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Paws for Puppy Tales - August 2022

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

8-29-22 Just an added note that I messaged Tammy Ryker about whether or not she entered her boy Brutey in the Des Moines shows, and she verified that yes she did. So that leaves just one CH male which we believe to be Stryker. Kathy messaged me on Saturday to let me know that Champ earned his GCH title that day in Topeka; the lady that showed with us in St Joe was there and Kathy says that she told her that she was not going to be in Des Moines. That pretty much leaves only Stryker as the other option. Ugh, he is very hard to beat so I am hoping the trip to Des Moines won't be in vain points-wise.


8-27-22 Has it really only been just over a week since Skye's last AI??? It seems like forever ago, but that IS the way the "wait and see" period goes. Time seems to go so slow before we know whether or not the breeding was successful. I am still hopeful that we will have puppies in October.

Also still waiting at this point for Dolly's heat cycle to get started. She's been feeling better since last week and getting near the 9 month mark since her last cycle I'm expecting her to come into heat very soon. At least at this point, when she does come in there will be a nice amount of time in between litters being born IF both girls get successfully bred.

The Des Moines show is coming up in a couple of weeks. The entry count is posted and I noticed that there are 3 CH males entered! Knowing of only Winston as one of them I am wondering who the other two are and hoping neither of them will be either Stryker or Hudson. As I type this I am remembering the CH male that was at the show in St Joe, MO and think he might be a good possibility as being one of them; I hope so. More wait & see to be done on this I guess. I'm curious to see how the trip goes, my first outing with Connie. I've been toying with the idea of entering the Colfax, IA show as well; whether it be with Connie again, or maybe even just Jim and I. . . . . .braving the interstate drive there and back. We'll see.............

Matt is still handling his new lifestyle with diabetes pretty well. Talked with him yesterday after he had his first (two) doctors appointments since being in the hospital. Turns out he has type 1 diabetes (NOT type 2), but has a care/treatment plan underway. I was shocked to hear Matt tell me that while in the hospital his weight was at only 148 lbs (way to low for a man of his height), but since then he has gained a little over 20 lbs. Much better.


8-20-22 I did not attempt any other AI's since Thursday (day 15) feeling like the timing for the 3 I did should be good. With Skye so unwilling I just didn't really feel the need to put any of us through it again this time around. So, now there is nothing more to do but WAIT & SEE. Next up will be Dolly, hopefully before to long. She's been a bit under the weather in the last few days so I wonder if that has anything to do with her upcoming heat cycle. Definitely nothing starting yet though as she has not even started to swell.

We have not seen LEXI since she went to live across the street with Connie, but Connie and I have texted and things are going well in her new home and Connie LOVES her. That's what is most important. She also asked if I would show her how to trim her paws so maybe we will get a chance to do that and see her next week.

I've talked with Matt several times since he's gotten home from the hospital. He is back at work and it seems he is so far adjusting pretty well to his new lifestyle living with type 2 diabetes which I am so thankful for, and hope he continues to do well. I was also happy to hear that he has chatted with Emily via text messages a few times since she heard he had covid and now diabetes, and knowing she cared enough to check in with him makes me feel better; Matt too I'm sure. She even said that she does love him. Thankful to actually hear that she cares even though I always assumed she still did.

I was surprised to get a message on FB from Kathy earlier today. Still being a bit hurt and mad about HOW she let me know about not going to shows with her, I kept my replies to her short. It may be childish or whatever the word would be, but I just feel if she is not going to be the close and good friend that we had been, then letting her in on all that is going on in my life isn't necessary. I would like us to be the friends that we were, but right now I don't feel like we are.


8-18-22 Thankfully I was able to get another AI done this morning (Skye's day 15) with Skye & Winston. I feel confident that these 2-3 AI's were done on good target days, so I am cautiously optimistic that a litter of puppies could certainly be possible. Thank goodness! And with Dolly due to be coming into heat before to long and seeming to have early tell-tale signs (she's had a bit of an upset stomach lately), with any luck we will have not one but TWO litters of Winston babies before the end of the year. Hoping, hoping . . . still needing my next show hopeful or two.


