Paws for Puppy Tales - August 2020

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

8-30-2020 Just sneaking in one more post for the month of August even though I don't really have any new news to share. Christine's pups are just shy of 3 weeks old and all doing well. Their eyes are open which gives their faces new personality and their hair is getting longer, so their markings are changing just a little. I have to look close at group pictures of them to figure out which one is the female. Christine has given me the choice of what her registered name might be as long as it is prefixed with "Ice Ice Baby", and she's also given the okay to fit my kennel name in the registered name as well. I've been thinking about it a bit, but also know that at just 3 weeks old there is still the off chance that the pup would not work out for some reason, so there is no hurry for a name just yet.

I hate that my website is sitting idle for so long with no new pups/dogs to show, no photos of shows going on because of Covid, and no new litters to announce. That will be a long time coming as I wait for new females to add to my program and then for them to mature before we can breed again. I've had a couple of people contact me about future pups and even after telling them it would be over a year they asked to be put on a waiting list. Now, I doubt that they will still be around when I do have pups, but it's nice to know that they seem to think highly enough of my from my website to "wait" for one of our pups. I usually tell them; even if you do get a pup elswehere before I have my next litter, maybe by then you will be ready for a second Biewer Terrier!"

We've had one of Kathy's pups (Marshall) with us for a little over a month now as a playmate for Winston and to satisfy my puppy fever while waiting for possible new arrivals here. Marshall looks to be a good possible show prospect and at 5 months it's time to start lead training him. I've attempted it a couple of times with little luck. I think it is as much, or more the strangeness of being out of the safety of the back yard, as it is the feeling of the lead around his neck. There is a show coming up in early October in Lincoln, Ne. that we hope to get to. Have to get our entries in QUICK as entry numbers are limited due to this darn Covid pandemic still going on.


8-21-2020 Another quick update. Christine has been awesome sending me pics and little videos of her female pup; thankful for that! She looks promising but at less than 2 weeks old certainly to soon to tell. I messaged Debarah yesterday and after some miscommunication I finally got a couple of obviously hurried pictures of the female I am waiting on and from what I can tell from the pics, she seems nice so far as well at 6 weeks old. Patience is certainly a virtue dealing with Debarah and I have to admit, it is wearing thin on me at times with her. I suppose in the end it will be worth it with whatever pup I get from her.... . . . . . . hopefully. Just a short update; that's it for now.


8-11-2020 - Fingers crossed that this date is a lucky one. Starting out well with the birth of Christine's litter; her girl Gracie whelped 3 puppies, 2 boys and 1 girl! Christine messaged me right away and said (I quote), "Your little girl has arrived she's feisty" - Perfectly marked 120 Grams; She weighs exactly 5 oz) She sent me photos and oh my she really is nicely marked; I am so pleased!! Now we wait the next 12 weeks to see how she progresses and matures. With both parents DNA tested as 100% Biewer Terriers as well as all health testing done and all clear of anything negative, I am so hopeful for this little girl. My fingers are crossed and hands folded in prayer for this one. No news on either of the other possibles; I've all but given up/nixed the idea about getting the pup from Victoria Olsen. With my thought that she looked on the bigger side at just 4-5 weeks, Victoria's negative comments a week or two ago, and even though she came back with still hopeful comments, my questions to her remain unanswered, so I'm not really impressed with the whole deal since a couple weeks after the pup was born. Debarah is the way she is; slow but sure with pics and info. Her life is a busy one as well. With my desire to own another Windsong pup I will remain hopeful and patient in getting a pup from her. Time will tell. That's it . . . . . . . just a quick update about the birth of Christine's litter.


8/6 - Oh my, this is my first post since July 8th (with only one entry in July); just goes to show how slim to none Heartland dog news is going. Wish I could say no news is good news, but not really the exact case here as "good news (aka: new females) would have been shared and blogged about for sure. So, as it stands. . . . you guessed it, we're still waiting, hoping, and wondering. Beginning to wonder if I will EVER get new girls to the Heartland. Victoria O's pup is 7 weeks old now and she messaged me the other day sounding as if the pup was not going to work out, " bad tear staining and looks short". When I responded as if the deal was a no go, she came back with possibility of hope since the pup is only 7 weeks, but we will see and I'm not going to hold my breath. Ugh. Debra's girl had a litter with 2 females but only one of them is nicely marked and the smallest at birth, so we are hoping she will grow to a good show and breeding size, among other necessary things to pass as a prospective mate for Winston. She has another litter due this month sometime but that's all I know about it. She also mentioned that she still has the older, darker girl from the earlier litter that she thought would be bigger than I want. I'm not sure why she brought her up again; maybe I'll have to ask her more about her. One other new possible prospect as well. Our "MOB" (Midwet Owners of Biewer Terriers) friend Christine is expecting her first litter in the next few days and she is keeping me in mind for a girl from the litter if there are any. The parents of this litter have both been fully healthy tested passing with flying colors and we already know the offspring would be "good to go" as prospective mates for Winston. The sire to the litter is a Windsong dog and both he and the female have CM2 titles. Fingers crossed on this litter big time. In other news, we have been keeping busy (so to speak) by making home improvements. With the basement finished with new paint, spruced up small bathroom, and turning the bedroom down there into my grooming room, we moved upstairs making the decision that the timing was right to have my long wanted LVT flooring installed in the living room, hallway, and 2 bedrooms. In doing so, we also replaced the ugly outdated stairway bannister with a half wall which was a great decision. Love the more modern look, and no more having to worry about dogs or puppies falling through the slats. These last 3 weeks we have had 2 puppies in the house. Kathy & Dave took a vacation to visit family in Colorado so I volunteered to watch a couple of her pups for her. Though their trip was just a week, the convenient time for them to bring the pups had them here for these past weeks. The older boy will stay indefinitely as a favor to her to help cut back her number of dogs to groom at home, and as a playmate here for Winston. He is welcome to stay at least until we find our girls and they come home. The other pup will go home in the next few days. She is a TINY thing at just 1lb 8 oz at 12 weeks, and though she is as adorable as can be, it makes me a nervous wreck making sure she eats enough. She's had an episode or two of shaking as if hypoglycemic, so with that she's been getting extra feedings from me and nutrical twice a day. Cute as can be and happy to help Kathy, but I will feel much better/relieved when she goes home. Because of her small size, she has not had her first set of shots yet and that too makes me uneasy to let her outside in the grass. That's it for now. Prayers that the female pups I've been searching for, for SO LONG will come along soon, and even bigger prayers for this darn Covid pandemic gets under control soon.

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