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Paws for Puppy Tales - February 2021

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

2-22-21 BIG news of the Des Moines dog show this past weekend! Both Saturday & Sunday Winston won Winners Dog over Whisky, Marshall, & Leo and then on to take BOB earning a total of 6 more points and two more majors. AND. . . . Skye, at a mere 6 months old, with her first time ever experiencing the dog show environment and showing, won Winners Bitch over Gracie (her mom), Pixie, and even Gem. She too earned 6 points total for the two days plus the 2 majors, having them out of the way towards her "CH" title. What a great start for our little girl! Best of Breed went to Winston and Skye got Best of Opposite Sex.

Thankfully for this show, her two missing teeth were not an issue. The first show the judge checked the bite himself which worried me a bit because I didn't have the control to show the bite without the bottom teeth showing. I think it worked out that way anyway, or if he did see the judge didn't mind the missing teeth; maybe because she is still a puppy?? In the show where I showed the bite, I was able to show it with her teeth shut together and the scissor bite hides the bottom teeth pretty well. Christine (Skye's breeder) is concerned about the teeth problem, and gave the impression that she would honor replacing Skye with another puppy (though she has no litters in the near future), but after Skye's success in the ring this weekend ,for now we have decided to continue to show her and breed her when the time comes, and to watch to see if the issue comes up in any future pups. I suppose she will have to watch for it in future pups out of Gracie & Whisky as well.

Jim took care of Dolly, and Tina and her pups while we were gone. I had been having trouble getting her to eat well for a while, but Jim said she ate every meal he made for her while we were gone! I was relieved knowing she needed to eat in order to make milk to feed her pups. Oddly enough, she's been eating good since getting home too. The pups are almost 5 weeks old now and getting more active and fun. The whelping box/bed will be removed this week giving them free run of the entire pen. A bed or two will be added, along with the puppy bowl filled with kibble (that they have already been taste testing), toys, and well as lots and lots of potty pads!

The weather for the drive to Des Moines was fine, but Sunday morning brought snow. After being at the show for groups and owner/handler on Saturday until 8 pm, we had already decided not to stay for groups on Sunday with the snow predicted. Sunday morning we had heard that Omaha was getting hit pretty bad; what was supposed to be light snow ended up with 7+ inches. It was snowing when we left Des Moines around 12 - 12:30 pm, but thankfully only the first 30 - 45 minutes of the drive was tricky and slow going. After that the interstate was just wet or damp and even by the time we got back to Omaha, the roads were cleared of snow as it had quit snowing around 11am. Kathy said her drive back to Kansas was fine as well. Thankful for the safe drive home and such a winning dog show weekend!


2-16-21 BRRRRRR. . . we've been living in a frozen tundra for the last few days with negative degree temps and even worse wind chill temps. Much to cold to go anywhere or do anything. Tomorrow is finally supposed to be in the teens and no doubt it will feel like a heat wave. I've got things to do and places to go to get ready for our trip to Des Moines this coming weekend for the dog show with Winston and Skye. First time out for Skye; I hope she does well. I have noticed recently that she is missing two of her bottom adult incisors and with all of her other ones out and up, it worries me that they are not going to come up at all. I'm not sure what that would mean for her as a show or breeding prospect. I brought it up to her breeder today and we are both hoping it is just an odd delay. I expect a visit to the vet will be in order maybe next week for an x-ray to see if the teeth are below the gum line and possibly have her two top canine puppy teeth removed. I sure hope this is not going to be a big problem.

Tina's pups will be 4 weeks old tomorrow and going strong. All are over 1 pound and starting to walk/wobble around their box and starting to play with each other. One of the bigger ones even plopped out of the box once! Another week or so and they will graduate to the entire pen with a bed or two to sleep in.


2-5-21 February is here; one month closer to spring and nicer weather! Wouldn't know it with the forecast for the next few days with some snow predicted each day along with frigid temperatures. I'm retired with nowhere that I have to be, so I say bring it on now in hopes of having better weather for travel to Des Moines in two weeks.

Tina's puppies are about 2 1/2 weeks old now and doing great. They have all opened their eyes in the last two days, they are growing, and I've seen them trying to get up on all four legs. If I hold them to long, or when they don't want to be, I've heard them grumble in protest. The fun part of raising litters is beginning. Tina is being a good mama but also loves time with myself, Jim, and maybe even our fur kids. Her appetite is good and she seems to have plenty of milk for her pups.

Did our taxes online last week with a total $2,500+ refund due to us, though the government won't start working on them until February 12th. There is also more talk of another $1,400 covid stimulus check will be sent, and once these puppies are 12 weeks & sold I will receive whatever "payment" Kathy plans on sharing with me for whelping and raising her/"our" litter. All of these should add up to a nice chunk of change to add to our savings account OR hmmmm, what do we want to buy??? Yesterday was John's 35th birthday; he came over and we had Pizza Hut with brownies for dessert as well as a nice in person visit. The covid vaccine is getting closer; currently 75+ yr olds are eligible to receive the vaccine, with my age group up next. I was able to register online to be notified when I will be able to schedule an appointment to receive the vaccine. Hoping all of this means there is a light at the end of this covid tunnel we've been in for almost a year now. I sure hope so!



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