black ticking problem (at least not where it didn't belong) so I did mention that if she did get her registered with AKC and health tested that I would be willing to offer stud services with Winston. We'll see if/when that comes to be.

The sisters are starting up BUNCO again, beginning this month on the 16th. It will be Valentines bunco so little valentine gifts will be handed out after playing. I think the "prizes" will be cash (or at least the option to do so), so no worries about buying prizes when my turn to host comes around. Just the stress of preparations and hosting it in my humble abode (that only I seem to care about). Anyway, should be fun. . . . even if we do have to have it in the evenings rather than the afternoon since some of the players (nieces) are not retired.

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