Paws for Puppy Tales - August 2022

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8-7-22 A bit of news on all topics this time, most exciting is that Skye is FINALLY in heat!! I noticed some slight "color" from her on the 4th, so counting that as day 1 which means I assume her most fertile time will be around the 10th - 15th, I will let Winston be our guide in knowing "when", as well as in my experience the days I assume are THE ones. I am hoping that they can get the job done the natural way, but if not I have opened myself up to the idea of doing an AI, and have ordered the things that I might need, just in case. I really, really, really want pups from Skye since she's taken so long in between heat cycles, and I especially want to finally have some Winston puppies of my own. I might expect Dolly to come into heat again within the month give or take, so one way or another (or from both) I hope to have Winston babies soon.

I have continued to build a relationship with Connie (from across the street) in regard to possibilities with Lexi. I think we have nixed the guardian home idea and are now thinking maybe a co-ownership might be the way to go (though things still need to be tweaked and agreed upon). I met her outside last night so that her 12 year old Yorkie could meet Lexi. Things went okay; no obvious dislike on Mia's part; I think she was more nervous about being away from her yard and around a strange person and puppy. We walked them together up the sidewalk and that went fine. More meetings to go before anything is decided definitely and set in stone. Connie has expressed interest again about the two of us going to the Des Moines show together; entries close on the 24th of this month so I'll wait a while longer before actually making the entry; see where we're at as far as the deal (or no deal) with Lexi goes.

You know the saying "go with your gut"? Well, my gut was right in telling me something had changed between Kathy and I, though I'm still not certain why. She messaged me a few days ago that she and Dave would be going to the dog show in Topeka with no invite for me to come along, only that she thought there was a way to get there without using the interstate, and also mentioned again that they would not be going to Des Moines. THIS was enough for me to finally ask "what changed", and her reply was that it was much easier for her to have Dave go with her to help with packing, unpacking, driving, etc. I agree that this is understandable, however (again my gut is telling me) I think there is something more. Not only are we not traveling to shows together anymore, we certainly don't chat much or share any dog news or much of anything like we used to. I replied to her that her "reason" was understandable, but after the fact I'd wished that I would have told her that I felt that the WAY she let me know (or more that she didn't tell me) this was hurtful and maybe even that I felt that there was something else as well. Maybe that will come at another time. After her initial reply to my asking what changed, she also (mistakenly) replied to me "My response", and then she quickly removed it from our conversation. . . . . but not quick enough. This told me that she was sharing our conversation with I assume Valerie. She ended with that she would contact everyone when the Lincoln shows got closer in regard to grooming (everyone meaning Valerie +, and Brad +, and me I suppose, but right now I'm like, "do I really want to sit there among that group of good friends and continue to feel like an outsider?" I'm not sure that I do but I also don't want to lose what little friendship I have with any of them. I'm hurt, no doubt about it and compare this a little bit with how Kathy's other past friend Bernice felt when I came into the picture, and also kind of compare it to how I feel about Emily disconnecting from the family. Oh well, guess I can also remember the saying "some people come into our lives for a while . . . . ."


8/3/22 Hard to believe it's August already, but here we are three days in. I'm still waiting for the girls to come into heat. Well more "waiting" on Skye as she is long overdo from the norm I am used to; Dolly is due for her next cycle in this coming month or so. I have a suspicion that they will both end up coming in at the same time which will make breeding. . . or more specifically whelping tricky. But we'll see. . .

I've still been pondering what to do about Lexi; whether I should attempt showing her anymore, and if I don't do that, do I hold on to her for breeding? Definitely leaning towards keeping her for breeding since she brings in new lines however I certainly don't need a third intact female in the house. However, did fate step in recently???? Maybe so. Tammy Ryker referred me to a lady that went to the show in Wisconsin last weekend; the lady happens to live in/near Omaha. I received an application from her, and then she also texted me. We chatted quite a bit that way and since she lived in Omaha I decided to set up a meeting with her to get to know her better, face to face. We were both shocked at the meet up to find out that we live ACROSS THE STREET FROM EACH OTHER!!! In talking with her via text and in person, and through her application I got a sense that she definitely was a good dog person. So is she a person I could trust with Lexi? I told her my feelings about Lexi possibly not being showable yet wanting to possibly keep her for breeding, and that I was toying with the idea of finding her a guardian home. From what I explained to her about that option, she seemed very open to it. So, she (Connie is her name) stopped over after our meeting to meet Lexi and the rest of the furry crew, and of course loved them all. That leaves things at me deciding whether or not I want to proceed with the guardian home idea and if so, to come up with a contract for it. On her end, I think she's good to go ahead assuming that her boyfriend and her other older dog are okay with a new puppy in the house.

I threw my idea out in a FB message to Kathy & Valerie for their thoughts, with slim to nothing in reply. Kathy replied "Could work; they would have to know there will be times that the dog has to be with you", and nothing from Valerie even though she did see the message. I added some information about my meeting with Connie and . . . . . nothing more from either of them. I would expect more input from friends; it's no wonder I've been feeling the way I do lately about everything in regard to them. Again, I just don't get it. :(

That's where we're at in my life, nothing much else is new. Hoping the girls go into heat sooner rather than later. I'm ready for more puppies.

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