Paws for Puppy Tales - Dec 2019

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

We're at the end of December (29th today) and with Christmas behind us, we're getting ready to head into the new year. Since my last post earlier this month I've been to Orlando and back, celebrated Christmas with all family members, and for real. . . . .Jewel has been sold. I guess maybe I SHOULD wait until she has left for her forever home before saying that, but a deposit has been taken and we are just waiting on her spay before she can go. Jewel's new family lives in Colorado and they will be driving here to pick her up sometime in January. The day their decision was made to adopt Jewel, while I was giving her a bath I noticed that Jewel had FINALLY (of all times) come into heat for the first time. Seems she was following in her grandma Hannah's footsteps in waiting til almost 16 months for her first heat. With her being in heat, the spay appointment must wait until her cycle is done; hence the wait until January before she goes to her forever home. The family seems just the kind I always hope to find for my pups/dogs and I'm sure once she is settled in with the adjustment she will be happy and loved as she is here. Orlando was fun as I expected and the weather was perfect! In the upper 70's - mid 80's just about every day with just a little rain, mostly in the evenings. Mia did "okay" in the ring and I was very pleased that 7 out of the 8 shows she placed in the top 4 (fourth) in her group. No points, but a placement ribbon every day except for one. Winston's first BIG show(s) and he strutted his stuff like a pro, though still needs work (or maybe just a matter of maturing/getting used to beng up on the table. Come to find out, after being told we were not able to go back in the ring for BOB the first day (which he should have been allowed to do), Kathy & I were told by Ann Schultz that she had dinner with the judge from that show and he asked where "that puppy dog was for BOB" as he had planned on placing him first! That would have been 5 points towards his CM!! So disappointed to have missed that opportunity, especially in Orlando's first BTCA sponsored show. Another fun thing for us was that someone from Animal Planet chose Winston to be filmed along with a variety of other puppies just being puppies, to be shown on Animal Planet sometime on January 1st when they air the AKC National Championship show. We will be sure to be watching and hoping they show a good shot of Winston! Christmas came next after returning home, starting off on a low note when Matt called on Christmas eve afternoon with news that his Aunt Mary has passed away. The news was not totally a surprise as she had been in hospice for the past few months, but sad news just the same. Putting a litle damper on Christmas joy, our celebrations went on as they always do with Jim and I celebrating with his siblings on Christmas eve, our family gathering on Christmas morning, and my sibling Christmas on December 28th. Another Christmas; another year in the books. Looking forward to 2020


It's December already and the holidays are upon us! With a nice family Thanksgiving behind us it's time to prepare for Christmas before time runs out. And the clock is ticking fast with Thanksgiving being late this year and my trip to Orlando cutting into shopping time as well. It will all work out as it always does.

Leaving on Saturday, Dec. 7 for Orlando and so looking forward to getting away for a while, hanging with dog show friends and doing the dog show things that I love. This is the Orlando show with 25-35 Biewer Terriers showing each day, so I certainly am going with the state of mind of just having fun with any wins being a big bonus, but not expected. Kathy and I are also planning to visit Sea World while in Orlando and from my few sneak peeks at predicted Florida weather that week, it seems maybe we will be a bit luckier with predicted temps to be in the low to mid 70's. Hoping that holds true.

We received a deposit last month for Jewel from a woman in Florida and it was planned that I would take Jewel to Orlando to be picked up there. But the lady slept on her decision a day or two and in the end decided it was not a good idea at this time after all for various reasons. . . . .reasons in my mind that she should have already known before commiting with her deposit. Per our email converasations, a deposit to hold a dog/puppy is non-refundable and in talking with her about her decision not to adopt Jewel, I was a bit surprised that she did not even mention receiving her deposit back. So, I decided that I would hold onto it just in case she does, and/or if she should come back at a later date I will deduct that amount from any puppy she would buy in the future. As of last week, I have gotten another inquiry on either Jewel or Mia from a retired couple that lives in South Dakota (with a home in Omaha as well). At this time they plan on stopping over on Friday before I leave for Florida to see the girls in "paw"rson before making their decision. With any luck one of the girls will have a new home very soon. Neither will leave until after they've been spayed, so likely not until after Christmas.

That's it for now; Orlando update coming up next.

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