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Paws for Puppy Tales - August 2021

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

8/31/21 Home yesterday from the Topeka shows. The first weekend was a bit disappointing; the mystery CH dog showing turned out to be another dog out of Debarah's "Windsong" kennel. Winston may have had a better chance except for the fact that this male was being shown by a professional handler. With that, BOB went to him both days, Kathy's Gem got BOS, leaving a Select dog/bitch placement for Winston and Skye. Winston did get picked as BOBOH over Gem both days, but did not win any group placings. Bummer! The following week back it was just our 4 Biewers showing, so things were more back to the normal. Gem did take BOB the first day, Winston BOS, but the following 3 days Winston won BOB, with Gem BOS one day and Skye BOS the other two days. When not BOS the girls did get the Select bitch placement. Two days had NOHS and Winston did get a group 3 and group 4 placements. There was a "FUN" puppy match on Saturday, so we showed 5 puppies out of Winston/Faye - Winston/Rosa. Our pick of the litter from the Winston/Faye breeding showed well for being just 15 weeks old and won BOB over the other pups and a group 2 for the puppy toy group. Pretty good for his first time out; hoping his confident attitude continues to do well for him in his future show career.

This is the last day of August with September and fall on the horizon. Our summer swim days are drawing to a close for 2021, with any luck we can squeeze another one or two days in before Mark closes the pool for the season.


8-18-21 Gearing up for my 10 day trip away to Kathy's and two consecutive weekend/4 day weekend dog shows in Topeka. With the shows so close together I figured it would be easier to stay at Kathy's for the 2 day lag time in between shows. Looking forward to the get away and hoping for more wins and NOHS points for Winston and hopefully some added points for Skye too, wanting to get her to her GCH title status. 12 more points to go. Better chance of that this first weekend as there will be a total of 8 Biewers showing, so BOS and even Select winner can get more than just 1 point as is the case when it is just our four dogs competing against themselves.

Our day as guests at Julie's house on Big Sandy Lake was as wonderful as we expected and then some! The weather was perfect (warm yet breezy enough not to be to hot) for floating in the water, as well as rides on the jet ski and a pontoon boat ride around the large lake after dinner. Julie had a wonderful spread of snacks for us to enjoy during the day, most any drink imaginable, and then a delicious meal prepared by her husband Barney for dinner with yummy cakes for dessert. Fun in the sun lasted into the night, getting us home not until almost midnight. We sisters are very blessed and lucky indeed to have such kind and gracious nieces and nephews to share their lake house and back yard inground swimming pools with their aunts.


8/12/21 THEY ARE HERE!!!!! Crisler and DK arrived in the USA safe and sound on Sunday, August 8th and finally John and his family are together. He was SO EXCITED during their travel days keeping me updated through texts every leg of their journey. I am so happy and thrilled for him. We were finally able to meet Crisler and DK last night hosting a welcome dinner/cookout with much of the family joining us. Crisler is as sweet and nice as I expected and DK seemed not shy at all at meeting his new family. Being a 10 year old boy I might have expected a little hesitancy or shyness towards us, but he seemed to take it all in stride. All in all it was a very nice first meeting of our newest family members.

Winston had another good show weekend last week in Colfax, IA taking the Best of Breed wins on both days. No group placements in the NOHS shows either day though which was disappointing. Skye was Best of Opposite on Saturday, sharing that spot with Gem winning it on Sunday. I was able to see all of Kathy's pups that weekend as well as seeing our new co-owned boy out of Dale H's girl x Winston. At 12 weeks old he is looking really nice as a show hopeful and reminds us alot of his daddy. Kathy will be showing him since I have been the one to show Winston all this time. Major came back to Kathy, still without 2 testicles so he unfortunately will be sold as a pet. Very disappointing as we had high hopes for him in the ring; such a beautiful pup. His sister River will also go to a pet home and proceeds from both will be split between Kathy and I since I whelped and raised the litter for her. Three pups out of Rosa/Winston are being kept as show possibilities. One girl seems to be charting on the smaller end of the breed standard and so is questionable to keep; the other two (girl and boy) are charting nicely and look good so far. I will likely be showing two of them and after the show in Colfax, brought them home with me to both help Kathy out (as she has a house full of pups right now), and to maybe get them started on lead training. Our next show is in two weeks in Topeka and there is a beginner puppy show that she plans on entering them in.

Coming up next week here at home is more swim time at Mark & Karens pool AND another fun in the sun filled day at niece Julie McNeil's house on Big Sandy Lake! We sisters had the opportunity to spend a day there a few years ago and it was awesome, so we are looking forward to another great day there on Monday, August 16. I'm so glad the date did not coincide with one of my dog show week/weekends because I sure did not want to have to miss out.


8/4/21 Here we are on August 4th; Crisler an DK SHOULD be here but they are not yet. When they got to their airport in Manilla they found out that there was an immigration seminar certification that she needed to have done (than no one had told them about), and therefore their trip had to be rescheduled until after that could be done. Thankfully, it took just a couple of days and they are good to go once again and will be arriving this weekend Sunday, August 8th. After giving them a day at home (Monday) to rest and adjust to the time difference, and with DK's school orientation taking place on Tuesday, our scheduled day to meet them will be on Wednesday, August 11th.

Getting geared up for the dog show this weekend; it has been a whole month and then some since my last one in late July. Also looking forward to meeting the two new pups and seeing Rosa's 3 that Kathy is holding onto, and River too, whom I whelped and raised the first 10 weeks or so. Kathy is working with someone as a prospective forever home for her; hopefully she will be adopted soon.


8/1/21 New month, new post. . . . . . some new news, some same old stuff. Happening this month that I know of so far -

~ Crisler & DK's arrival to the United States on August 3rd, finally bringing John and his family together!

~ Dog show weekend in Colfax, IA - August 7-8

~ FUN! Swim day at niece Julie's lake house on Big Sandy Lake on Monday, August 16. So happy to not have to miss this remembering how awesome it was a few years ago

~ Dog show weekend in Topeka, KS - August 21-22, directly followed by more Topeka shows the following Thursday thru Sunday, August 26-29. I will be staying at Kathy's home during the interim 2 days in between those shows to avoid extra trips to and from home in short periods of time.

In end of July news, Kathy picked up the two puppies out of Faye/Winston from Dale last Thursday and brought them home with her. She says they both look very nice (especially our pick of the litter); we plan to keep him for show and Dale has asked us to find the other boy a pet home. I will get to see them next weekend while in Colfax for the dog show and I am planning on asking Kathy if she would like me to take a pup or two home after the show since she has/will have 7 pups and 2 adults at her house.

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