Paws for Puppy Tales - December 2020

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

12-26 Once last 2020 post now that the hubbub of Christmas is over; well, sort of. We're doing Christmas in shifts this year, even more so now that Jenny and Brandon tested positive for covid so we were unable to see them on Christmas day. Kristen and Gage, and Emily came over for the "usual" Christmas morning gathering, and though much quieter than normal it was at least a little bit of normalcy and the gifts received were enjoyed by all. Later, Jim and I took John his gifts so that we could finally see his apartment and new furniture, home for his new family with Crisler and DK when they arrive in the U.S. in spring/summer 2021. The apartment was really nice with bay windows (a fave of mine) and the furniture they picked out is also very nice. Our visit with John included Crisler and DK via video/zoom on his large screen tv, so it was almost like they were here with us. We even took a group selfie together. Matt had opted out of doing Christmas this year I think partially at least to the pandemic. I did ask him to join us in going over to John's place since it would be just the 3 of us there, but he politely declined. It would have been nice to have had him join us, but he seemed okay with his choice of laying low this year. And of course we will celebrate Christmas with Jenny, Brandon and the kids on another day when they are covid-free. Jenny stopped by to grab something they needed for the dinner they were preparing (contact free/outside pick up), so we did get to see her for a minute with a wave and love through the window. LOL SO, Christmas wasn't the total failure as I was feeling it would be earlier, just not our normal family gathering. I am feeling a bit cooped up at home these days, with the winter weather and/or limited outings due to covid, I had so hoped to go to the dog show in Tulsa, OK with Kathy in January but am more leaning on not going because of the uncertainty of what the driving weather could be with in mid January. Jim is more-so nixing the idea because of unforeseen possible weather conditions. I am more nixing the idea with the thought of losing the entry fees if I ended up not going due to weather. I don't know. . . . . .should I chance it or not???? I've got until the 30th of December to make up my mind. I did learn that Kathy's GEM will be there showing with her "handler" which puts up some good competition for Winston and being so close to Texas there is also the possibility that the other professional handler will be there with Michele Lyon's dogs. IF that was the case, I would be less disappointed in not going because they always seem to win, so what would be the point? Wrong attitude I know, but it's hard not to think that way. Suffice it to say that I will likely be staying home as much as I would really like to go.


12-16 Christmas is almost here and I am ready for it to be over. Just can't get into it like I used to for multiple reasons, and add to that the pandemic causing us to have separate Christmas gift exchanges this year; just doesn't seem like much fun. I'm really kind of down these days about not in a festive mood at all.

Skye & Dolly are doing well (as is Winston). I am still unconvinced on whether or not to attempt showing Dolly with Debarah's putting the thought in my head that her less than perfect topline is cause to not show her. I am also not sure she will have the confidence for showing and she does have just a little bit of color where is shouldn't be. It can probably be hidden/controlled if I do want to show her. I am leaning on waiting til she is a bit older to see how she matures a bit more. She is getting tall and lanky and I think she may get a bit better once she fills out. Skye on the other hand seems to have awesome conformation for the show ring. She has a very solid build and I am just waiting to see more growth on her in height-size. She is just 4 months old so she's got plenty of growing yet to do. My downside on her is that I wish she had more color on her face. She is going to be like her daddy with very little tan points and lots of black. Her sire has done very well in the ring with that coloring, so I'm hoping for the same with her.......that her conformation will make her a winner. She will not be eligible to show until after she turns 6 months old on February 11, 2021.

There is a show in mid January that Kathy plans on going to; I am still undecided about it. It is January so the weather will be unpredictable for one, plus it is in Tulsa, OK so I would need to get to Kathy's place in Kansas and then we drive from there. Being unsure about showing Dolly, it would leave only Winston to show and I just don't know if I feel it would be worth it taking one dog. On the other hand, entering only Winston would be less money to lose/forfeit should I enter and then end up not going due to weather.


12-5 Happy December; the last month of this very strange year. I'm hoping 2021will bring an end to the covid pandemic with vaccines that will control/end the spread. Vaccine trials have shown success at 90+% and release of its use is on the near horizon so fingers crossed. Nothing much new going on but thought I'd get my December post rolling. Our 3 Biewers are still keeping us on our toes being the rambunctious pups that they are which keeps our time at home from getting to boring. This coming week is the week Kathy and I would have been at the big show in Orlando, but unfortunately not this year due to her school schedule and no doubt the pandemic as well. With that, we won't be attending any more shows this year making our next show entries as part of the AKC TOY group which begins 1-1-2021! Kathy has her eye and mind on attending a show in Tulsa, OK in mid January and no doubt is hoping/assumes that I will be joining her. I'm all for it of course, but the unknown of the winter January weather makes me unsure whether or not I should enter. Entry deadline is 12/30, so we'll see. Winston of course would be an easy entry. Dolly and Skye I'm told would be able to show as well, but being stuck at home has had their time on the lead slim to none, so who knows how they would do in the ring for the first time. Hmmmm Christmas is coming. . . . .not sure how that will pan out this year. Will we all be able to get together Christmas morning or will we have to do separate family gift exchanges? I'm kind of thinking the latter which doesn't sound like much fun. Most of my Christmas shopping so far has been done online, much of what's left to get are gift cards. It's been kind of hard getting excited for Christmas with the gloom and doom of the pandemic, but the tree and decorations are up for Jim and I to enjoy if nothing else. Hopefully our usual Christmas morning festivities will SAFELY be able to take place as usual. We'll see. . . . . . . . .

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