8-17-22 What a surprise yesterday (which was Skye's DAY 13) when out of the blue, something triggered Winston's interest. It was uncanny in that we were just sitting on the couch (the dogs just laying with us as usual), when all of a sudden Winston started acting like something had caught his interest, rousing him in a very playful mood. All of this while Skye was just laying on the other side of the couch. I took this as a sign and the opportunity to give things a try and off to the other room we went. Skye & Winston did a little frisky play, but when I got down on the floor with them and/or when Winston tried to mount, Skye shied away, sitting, laying down, or running away to hide. My attempts to hold her in position for a tie proved fruitless when at a point or two that Winston seemed to get close, Skye resisted strongly enough to wiggle out of my grasp. I ended up trying my first attempt at an AI; the collecting part went fine and not as traumatic as I had thought, the actual AI didn't seem to go as smoothly as I had seen/watched in the videos. BUT, at least I now knew that I could handle doing it and since Skye is so unwilling I will continue to breed her this way. TODAY, Skye's DAY 14, I thankfully got another AI done. Skye is so unwilling to even stand for Winston that it was a little difficult to get him aroused with her unwillingness, but we were finally able to collect the "deposit", and after re-watching videos earlier today, the insemination part went WAY better than it did yesterday. So much so that I would almost consider yesterday's a failed attempt because today's felt much more correctly done. I don't think I had the pipette in Skye far enough, but who knows. Maybe it was kind of equivalent to a slip tie, as I would assume some or most of the sperm did get inside her, but just having farther to swim to get to where they needed to go??? I will try for another AI maybe one more time tomorrow (Skye willing enough to arouse Winston) and then keep my fingers crossed and pray for a healthy litter of puppies in a couple of months.


8-15-22 I don't get it! Here we are on day 12 of Skye's heat cycle and there has been and STILL is little to no interest between Skye and Winston. WTH???? Certainly by now, especially starting today at the least I would have expected some interest beginning to show, but even when I stick Skye in Winston's face he still barely shows any interest. I really don't get it and can only hope that she has a later than normal fertile window; it just seems so odd. I sure hope we will still be able to get her bred, if not I suppose I will wait and give her one more try on her next heat and if that doesn't work, then someone's pet she will be. Prayers and hoping for success this time around though.

I went ahead and sold LEXI to Connie with the stipulation in the contract that I will get to breed her once with the full litter being mine. Her first weekend in her new home went well and Connie absolutely loves her. We've also decided definitely to attend the Des Moines dog show together in September, so I went ahead and entered Winston, got a grooming spot reserved, and a hotel room booked. I think we will have a good time together.

I had a nice phone conversation with Valerie early last week which was nice. I had asked about how Major was doing and she filled me in that he was doing pretty well being on meds for his seizures, and that with the decision that because of this he would not be shown or bred, they decided to go ahead and cut his beautiful coat short. He is still with Kathy but at some point he will be going back to Valerie & Larry to live as their pet. I felt comfortable enough after talking with Valerie to reserve my grooming space in Des Moines next to theirs. As for Kathy, I have not heard from her since she messaged me about the Topeka show. No surprise there. . . . . .

My L litter (LEXI< LILA<LEVI) turned 6 months old on the 12th so I requested pictures. LILA looks as beautiful as ever and though Debarah says she is chunky enough, she does hope she gets more body growth to her (kind of the same as I am hoping for LEXI). LEVI is also looking very cute (he did get his hair trimmed a bit), and is only 6.4 lbs now so maybe he won't get as big as he was charting??? In any case Janet and Lori LOVE him and say he is doing great! Great news all around.

On a family note, had almost everyone here last Saturday for a get together; only Matt was not here. He didn't plan on coming anyway, BUT turns out he couldn't be here anyway having contracted covid earlier in the week. He actually ended up going to the ER and has been in the hospital since where they discovered that he also has type 2 diabetes! He says he feels fine and much better since arriving there, but they keep doing tests and as he puts it "they are taking this very seriously". Not sure how much longer he will have to be there; hopefully not to much longer.


8-7-22 A bit of news on all topics this time, most exciting is that Skye is FINALLY in heat!! I noticed some slight "color" from her on the 4th, so counting that as day 1 which means I assume her most fertile time will be around the 15th - 19th, I will let Winston be our guide in knowing "when", as well as in my experience the days I assume are THE ones. I am hoping that they can get the job done the natural way, but if not I have opened myself up to the idea of doing an AI, and have ordered the things that I might need, just in case. I really, really, really want pups from Skye since she's taken so long in between heat cycles, and I especially want to finally have some Winston puppies of my own. I might expect Dolly to come into heat again within the month give or take, so one way or another (or from both) I hope to have Winston babies soon.

