Paws for Puppy Tales - January 2021

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

1-29-21 One more post update for January - Tina's pups are now just over a week old and thank goodness they are all thriving so far. Slow but sure with a few supplemental feedings, the tiny 2 oz boy made it to the magic "double his birth weight" at one week old. Today at 9 days he is up to 5 1/2 oz; his sisters are in the 7 and 8 oz range. Within the next few days to a week, their eyes will open; that is always an exciting step in a puppy's development. It changes their look and brings a little personality to their faces. Tina is being a great mom tending to her pups and I am tending to Tina making sure she eats enough to sustain herself and her pups. She so far wants only canned/wet food and if I sneak to much kibble mixed in, she will spit out the food. Plus, I like to keep some kibble in the pen with her just in case, but she's been knocking it over making a mess. I finally fixed that by taping the food dish to the floor, HA! Today, I finally did catch her nibbling at some of the kibble. Her hungry pups must be eating enough to make her hungry enough to eat some kibble in between the wet food meals I feed her. All is going well with Tina & pups.

Winston, Dolly, & Skye are their normal happy selves. They all eat so well which I am thrilled with! They all went in for their rabies shots a few weeks ago. Their weights were taken as always and OMG, Winston is heavier than I thought he was and really could/should lose some weight. I suspect all the puppy food he's been eating is probably the reason; I need to figure out some way to feed him less or a different food. They all get fed from one plate and I'm not sure how to do it separately since Winston eats on a hit and run schedule. Not sure how that would work in feeding him separately.

Sent entries in for the dog show in Des Moines, IA in mid February as long as it is not cancelled or as long as the weather cooperates for our travel. We got 10-12 inches of snow this past week with a little more possible predicted in the next few days. Hopefully by mid February (though still winter) we will have some nicer/decent travel weather. This would be Skye's first show and I'm anxious and curious to see how she will take to the show scene. Dolly will be left home again; I just don't see her being show quality with her unlevel topline. I really wish she could be though as I think her coat texture, and face are so pretty. Sometimes I think it's her posture when she walks that makes her topline look bad. Again, I'm going to keep her in full coat in case we ever need her for points and hope that with some practice (when the weather gets nice), her walk. . . .and her topline will get better. Otherwise, hoping to get some beautiful show quality puppies from her bred to Winston someday.


1-21-21 Yesterday was THE day for the arrival of Tina's puppies. Her x-ray taken a week ago showed 5; she ended up having 1 male and 3 females. . . . . and one very strange looking "something" that I believe had once been the 5th puppy. Not sure what happed to it between the x-ray and birth, but something obviously went very wrong. Both Kathy and I suspect that the 5th pup was detached from the placenta a week or so ago when Tina fell off the bed while we were at the dog show in Tulsa, died, and was decomposing. The male is tiny at just a bit over 2 oz and I will do all I can to keep him going and thrive. I've had tiny ones before and they always worry me. The three girls were all a bit over 3 oz and so far all four pups seem to be doing okay. I'm sure glad they were here rather than left at Kathy's. With her working every day they will have a much better chance of survival with me able to watch them close. That's it. . . . .just a puppy update!


1-19-21 Our first dog show as an official part of the AKC Toy group is in the books after showing in Tulsa, OK this past weekend. Yes, I did make it to Kathy's, though had to make the drive a day earlier than planned due to forecasted snowy weather on the original day. Even Kathy & I's drive on Friday from Marysville to Tulsa was a bit rough for a while, but we made it safe and sound. The show was a success even though Winston and I did not get the chance to show in the Toy ring for a possible "group" placement. Kathy and Gem took that honor. However, Winston won Winners Dog and Best of Opposite Sex both Saturday and Sunday which earned him two 3 point major wins, getting the two "major" wins needed out of the way. Now he just needs 9 more points to get his AKC Champion title. Won't that "CH" in front of his name be NICE!! Dolly and Skye stayed home with Jim for the weekend. Skye's first show outing will be in Des Moines in mid February. For the time being Dolly will be stay at home company for Jim while I am at the dog shows due to her not so level topline. She also has a "loose" knee per my vet though I would never know it for as much as she runs and jumps around. Her breeder is not concerned with it from a breeding standpoint as the issue is quite common in toy breeds and as she puts it, hard to predict. So unless her topline levels out after she matures and fills out more, Dolly will be a stay at home "mom". Speaking of moms. . . . .I came home from the show weekend with one of Kathy's dogs, a very PREGNANT dog! Originally we had planned on me taking one of her girls in hopes that the change of atmosphere would bring her into heat; and I would then breed her to Winston. Instead, Kathy asked if I would take TINA home with me to whelp and care for her and her puppies since she is at work every day and not able to care for them in their fragile early days of life. She is due any day, maybe any time now. Looking forward to it as well as a bit nervous; hoping all goes well with no big problems. Stay tuned. . . . . . . ..


