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Paws for Puppy Tails - October 2022

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

10-27-22 First and foremost, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Matt (42) & Kristen (34)! I spent the morning with Matt the other day where we shopped for a new phone for him which I chipped in to help him get as his birthday gift. Jim and I will be treating Kristen to lunch at Copps Pizza on Saturday as her birthday celebration along with a card and a bit of cash. One more family birthday to come in mid November for Jesse, then on to the holidays!

The saga continues with Kathy as yesterday I emailed her about ending our co-ownership of Winston and Champ. Of course it couldn't be simple and quick; she has to draw it out saying something about needing to get Champ's paperwork resolved. I can only assume that has something to do with either getting Dales Hunsberger's name off as well and/or getting Champ's CH and GCH certificates from Dale; something she could have/should have done a long time ago but as always, she lets things slide and "gets taken advantage of". She also hinted at there being other issues that need to be addressed first before this can transpire". I'm not sure what she means by that; whether its things she needs to tend to or something between us. Don't have any idea what that would be so hoping it's her own problems cuz I sure don't want or need anymore from her. I'm over our friendship ending and just want to move on.

Skye and all 5 of her puppies are doing well and Dolly is doing good with just a bit over two more weeks to go. Sure enough, I posted pictures of Skye's pups last weekend and already received 3 inquiries about them. Nicely told them all to back off, that it will be quite some time yet before I can even begin to decide who might go where and who might stay. It might be cool to have one go to a good show home though, besides keeping one or two myself. We will see have to wait and see. .. . . . . . .


10-20-22 Skye went to the vet yesterday morning after she had diarrhea all day the day before (worse that it had been post whelp) AND throwing up a few times late that day. I kept a watchful eye on her overnight and she seemed a bit better in the morning. The vet found nothing wrong with her and attributed it to upset GI issues from whelping puppies & eating 4 of 5 placentas. She is much better now as I continue to make sure she eats & drinks enough. This morning out of the blue one of the smaller female puppies had an episode of constant off and on crying. Nothing seemed to calm her & of course I started to worry about fading puppy syndrome. Thankfully if finally subsided and after seeing her nurse I started to relax a bit. There is no easing up on the care of these little ones and mama, that's for sure. Other than that all seems well. I missed a sister's fire pit night at Mark & Karen's last night where they presented them with an Amazon gift card from all of us in appreciation for their generosity in letting us use their pool during the summer.

Dolly is beginning to show her pregnancy a bit more with just about 3 1/2 weeks left to go. At times though she still has me wondering; she is gaining weight but doesn't seem as big as before. What I DO notice is that her nipples seem much bigger than the first time. Once or twice I wondered if maybe she is having a false pregnancy; probably/hopefully not. In any case, while I was at the vet's office yesterday with Skye I went ahead and made the appointment for Dolly's x-ray for November 7th @ 1:30pm. Puppies galore in the house this winter but hey, what else is there to do when it's to cold to go out and do anything, right?


10-17-22 WELL, Skye's puppies didn't wait much past my last post. All day on the 15th (Saturday) Skye kept much to herself, even more so than usual. She ate very little throughout the day, but her belly was still warm so I figured she might have them either on Sunday or Monday. I guess I was kind of right; at about 8 pm on Saturday I decided to sit in the bedroom with Skye since she'd kept to herself all day and it was then that I did notice that her belly was no longer warm. Between 8 and 10 she pretty much just laid in her box except for frequent potty breaks, I assume from pressure of early non noticeable contractions. Around 10-10:30 is when noticeable labor started and her first pup was born around 11:30. She had the other 4 within about 3 hours with the last one born around 1:30 am on the 16th. Two males were first to be born, with 3 females to follow. The first pup was the biggest (and Skye let out a yelp or two (from fright &/or pain??) weighing 4 oz, one pup was 3 oz, and the other three were between 2 1/2 - 2 3/4 oz. Such tiny pups, but came out active and latched on to nurse soon after birth. We are now at 1 day old and so far everyone, including mama Skye is doing well. On another note, Kathy sent a message via "DaMob" group chat on FB telling us that Brad McDannald had passed away. He will be remembered as a very nice man, very helpful with his knowledge of the ins and outs of dog shows, and for his help in getting us a handler for Winston at Westminster. He went through a lot health-wise for the past year or so, and at least now he is at peace. I guess at this point I'm not surprised that Kathy didn't tell me about it personally, but the point that she didn't just goes to show that our friendship is over. Until if or when I ever find out why she decided to end our friendship, it will always leave a sour note on my part. With our friendship over, one of these days I need to get up the gumption to bring up the subject of also ending our co-ownership of Winston & Champ. . . . .since there is no point to leave things as they are now. I'd like to get her name removed from Winston's registration.


10-15-22 Four days post Skye's x-ray and we are still waiting for puppies to arrive; I check her belly each morning and sporadically during the day for that "cooler to the touch" sign of impending labor, but nothing yet. I'm okay with that. Each day gives those 5 puppies more time to grow and gain strength. Skye has been very subdued, quieter than usual and though she does eat something she is definitely cutting back some on her food intake. Whether she will wait until next week/her due date or have them this weekend. . . . . we will see.