I have continued to build a relationship with Connie (from across the street) in regard to possibilities with Lexi. I think we have nixed the guardian home idea and are now thinking maybe a co-ownership might be the way to go (though things still need to be tweaked and agreed upon). I met her outside last night so that her 12 year old Yorkie could meet Lexi. Things went okay; no obvious dislike on Mia's part; I think she was more nervous about being away from her yard and around a strange person and puppy. We walked them together up the sidewalk and that went fine. More meetings to go before anything is decided definitely and set in stone. Connie has expressed interest again about the two of us going to the Des Moines show together; entries close on the 24th of this month so I'll wait a while longer before actually making the entry; see where we're at as far as the deal (or no deal) with Lexi goes.

You know the saying "go with your gut"? Well, my gut was right in telling me something had changed between Kathy and I, though I'm still not certain why. She messaged me a few days ago that she and Dave would be going to the dog show in Topeka with no invite for me to come along, only that she thought there was a way to get there without using the interstate, and also mentioned again that they would not be going to Des Moines. THIS was enough for me to finally ask "what changed", and her reply was that it was much easier for her to have Dave go with her to help with packing, unpacking, driving, etc. I agree that this is understandable, however (again my gut is telling me) I think there is something more. Not only are we not traveling to shows together anymore, we certainly don't chat much or share any dog news or much of anything like we used to. I replied to her that her "reason" was understandable, but after the fact I'd wished that I would have told her that I felt that the WAY she let me know (or more that she didn't tell me) this was hurtful and maybe even that I felt that there was something else as well. Maybe that will come at another time. After her initial reply to my asking what changed, she also (mistakenly) replied to me "My response", and then she quickly removed it from our conversation. . . . . but not quick enough. This told me that she was sharing our conversation with I assume Valerie. She ended with that she would contact everyone when the Lincoln shows got closer in regard to grooming (everyone meaning Valerie +, and Brad +, and me I suppose, but right now I'm like, "do I really want to sit there among that group of good friends and continue to feel like an outsider?" I'm not sure that I do but I also don't want to lose what little friendship I have with any of them. I'm hurt, no doubt about it and compare this a little bit with how Kathy's other past friend Bernice felt when I came into the picture, and also kind of compare it to how I feel about Emily disconnecting from the family. Oh well, guess I can also remember the saying "some people come into our lives for a while . . . . ."


8/3/22 Hard to believe it's August already, but here we are three days in. I'm still waiting for the girls to come into heat. Well more "waiting" on Skye as she is long overdo from the norm I am used to; Dolly is due for her next cycle in this coming month or so. I have a suspicion that they will both end up coming in at the same time which will make breeding. . . or more specifically whelping tricky. But we'll see. . .

I've still been pondering what to do about Lexi; whether I should attempt showing her anymore, and if I don't do that, do I hold on to her for breeding? Definitely leaning towards keeping her for breeding since she brings in new lines however I certainly don't need a third intact female in the house. However, did fate step in recently???? Maybe so. Tammy Ryker referred me to a lady that went to the show in Wisconsin last weekend; the lady happens to live in/near Omaha. I received an application from her, and then she also texted me. We chatted quite a bit that way and since she lived in Omaha I decided to set up a meeting with her to get to know her better, face to face. We were both shocked at the meet up to find out that we live ACROSS THE STREET FROM EACH OTHER!!! In talking with her via text and in person, and through her application I got a sense that she definitely was a good dog person. So is she a person I could trust with Lexi? I told her my feelings about Lexi possibly not being showable yet wanting to possibly keep her for breeding, and that I was toying with the idea of finding her a guardian home. From what I explained to her about that option, she seemed very open to it. So, she (Connie is her name) stopped over after our meeting to meet Lexi and the rest of the furry crew, and of course loved them all. That leaves things at me deciding whether or not I want to proceed with the guardian home idea and if so, to come up with a contract for it. On her end, I think she's good to go ahead assuming that her boyfriend and her other older dog are okay with a new puppy in the house.

I threw my idea out in a FB message to Kathy & Valerie for their thoughts, with slim to nothing in reply. Kathy replied "Could work; they would have to know there will be times that the dog has to be with you", and nothing from Valerie even though she did see the message. I added some information about my meeting with Connie and . . . . . nothing more from either of them. I would expect more input from friends; it's no wonder I've been feeling the way I do lately about everything in regard to them. Again, I just don't get it. :(

That's where we're at in my life, nothing much else is new. Hoping the girls go into heat sooner rather than later. I'm ready for more puppies.

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