Paws for Puppy Tales - February 2020

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

2/23/2020 What??? It's STILL February?? This month also seems to be dragging I think due to the fact that the cold weather has me sitting at home, in the house with nothing to do and not wanting to go anywhere. I'm thankful for little snow and some nice 50+degree weather days, but even those are not warm enough for me. I will be much happier when I can sit outside and go places without being chilly and/or having to wear winter coats, etc. Jewel & Mia left with their new mommy Kathy Dusser on Valentines day and I have received messages and pictures from her via FB messenger every day since then. Naturally it took a few days for them to settle in and get on a normal eating schedule, but all in all things went as expected. The girls are doing well and Kathy LOVES them so much and happy with her decision to take both of them. Our house is SO quiet with only Winston & Lucky left; no crazy barking when someone comes home. It will be a nice reprieve for a while until I find our next girl or two to complete my breeding program. A boy and two girls is about all we can handle here in this house and is plenty for what I want to do. I've inquired on a couple of girls/litters I've seen on Facebook with no luck so far. Kathy T. fnally has two of her girls bred though we are still waiting to see if the breedings were successful. I am keeping my fingers crossed for her since it's been so long waiting for her girls to come into season, and also for myself in hopes of maybe finding one of my girls from her litter(s). Kathy is also hoping to have something that she can keep as well. If these breedings took, pups would be due in mid to late April. I've also notified Deb Billings (Winston's breeder) to keep me in mind for a girl from her. She's had a litter recenty but they are related to Winston. I saw her post another litter with one girl and asked her about it. She is hoping to keep that girl for herself, but mentioned the possibility of two other girls she kept back from a litter in Novemember that she was planning on keeping. She expressed interest in co-owning one of these with me. I will need to find out from her exactly what that entails, but for now she is having the girls health tested. Winston's Mars Wisdom heath testing shows he is a carrier for DM, so we will have to make sure that any girl he is bred to is clear of that gene so as not to breed two carriers together. Once she receives results from testing the girls, we will proceed to the next steps of this possible option. If it works out, a big plus is that this girl will already be 4 months old. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and praying on this possibility to work out. Other than that, just waiting for the spring weather to get here to stay and also looking forward to the dog show in just 2 weeks in KC, Mo. I am going stir crazy sitting in the house and need to get out and do the thing I love, as well as a girls weekend trip with Kathy.


2/9/2020 After January seemed to drag on forever, here we are almost mid February. But that's A-OK with me as each day brings us one day closer to spring and nicer weather. I so hate the cold!! Because of the unpredictability of the winter months I skipped the first dog show of the year on the first weekend of this month in St. Joseph, MO., and let Kathy do the honors of showing our new boy Winston (as well as her girl Gem). They were the only two Biewers in the show and shared the spotlight with each of them winning BOB each of the two days. Finally Winston has his first official point (1) towards his certificate of merit, after not being awarded points for his BPIS due to a technicality or misunderstanding, as well a 5 points missed out in Orlando when we were told he was to young to go back in the ring for breed that first day. We later learning that the ring steward was wrong and we were told by Ann Schultz that the judge had asked about him a few days later, stating that he was going to choose him as BOB. Ugh......all in the past and on his way with the start of the new year. Next show (that I plan to attend) is in early March in Kansas City, MO.

Sunny, Hope, and Jewel all recouperated from their sugeries in the two week time period or sooner, and with that the couple from Oklahoma made the drive here on January 31st to meet our dogs and make their choice of whom to adopt and take home with them. As it so happened, about a week before their visit they expressed interest in possibly taking both Sunny and Hope if they felt it was right after meeting them, and that is exactly how it turned out. During their visit, Sunny was very eager to be near Karen and she in turn loved him right away saying "how did I know we were going to get along". Hope on the other hand, was acting very timid and stuck to Jim or my side almost the whole time, only going close enough to Karen when she was giving out treats. Because of this, when they were ready to decide she mentioned being leary about taking her because she thought it might be to hard on Hope. I reminded her that whether Hope left with them or not, she would likely be leaving sooner or later and would likely have a much easier adjustment being with a dog she knew. I also added that even though Sunny seemed okay with it all, he too would have an easier adjusment having Hope with him. So they left with both Sunny & Hope and I am SO happy that they did. It has now been a week since they left and I have been reassured that they are both doing very well and Karen and her husband are both so happy having them as a part of their family. Music to my ears and my heart is happy!!

Next up it will be Jewel & Mia's turn to leave for their new forever home. There new mama Kathy Dusser is very excited for next weekend (Feb. 14) to get here, when she will be able to bring her two Valentines home. Again, I am thrilled the two are going together and feel more confident that their adjustment will be smoother because of it. I know that Kathy will take very good care of them and do whatever is needed for them. For the most part I have accepted that Jewel is just a tiny-boned dog witha tiny appetite. I am confident that she eats enough to sustain herself even though at the same time it seems she eats like a bird, and I know she could carry another 8 oz - 1 lb. easily. But she is healthy & active so I am confident that she is and will be fine. The adjusting to her new home will be less traumatic having Mia with her.

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