Paws for Puppy Tales - April 2020

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

4-15 Just a quick update to note that both of Kathy's girls (Pixie and Star) were confirmed as being pregnant this morning; ultrasound showed at least 4 puppies with each girl!! Wow, Kathy is going to be one busy lady tending to 3 mamas and a possible 12 puppies. Gems pups will be about 4-5 weeks old when these pups are born. Pixie/Star pups are due one week apart. A little odd that I am so excited about these litters that aren't even mine, but at this point I have nothing else to be excited about. I am very excited for Kathy. . . . she was due to have some luck with puppies.


4-12 Today is Easter Sunday; the country is still in self isolation during the Coronavirus pandemic so there will be no family Easter dinner this year. Jim and I will have a quiet dinner for two, splurging on a few bundlet cakes from Nothing Bundt Cakes for ourselves. Yum! The weather today is closer to winter weather; cold, rainy, and possibility of some snow later this afternoon. This, after a beautiful sunny 70 degree day yesterday. I keep telling myself SOON. . . soon warmer weather will be here to stay.

Kathy's girl Gem had her puppies on Friday, 4/10. After being in labor for a few hours with no progress, and then some dark green discharge, a trip to the vet ended with a c-section to bring the babies into the world. Thankfully the 4 puppies were born alive and well; 2 girls and two boys. Here, two days later I'm told mom and pups are doing good. The pups were all good sized at birth between 4 - 5 oz. Quite surprisingly all four of the pups have almost all white bodies making them not the best candidates for the show ring, so unfortunately I won't be getting one of these pups as I had hoped. And even though there is still the possibility of her other two girls being pregnant (ultrasounds set for next Wednesday), neither of those girls' pups will work for different reasons. So, I will definitely be looking elsewhere for my new girl(s).

I sent a deposit to Deb B. for first choice of the 3 possible girls she presently has; waiting to see pictures and for "DM" test results on one of them. Working with Deb is slow as she is very thourough in her choice of good show/breeding stock. So though my patience is often running on empty, it will pay off in the long run as I know a pup from her should be a good one (like Winston). I also have my eye on Deb Sidles litter of 5 girls (just two weeks old), and will probably be checking with Tammy R about the availability of her pups due to be born on April 19....IF she has any girls. With this pandemic going on and no dog shows to go to, at least I'm not quite as stessed to be in such a hurry to get my new pups. Sooner is still better though; Winston really needs a playmate. His playful antics are a bit much for poor 15+ year old Lucky.

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