Paws for Puppy Tales - January 2020

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

1/24/2020 Well lookee here; just a week after my last blog entry Mia has also been sold, leaving just one dog (either Sunny or Hope) left to stay with us a while longer. I am estacatic that Mia is being adopted by the same lady (Kathy Dusser) who is taking Jewel, knowing that the two sisters will be leaving and living together making for an easier adjustment for both of them. Jewel, Sunny, and Hope went in together this past week for their spay, neuter/dental, and dental so that is all taken care of and they will be leaving us in the next week or two. Sunny seems to be having a difficult adjustment to his procedure. At first I thought he was having more pain than the others, but now 3 days post-op and still kind of hopping around skittishly, it seems more like he maybe is noticing things are feeling different between his back legs???? (if that's a thing), or the incision area is bugging him?? I'm not sure what it is, but he doesn't seem ill at all and the incision area looks okay, so I'm not to concerned. He also had some post-op diarreha but that seemed to get under control after a day or two. His (or Hope's) new family will be coming next weekend to make their choice and take one of them home. Secretly hoping they will choose Sunny since Hope, being from one of my own breedings is a bit more special to me. If she does not go then, I am okay with her staying here at least til we have a houseful again. Oh a houseful??!!!! I'm saying that because we will be down from 5-6 dogs to just two when the three leave. And two neither of which I can show or breed. I am so anxious to find my new addition(s), but know I want to choose with care in finding those that will do well in the ring and produce quality Biewer Terriers. I still really hope to get a girl from Deb Billings but the wait for her next planned litters to even be bred could be another month or so, then 9 weeks of pregnancy, and 12 weeks before ready to go.......IF there is even a girl in there worthy of show/breeding. One of Kathy's girls finally came into heat so there may be a possibility of a girl from her, a bit sooner but still not for a good 4-5 months. Ugh! Gotta keep telling myself, "good things come to those who wait", and/or keep my eyes open for other possibilities.


1/17/2020 Happy New Year!!! We are at 17 days into the new year, mostly staying at home hibernating. I dislike the cold winter months so much and between sitting at home doing not much of anything and the food and celebrations of the holidays in December, it is beginning to show in some weight gain. Ugh! I've been trying to keep it in check, but so hard when there is not much to do but eat. Looking forward to better travel weather and dog shows starting up again.

Speaking of which.......there is a dog show coming up in St. Joseph, MO the first weekend of February. Unfortunately I won't be going due to not wanting to commit to a trip during the winter months because of possible winter weather. Kathy is planning on going since it is not that far from her and will be taking and showing Winston, as well as her girl Gem. After that one, the next soonest will be in early March in Kansas City and I do hope to go then. Then the spring and summer shows will start lining up in full swing.

What I (and Kathy too) really need is another dog or two to show! I am pretty much down to just Winston as far as show dogs go and Kathy only has Gem......and she is hoping to breed Gem if and when she ever comes into heat. When that happens she will have nothing to show except Winston who is half hers. I opted out of getting a pup from Debarah Billings's current litter, wanting/needing to find homes for the dogs I have now and as it turned out she didn't have one available for me that was not related to Winston anyway. She mentioned that she is planning two more unrelated breedings "when the girls come in season", but that is obviously a bit of a wait as well as a gamble waiting to see if there would be show/breeding quality girls or girls at all in the litter(s). So I believe I need to search elsewhere as well. Maybe I can still get a second female from her when that time comes.

As mentioned last month Jewel has been adopted and will be going to her forever home before to long. With her heat cycle over, her spay is set up for January 22 and then she will be ready to go a week or two after that. I also have another family coming from Oklahoma the first weekend of February to visit with us to meet Sunny, Hope, and Mia and decide which one of them will be the new addition to their family. From the photos and discriptions of them that I sent they seem to favor Sunny, but did want to meet each of them before making their final decision. They did send a deposit though so they are certain that they will adopt one of them. After that, it will be just two more that need their forever homes and hopefully that won't take to much longer.

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