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May - 2023

Updated: May 27

5-27 Well, going from some fun news last post to this one. On Wednesday the 24th I had to take Matt to the ER after trying to call many times with no answer or when he did answer he was very out of it and sometimes seeming incoherent. Blood sugar test showed him VERY, VERY low, and more tests that followed found that he likely has had a couple of small strokes. As they worked on him that first day and next there was talk of releasing him from the hospital which really concerned me since he lives alone, and seeing the way he was I just knew that was not a good idea. Thankfully (I guess), yesterday a social worker came in and said that they thought he was a good candidate for acute rehab which would keep him in the hospital through this holiday (Memorial Day) weekend and be transferred directly to the rehab facility where he would stay for days to a week or so????? This was a huge relief for me as far as the weekend goes, though of course I am still very concerned about what his life will be like going forward. At this point I can't imagine him ever being able to go back to work. . . . so then what. I was relieved with the social worker as well in that it sounded like maybe she/they might be the start of planning for what is to come for him. Meanwhile, Crisler working the night shift at the hospital kept peeking at his chart through her shift and informed me this morning that they moved him to a room closer to the nurses station because he was pulling his IV's and disconnecting other things and not knowing where he was, thinking he was home. They even put mitts on his hands to prevent him from doing things. This makes me so sad; I just want my son to be happy and well, and I really don't see that ever happening for him. Why he has had to have such a hard life is beyond my understanding. . . . A bit of lighter side of things, we had bunco earlier this week which was fun as it always is, and yesterday I saw news that Dolly's pup Lila won again at another show this long weekend for a 3 point major win. This puts her half way to earning her AKC Champion title. That's pretty exciting and also gets me into the "I want another show dog" mood. . . . . . . . . . . . . someday.


5-22 Just a bit of fun news in seeing a "winning" photo of our very own LILA winning a Best of Breed placement her first weekend in the ring beating 5 other Biewer Terriers which included 1 Champion! Lila would have been my pick of that first litter of Dolly's, but as luck would have it, Dolly's breeder chose her as her puppy back. Still it was awesome to see this win and to know that she is finally on her way to becoming an AKC Champion. My day will come (here I am again going back and "forth"; forward this time in thinking that my time of showing dogs may not quite be done.

Otherwise Saturday this past weekend was spent attending two family parties for graduation and a going away party. Both were fun times and good eats. Not much else new; just wanted to note about Lila's big day/win.


5-15 Wow, here we are middle of May with my first blog post for the month, and nothing since April 15. Not quite as surprised though as I've felt no need to post with nothing "dog related" to report and with my mixed feelings of what to do about my show & breeding career/hobby. I lean towards being done but find myself looking/wishing for a puppy with the pictures I see on Facebook, and hearing about Christine being at the show in Seward, NE had me yearning to go to shows/wishing I had a new show prospect. Also thinking about messaging Tammy Ryker again about her girl due to come into heat this month. I had asked her a month or so ago about getting a puppy from her. So, the "want to" or would if the right dog/opportunity" came along is still there. Time will tell. I did receive the VCA report from Molly's people and disappointingly it gave me no new information about Molly's possible liver shunt. In fact, an ultrasound was set up for her that day but they ended up not doing it; my thought was why not and what then was the point of taking her there? After receiving the report I also talked with Dr Peterson again about it and though he says there is definitely an issue with Molly's liver, there still is not a definite diagnosis. With that, I replied via email to Kristen (Allison) expressing my confusion by the lack of new information from the VCA and requested that she fill me in with what her next plans of action/treatment for Molly are and again expressed concern in wanting something a bit more for a more definite diagnosis. I again told her that a refund of Molly's purchase price is likely and pending. This was sent at the tail end of April and still I have not gotten any reply. With a refund pending that just really surprises me. Next up, 4/29 - 5/3 was our sisters/nieces Florida trip to visit Denise. Oh what a fun and memorable trip that was. Each and every day, practically every moment was planned out to a tee, and it was as if every minute of each day was filled with something to do. The weather was perfect, though not great for swimming (we did get into Denise's pool a couple of times, though it was sometimes a bit chilly). Between the 9 of us, hundreds & hundreds of photos were taken; I'm still sorting through them to date and don't think I even have them all yet. It was a really, really great time perfectly planned by Michelle & Denise. Mother's Day was yesterday and I was happy to have ALL OF THE KIDS here for the day. . . .even Matt. He's been having more issues with his eyesight this past week and I think part of the reason for him joining us yesterday was in not wanting to be alone. In any case I was very happy to have him here. It was a very nice Mother's Day for me. Only Crisler couldn't join us as she was home sleeping after working her night shift but Jim and I will be joining them for a belated Mother's Day dinner tomorrow night. I think that gets this caught up on any newsy news

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