Paws for Puppy Tales (June 2019)

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

JUNE 28, 2019 - The 2nd quarter of 2019 is coming to an end so one quick post update. Our current litter of Biewer Terrier puppies are healthy and doing well after a contracting a bout with coccidia a week or so ago. A visit to the vet and meds put them on the mend quickly! Little Dolly and our BIG girl Angel have found their forever homes; one with a now 3x repeat customer and the other to a cute young couple that knows and was referred to us by another 2x repeat customer; such great news for these two pups! The other two girls are going to stay with us for as long as I can handle it; hoping they will both mature as nicely as them seem to be and do well in the show ring. Kathy T has offered to help show them with me, and also possible that another friend we know, Brad McDannald may be interested in showing one of these girls. With this litter raised and ready to go/grow, we will be litter-less now for about a year as we let Hope rest on her next cycle after having had two consecutive litters. I was going to say puppy-less, but with keeping two of these girls and the possibility of another little male joining us to replace Gunner, we won't really be puppy-less. LOL Tomorrow 6/29 will be one month since I was officially retired! Have I mentioned lately how WONDERFUL retirement life is!!???? Yes I have, many times throughout this month, every chance I got I've told others AND myself that being retired is "the BEST THING EVER"! Even when we are just at home with nothing fun to do, it is still the best thing ever. Loving not having to get up and go to a job that was monotonous and boring, and not really anything I enjoyed doing. Long ago in getting more into having my dogs and raising puppies I learned my real passion. I should have been a vet, vet tech, groomer, SOMETHING having to do with dogs or animals. Well, that time for me is now. . . . . .. . .

The first week of July brings the move to Miscellaneous class for the Biewer Terriers!! Kathy and I will be traveling to Texas that first weekend to show our dogs celebrating this move up in AKC status. It will likely be Gunner's last time in the show rings and I am hoping and praying that we can get him the last 2 points he needs for his CM title before he is retired and re-homed after having knee surgery to correct his loose patellas. I will also be showing Jewel; finally have her weight up to just over 4 lbs; she could still use (and easily carry) at least another pound or more. If either Kallie and/or Mia mature as nicely as I think they will, Jewel will probably be found a loving pet home since she is not getting to be as big as I had hoped. Time will tell . . . . .

JUNE 16,2019 - Over two weeks into June; the year is half over; time sure does fly by! On this particular day, Sunday, June 16 our current litter of Biewer Terrier puppies (our "K" litter) is 11 weeks old and at with just one more week before the official 12 week mark when they are officially ready to go, these pups are more than ready to find their forever homes. Yet none of them have a family to go to just yet. This is the age where I can see and feel they really need to find those homes to get the one on one attention and training they are so ready for. Time and individual attention I don't have enough of for each of them plus my on adults. I am actually going to see if I can hold on to two of these girls (with the help of my friend Kathy) to see if they progress into possible show prospects. I am also still toying with the idea of letting Jewel go to a pet home since she is not growing quite as much, or at least not as quickly as I thought she would. Still just over 4 lbs at 9+ months old I had hoped she would be to at least 5 lbs by now.

On other notes, my other fur kids are doing okay. Hope has bounced back to her normal pre-pregnancy self and doing well. Sunny is fine though over the standard weight for a BT by about 8 ounces; he is not necessarily fat, but just as solid as a rock. Jewel and Gunner need to learn to eat without being so picky; I mostly force feed them in order to keep weight on them; not something I like doing but necessary if I intend on showing them in the conformation ring. AND our Yorkie paw-triarchs Lucky & Toby are still kicking. At 14+ years Lucky is visibly aging but still doing pretty well. Toby on the other hand at 12+ years has had neurological issues going on since he turned 10. Kind of thought we might be losing him a few weeks ago, but with a visit to the vet and put on meds, he seems to be perking up though a cure for his neurological problems is not to be. But as long as he is coherent and not it pain we will continue to do what we can for him. I am officially living the retired life since May 29,2019 and loving every minute of it!!! No looking back, no big adjustment to be made for me. I have been long past ready for this time in my life. Here's to many, many happy days of doing what I want, when I want, and at a leisurely pace without deadlines. Ah.........the good life!

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