Heartland's "Paws" for Puppy "Tales" (Jan-May 2019)

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

My main use for this blog is as a way to keep myself informed and/or reminded of days to come and days gone by; a blog and a diary of sorts combined into one. Not so much for the world to see, but more for personal use. This day June 6, 2019, my new website is up and running and I'm hoping it will bring better traffic and visitors to my website. My old website does not seem to get many visitors; whether it is due to user error or a poor website host (or maybe a combination of both); time will tell. I will be the first to admit that I am an amateur and was surprised way back when in my ability to even build a website. To this date I am still unsure on the ins and outs of efficiently running one. So we will see how this goes. Already though I have a new improved added touch of a puppy application added to this website that customers can fill out right here and submitted directly to me. BIG plus right there already! We've got four Biewer Terrier puppies in the house almost ready for their forever homes so the auto application form will be a big help. With a little website luck, let's hope this works!


Ups and Downs

Posted on May 5, 2019 at 9:00 PM

Between the 4 - 5 weeks mark for the K puppies had its ups and downs.  The pups are getting bigger and more mobile and fun.  But about mid week, Hope had some sort of infection going on which I had at first taken as eclampsia/milk fever.  She was very weak, not being able to stand very well and very wobbly.  Blood tests showed an infection of some sort, calcium levels were okay.  She was put on antibiotics and by the end of that day she was more like her self and on the mend.  Kind of scary seeing her so weak; not sure where the infection was coming from.  Dr Hayes noticed that Hope still had some post whelp discharge (which I had read was normal for up to 6-8 weeks), and I wondered if I had maybe brought something home from being at the shows.  In the end, just happy that she bounced back so fast and everyone seems fine now.

Everyone else is doing okay.  A new home was found for Whiskey, Gunner is still here as we hope & pray a new home will be found for him; one that will take care of his needs for his grades 3 and 4 patellas.  Our replacement for Whiskey will be a while as we wait for his breeder Debarah B. to have another litter with hopefully a nice boy for Kathy and I.  She is just now doing a breeding, so it will be a good 6 months before any pup from that planned litter will be ready.  Good things come to those who wait.................right?

17 more working days until I am offically retired from my job of 44 years at Nebraska Furniture Mart!!!!!  I am so excited for that day and can't believe that it is finally going to happen.....for real!  A retirement dinner hosted by NFM for myself, family, and co-workers is taking place at Anthony's restaurant this coming Wednesday, another "real" sign that it is happening.  I cannot wait until I can do the things that I want, when I want, all in my own time without worrying about getting it all done....or not getting it done in those to short of weekends.  Ah.......the good life!

4 Pretty Girls!!!!

Posted on April 25, 2019 at 10:25 PM

Well, the day after my last post, Hope whelped the four puppies seen on her xray just a few days before.  She had 4 females all in the 3-4 oz range, all healthy & nursing well right away.  Hope is being a good mama to her pups; maybe even a little better than last time since she's had some experience and knows what to do with her second litter.  The pups are now just a couple of days shy of 4 weeks old, starting to play a little with each other and walking around on all four legs.  The other day, Kathy gave a person wanting a female my name and it seems I may get a sale out of the reference.  He is very interested in the little girl that I chose as pick of the litter; whether I keep her or sell her to him/them. . . . time will tell.  Need to see how she turns out as the pups get older. Poor Kathy has sure had more than her share of bad luck with pups.  We recently went to a dog show in Oklahoma where she took a 14 week old pup that she sold for pick up.  Before the 4 days of shows was over, the puppy had died; we believe from his tiny size, stress from puppy shot received before we left and stress from the trip.  His tiny little body just couldn't handle it all. :*(  Then if that wasn't enough, a week later PIXIE who was pregnant & due soon, went down with tick paralysis from a tick found in her ear, and though she came through that okay after a few hours at the vet and antibiotics, she went into labor a few days later and each of her 4 puppies were born dead; likely from the toxins from the tick.  Such a huge loss for Kathy, hopeful for this first litter between Pixie and her virgin male from Russia, Justin Bieber. Kathy and I still have both Gunner and Whiskey; both needing new pet homes for different reasons.  Whiskey's new home has been found and he should be leaving for California the first weekend in May.  Gunner has had a couple of interested parties, but nothing set in stone just yet.  He will be a bit harder to place due to the surgeries he will need for his knees.  We continue to show him in the meantime hoping to get his CM title.  After the Okalahoma show, he only needs 2 more points, but show coming up are against dogs he has normally lost to in the past.  Fingers crossed the different judges will choose him in the shows coming up. On a more personal note. . . . . . down to 23 working days until I am officially retired and can "live my dream" 24/7, 365 days a year!  So very excited for this new chapter in my life......my life of retirement!!!  WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG. . . . . must search again (sort of)

