Paws for Puppy Tales - August 2019

Updated: Aug 12, 2020


8-30-19 Coming to the end of another month; time to catch up on things. Good news (from now on hopefully; fingers crossed) is that little Dolly (Camie) came through her liver shunt corrective surgery and after a stressful day or two post op due to a terrible reaction to the pain medication they put her on, she finally seems to be on the road to recovery and last I heard she was acting like a normal 5 month old puppy and eating better. I hope and pray that the "bad" is behind her from now on both for herself and for her mama Gina. I still have her two sisters Kallie & Mia, but they are both posted as available as pets. As pretty as they are I just don't see any sense in keeping & showing either of them if they cannot be used for breeding. Hopefully their forever families will be found soon so that I can begin my search for another female from someone else's lines. Jewel too will need a pet home; I figure after the show in Orlando in December I will start looking for that someone for her. She just celebrated her 1st birthday on the 24th of this month and I am still struggling to get her to or near 5 lbs. by hand feeding her. She does eat on her own now and then; not enough to keep enough weight on her for show though. I showed her in Topeka, Ks. a week ago; no wins with points. . . . again :( Next up is the shows in Lincoln, Ne. in early October, then in Lawrence, Ks. later that month, and then the big show in Orlando. I don't expect any points won in any of those shows and sometimes I wonder why am I even doing it???? I am having lack of confidence issues BIG TIME with this slump and run of bad luck I've been having. Not sure if it's the dogs I'm showing, me and my lack of training them, or both. BUT, this is what I've always dreamed of doing so until it and all that goes with it is not fun anymore, I will keep trying. Hope started her heat cycle the weekend of the Topeka shows so not sure of exact start date (23rd - 24th??) In any case certainly not breeding her this time around and as for the next time in the spring; we will see. It seems maybe it's okay to breed her to a different male and if that's the case, that's what we will do. We will see. . . . .


8-7-19 Just an update about the liver shunt deal. The uncertainty of it all has been weighing heavy on my mind and heart since learning that little Dolly (Camie) has it. It has been a very stressful week or two since then. I've been procrastinating about calling my vet to discuss it with her, mostly because she is NOT Dr Patera and I just do not have that connection with Dr Hayes as I did with Dr Patera. Truthfully I think I just need to accept that Dr Patera is gone in order to move on and gain confidence in a new vet, but also part of it is wanting to know that THE vet is one that will work with me and my breeding program with whatever happens and/or is needed. Anyway, back to the matter at hand. . . . I did finally first decide to message Kerry Kam (vet tech/friend that had worked with Dr Patera) and explained the situation to her. She suggested to maybe start with doing at least a CBC blood test on the pups which would give an indication if further (bile acid) testing was needed. She also assured me that Dr Hayes is smart and she has total confidence in her. Feeling better after talking with Kerry I called and talked with Dr Hayes. She had just seen the two pups I still have within the last week and did not feel we needed to rush into any further testing. It would be more for "peace of mind", but could also bring up more uncertainty with test results coming back with false negative or positive readings. Dr Hayes' suggestion to not rush into the testing brought relief for now and I also realized that the blood work Kerry had mentioned doing is something that we have done before any first time surgery. Knowing that, I reminded myself that we will have that done when the pups go in to have their retained puppy teeth removed. Jewel had it done when she had her puppy teeth removed, so I am pretty confident that she is okay even with her slow weight gain and picky eating habits. Added note, off subject: found a tick on Jewel's ear the other day; first one ever on any of my Biewer Terriers or Yorkies! 😬


8-3-2019 Well, this month is certainly starting out on a sour note. I am sad and in shock & depressed in the not knowing where to go from here.

Last week I received a FB message from Gina who adopted Dolly (now named Camie) telling me that they had rushed her to the vet after she experienced some type of seizure. Due to Camie's small size, her vet suggested testing for liver shunt, and a couple of days later we got the terrible news that she does. As mentioned, I was shocked since I have never had any other pups (with several smaller ones like Camie) with any health issues. Since the disease is congenital I refunded Gina her full adoption fee. She is keeping Camie and doing all that she can to correct her liver which includes surgery, and for that I am grateful. We can only hope and pray that she will get through this and live a long healthy life. We fall hard for these sweet pups very fast, but if she had wanted to return her I am not sure what I would have done. Being that the disease is congenital I have several other things to think about as well; that being the two pups I held back for show/breeding prospects, not to mention Jewel also from the same parents/lines. And then there is the concern on not knowing where/who this came from. Sunny and Hope have had just two litters together; Sunny has also been bred once with my retired Camie and also one of Kathy's females. Except for Dolly, none of them have had any health problems. From what I understand there is no way to fully determine who the carrier is, so now what? If I remove Hope and Sunny from breeding, and if I cant use any of these puppies either, well then I am left with nothing. And then what, I have to start all over again from scratch? As with any news like this or with illnesses or deaths of puppies/dogs doubts and depression move in and we automatically second guess ourselves about continuing doing what we do. That certainly is happening with me right now, but the back of my mind also keeps telling me this is what I've wanted for such a long time and what I was looking forward to more of now that I am retired. So as hard as it is to deal with and possibly having to start again, most likely that is what I will do. In the meantime I am still struggling with my emotions, trying to keep my chin up with the dog show coming up later this month, and even my trip to Florida is clouded with no sense of purpose with dogs that more than likely can never be bred. I'm not quite sure what to do about Sunny and Hope. I tend to believe that Sunny would be the carrier as I have never had a liver shunt puppy with any of my breedings in Hopes' lines where he was not used. Kathy and I still have a male puppy coming from Debarah Billings to replace Whiskey, so maybe use that male with Hope in the future? Does that mean retirement for Sunny? I just don't know what to think. One LS puppy does not mean it will always happen and it may never happen again. But the truth is, the possibility is there. So retire him, or breed and test puppies before sending them on and sell as pet only? So much to think about, but at least plenty of time since I do not plan on breeding Hope again until next year. What I do need to think about is what to do about these pups I kept; have them bile acid tested to rule out LS and then sell as pets? Hold on to them for show until I figure out if I need to find a new breeding bitch? Ugh, my mind is filled with worry and so many unanswered questions.

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