10/11/22 OH MY GOODNESS!! X-ray appointment first thing this morning showed that Skye is carrying 5 puppies!!!!! That sure is a surprise and now instead of wondering if they could be to big for her to whelp naturally, instead I lean more hoping that they won't be teeny-tiny babies. Her weight gain is good, so I'm hoping they will be at the least, in the 3 oz range. I can handle that. With her right at 8 weeks today from since first breeding, puppies could make their arrival anytime within the next few days or so. Praying for a safe and easy whelp for mama & puppies.


10/10/22 SMH, wondering what in the HELL is wrong with Kathy!! Dog show in Lincoln this past weekend and not two minutes after she got to the grooming area before basically it seemed she tried to pick a fight with me, accusing me of trying to take up more grooming space than I paid for, this after offering to move her large tote to give me a little more room. Needless to say we didn't speak to each other all weekend and with that she didn't even show enough courtesy to congratulate me/Winston on his BOB and NOHS group wins. I just don't understand when or why our friendship went so sour, but it is what it is and except for wishing I knew why, I just don't care. As disgusted as I am with her right now I will always appreciate her help and friendship all these years though. I'm beginning to think she doesn't see that anymore from her comments about being used or taken advantage of that I've heard her say a few times lately and many times in the past about other times in her life. I've always thought it's partially her fault for letting it happen so often, BUT I never felt that I was one that did so. Oh well. . . . .

Winston did do well; BOB/BOBOH both days and NOHS Toy Group 4 and Group 3 placements as well. Connie came to watch on Saturday and met Christine. We both walked over to her trailer while waiting for groups on Saturday and got to see and hold her litter of six 10 week old puppies, and then we were also able to walk over to Tammy's camper and got to see her two 12 week old puppies as well. I'm so glad the two of them were there this weekend; being in such close proximity with Kathy at the grooming area would have been even more uncomfortable without them there.

Today I am saying with fair certainty that Dolly is pregnant. Her sides are starting to lose their shape and her weight (even without eating really well) is starting to come back up a bit. Next week at this time I will probably have no doubts at all. Her litter will be due about 4 weeks after Skye's which I feel will be perfect. Skye has 1 more week to go give or take a few days and looking at her belly I bet she is ready. I've felt them moving a few times and the last few days I've noticed she's got a little waddle to her walk. Kinda cute! Her x-ray appointment is tomorrow morning at 8am

Yesterday was Crisler's birthday; we are going out to eat with them tonight. Her birthday, her choice of restaurant. . . . . but, Jinya Ramen Bar????? Oh boy!??!!!! Went to one once before for John's birthday a long time ago; I'm sure I will find something I can eat. Tomorrow is Jim's birthday and I'm sure we will eat out somewhere more our style then. LOL

Took Matt to an eye appointment this morning. Hadn't talked with him for about a week and was happy to hear that the compression socks I took to him last week were helping with the swelling he's been dealing with. He seemed in decent spirits today; he had his first laser treatment for his eyes at todays appointment and that seemed to go okay for him too; he did say it hurt some/was uncomfortable but was good to go once it was over with. Oh if only he could have good news with any and all doctors appointments to come . . . . . I hope and pray.


10/5/22 I think the hot days of summer are over as the slightly cooler weather takes over; it's a nice change I suppose. Besides cooler weather, October will also bring SKYE/WINSTON puppies, due in just a couple of weeks. At 7 weeks along Skye is getting quite a belly on her and I am anxious to meet her puppies. She is doing well and eating good; her x-ray appointment is next week; looking forward to that as well to see how many babies she will have. Dolly is just past 3 weeks past her breedings and she still has me wondering "is she or isn't she". For a while there I was really thinking that she wasn't, but the past few days with her appetite not at all as it normally would be, but still maybe seeing a tiny bit of a change in the shape in her belly area (sometimes), I have more hope that she just might be pregnant. She certainly was bred on what seemed to be her "prime" days. She kept me guessing last time up to 5 weeks along, so I've got another week or so to watch and wonder.

The dog show in Lincoln is this weekend. As it turns out plans changed again. Connie found out this week that there will be no one home at her house to watch the dogs so is unable to stay in Lincoln for the weekend with me, so it will be Jim and I making the drive back and forth both days. It may be for the best with Skye being very pregnant, and at least this way I will be home in the afternoon/evening to be sure she gets fed enough and to check on her. Luckily the show times are good so that we won't have to leave the house at the crack of dawn to get there when we need to be. I sure hope Winston does well; he still needs 30 points to earn his GCHSilver title. I am actually at the point of looking forward to the day that he can be retired from the show ring, and believe it or not , , , , looking forward to giving him a shorter hair cut. Thought it would be hard to do, but now I think I am ready.

Bought a new living room couch and two chairs yesterday but will have to wait until November to get them delivered as the chairs are not in stock. Except for being anxious to get something new, there really is no rush, so we can wait. Once here I will also be looking for new end tables, etc. Other than that, nothing much going on; lots of sitting at home doing nothing.

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