Posted on March 30, 2019 at 10:15 AM

Our new boy Whiskey arrived safe and sound on March 24.  First impression of him was hopeful, with work to do on gaining confidence around us and on the show table.  Size, coat, and gait were all good.  However; we had been told by his breeder that though he did have both testicles descended, he had pulled one of them up at the airport before he left her (and that she almost did not send him because of it).  She was confident enough that it would come back down and decided to go ahead and send him to us. Days after arriving, I still could not feel it or see it and decided to take him in to have the vet check him over.  She confirmed my suspicisons that it was no where to be found and in her opinion, did not feel that it would come back.  The breeder was informed and very disappointed but as she had told us, she stands by her puppies and right away told us that we have choice of new puppy from ones she has or a future litter.  So, the "sort of" is that we are just needing to choose again rather than searching near and far.  At least there is that.

Jewel went in for a dental the same day as Whiskey's visit as well as Hope's x-ray.  Jewel had 7 retained puppy teeth removed and came home acting as if nothing had happened.  Ate dinner well and I even saw her chewing on a nylabone that same night!  

Hope's x-ray confirmed a definite 4 puppies are expected with a slight possibility of a 5th.  I can't really make out any semi-definite 5th pup, but with her size comparable to the first litter I would not be surprised if there were 5.  We will see coming up this next week; won't be long now!

We Found HIM!

Posted on March 15, 2019 at 9:35 PM

. . . . Gunner's replacement; our search is done.  Looking at the male pups overseas is always fun, but actually finding one that seems promising, dealing with the breeder, waiting for the pup to get old enough to travel, and then the stress of hoping all goes well with the trip and hoping the puppy arrives healthy & well, AKC registerable & show/breeding quality. . . . it's all a crap shoot.  Been there done that with some luck AND some not so lucky.  Frankly I'd much rather buy from breeders here in the states but the right puppy is also hard to find here as well.  But when you do, at least you have the breeder right here and more than likely there for you and the pup should something go wrong in the transaction.  So thankful that this time around we did find a male from a breeder in Tennessee, a member of the BTCA club, and experienced in both breeding & showing dogs.  I've had my eye on the hopes of adopting one of her pups some day; had inquired to her about a female in the past year, so I was thrilled when I saw an available male posted on her page on FB.  To boot, he is already 8 months old so old enough to get a good idea of how he will look & his adult size is not as much of a guessing game.  After some conversation with the breeder, a couple of videos of him walking on a lead, and recent photos, Kathy & I made the decision to add WINDSONGS TENNESSEE WHISKEY to our programs!  He is the same age as our Heartland's Jewel, born just 5 days before her and about the same size, charting to be in the 5 lb range as an adult.  Looking forward to getting him home, working on getting him here in time to take to Grove, Ok for the show in mid April.  Crossing our fingers, but confident that he will work out well both in the ring and for future Heartland (and Heaven Sent) litters


Posted on March 9, 2019 at 11:55 AM

Hope is definitely pregnant and 5 weeks along.  After just a bit of morning sickness (lack of appetite which seemed shorter than I remember, her appetite is ravenous now and her belly is growing.  Her due date should be late in the first week of April and I am hoping this time she does not whelp earlier than she should.  I'd prefer not to have the 2 oz puppies like we had last time.  Even though my first experience with tiny pups went well, 2 oz is just so small and their survival rate is not as good.  I was VERY lucky I'm sure with the two I had.