1-8-21 Week 2 of the new year. January 6th will go down in history as a frightening, shameful day for America. So called peaceful protesters stormed and rioted the Capitol building in Washington and in the end 6 people were killed. The rally was supposedly brought on by president Trump and his so-called speech to the rioters to stop and go home was ridiculous and did nothing to stop them. It was brought under control after 4-5 hours and finally Trump conceded the election with only 13 days until Biden will be sworn in. Just totally unbelievable :*(

On a better note. . . . January 2 ended our 2020 Christmas when we were able to celebrate with Jenny, Brandon, Allie, & Jesse. With that, the Christmas decor was put away and our house is back to normal.

The dogs are all doing well; pups Dolly & Skye still have much of the puppy-like play in them. Dolly is 6 months old today, Skye will be there next month. All three dogs will see the vet on the 12th for their rabies vaccine and then they will be done with vaccines for a while. I am looking forward to getting them into AKC shows as part of the toy group, beginning this month on the 16 and 17th with Winston in Tulsa. The weather forecast so far is looking awesome for traveling to Kathy's and then on to Tulsa. I am STILL up in the air about showing Dolly, but Skye can begin her show career after turning 6 months on February 11th. Showing two at a time is plenty, both in preparations and expense, so the prospect of not showing Dolly is somewhat okay; we will see how it goes. She is looking like a nice show prospect in beauty, but her topline as she walks doesn't seem quite right; again it could all be in my head. Sometimes I think it looks to be better but I'm just not sure. So, I will hold off, but keep her in full coat as she matures more and fills out. She is looking to be a great size as a breeding prospect so looking forward to see what she and Winston will produce.


1-1-21 Happy New Year . . . . . . and welcome Biewer Terriers, officially the 197th breed to join the pack, as a part of the TOY group with the American Kennel Club on 1/1/2021! So exciting and a great way to begin a new year.

As it turns out, I DID enter (only) Winston in the AKC show in Tulsa, OK in mid January. I really, really wanted to go having been so bored being stuck at home most of the past couple of months due to a combination of covid and winter weather. So after thinking about it, I decided to take the chance of having decent travel weather at that time; entering only Winston would be less of a loss in entry fees if by chance the weather didn't cooperate. Now I am excited at the thought of going and looking forward to some time away from the confines of the house. Kathy just told me that the numbers are out for the show and there are 4 dogs and 2 bitches entered which would mean a "major" win is possible for the winning dog. . . . hopefully Winston. We know who 3 of the 4 dogs that are entered are, so depending on who #4 is, he may have a good chance at scoring a major (or two) that weekend of shows. It also just so happens that the judge for the show on Saturday is a judge that placed Winston as BOB in the show in Shawnee, so hopefully he will choose him in Tulsa as well.

Into the new year, yet our Christmas celebrations are not quite finished. Celebrating with Jenny and family tomorrow will finish it until December comes around again. Exchanged gifts with Matt earlier this past week. There was no Yeshnowski sibling Christmas gathering this year but no doubt once covid is under better control we will all be getting together to celebrate. The vaccine(s) are approved and being given to essential workers, etc. first and will likely be available to more general public in a few months.

That's it for now, just wanted to get this 2021 party started! LOL


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