UGH. . .time to search again

Posted on February 22, 2019 at 8:25 PM

Ugh!  But first things first. The Des Moines dog show in mid February was fun; I was ready for another dog show outing with Kathy and the rest of our midwest group.  Not so fun was that Gunner did not win anything and so earned none of the last 4 points he needs for his CM title.  So discouraging as he walks well, stands fairly well on the table.  I really believe that his downfall and reason for being placed 2nd so often is his lack of personality.  He really does have the "old soul" Kathy has described him as and that does nothing for him in the ring.  Kathy's girl Gem had a super weekend winning it all on both Saturday & Sunday and earning her CM title.  I was very happy for Kathy....well deserved and a long time coming for her to be the big winner.  My little JEWEL did pretty darn good with her first experiance in the show atmosphere.  She walked well and stood on the table decently for being just shy of 6 months old and the people, dogs, and noise did not seem to bother her.  Of course being just a baby I was not surprised that she didn't win anything big, but was pleased with how she handled this first and very new experience.  She is a pretty girl with a nice straight topline; I'm still unsure though whether or not she will get to a good breeding size.  Seems that she should, but she is very slow at putting on weight.  We will wait & see and in the meantime should Hope be pregnant from her breeding last month, I will watch for any possible show/breeding hopefuls from the pups she may have; just in case.  And now the bad news.....  Kathy took Gunner home with her so that she could take him to her vet for his rabies shot that he was due to have.  She called me after picking him up and told me that the vet examined his knees and found that Gunner has  grade 3 and  grade 4 patellas in both knees and with that should not be used as a stud dog.  Knowing that he had slight patella issue in one knee when he arrived to us I had wondered how it was doing, but certainly did not expect news that both were bad, and really bad to boot!!  So now we have to start searching all over again for another male.  While we search, I plan to continue to show Gunner and hopefully get him his CM title before having to retire him to a pet home.

Heat started early

Posted on February 2, 2019 at 10:35 AM

After noticing some constant upped interest in Hope from Sunny and Gunner, I was surprised when I checked and saw that she was indeed in heat on January 20.  I had not expected it to start until the end of January or even early February.  Better timing this way though with the schedule of shows we plan to attend in mid February and again in mid April.  This way Hope will be already bred and if we have pups, they will be due in early April, so no chance of her due date being close to the show weekend.  I decided to stick with Sunny as the breeding male; he got to her first and I was uncertain whether Gunner would be able to get the job done; didn't want to miss our chance this time.  Gunner was however VERY eager to get to Hope, so seems he will be good to go when his time comes.  Kathy will likely use him with her girls before I get a chance to use him again; my time won't come until sometime in 2020.  Resting Hope on her next heat and Jewel won't be ready until next year. Open shows for 2019 start up in 2 weeks; mid February in Des Moines.  I will be showing Gunner and starting Jewel in the 4-6 month puppy class.  Not expecting much at such a young age, but hoping she does well.  I've been taking her to Pet Smart to get her used to different environments and walking on a lead and she seems to be doing okay.  A little skittish near other dogs and/or loud noises or sudden movements nearby.  She will get used to it . . . . . all in good time.  I took Gunner with us one time to help show her how its done, and he as always walks on the lead with confidence!  He only needs 4 more points to get his first CM title; that could happen as early as this first show.  Fingers crossed.

Countdown continues to my retirement in May; just 4 more months.  I am so looking forward to be able to be here for the dogs fulltime when they need me to be and to be able to have time to do what I want, when I want and not have to cram those things into the weekends.  Life is good; it will be even better when I am retired.

2019 is Here!

Posted on January 14, 2019 at 7:30 PM

Time flies obviously.....I had no idea it had been NOVEMBER since my last blog entry.  Selling puppies, the trip to Orlando, Christmas and settling down after the holidays kept things busy!

Hope's fist litter of pups are all in their new homes; as mentioned earlier Joy & Jax are with my nephew Dan & Heather in Arizona, Jasmine was next and is now living the true BIG CITY life in New York City; her name is now Romy.  After making the decision to hold on to Jewel as my show & breeding hopeful, Jade was the last to find her new home.  She made the trip to Orlando with us where her new family met us at the airport and flew her home to the Virginia/N.Carolina area.  She was renamed Rosie, leaving her given name as her middle name....Rosie Jade.  It's always a relief to know when my pups are sold, and even more so when I know they are in good homes.  Hope's next heat cycle is due approximately in February and we will be breeding her again.  Question is....with Sunny again, or should we try our little Gunner?  Either way, hoping we get another litter this spring.

The trip to Orlando and the dog show was, as always a fun time!  The husbands went with us this time so we stayed some extra days and did some sight-seeing.  Two visits to beaches to see the awesome ocean, Universal Studios, Epcot at Disney World, and a very interesting boat tour to see manatees and other Florida wildlife in their natural habitat.  At the dog show, I was very pleased that Gunner placed in the top 3 of his class on each of the 4 days of shows, even though no points were earned.  Kathy's girl Gem took Best of Opposite the last day and did earn her first points for that placement.  Good for her!!

Returned home and made the last minute preparations and gift buying for the Christmas holiday.  As always Christmas day with family was a special time and always hectic but fun.  And now on to the new year.  Dog shows are lining up starting in Februrary, then April, May, and July that I know of so far.  Hoping that little Jewel will turn out as pretty as I think she will be and perform well in the ring. BEST OF ALL . . . . . . . .RETIRING AT THE END OF MAY!!!!!!  CAN HARDLY WAIT!!!

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