Paws for Puppy Tales-July 2019

Updated: Aug 12, 2020


7-10-19 As we start July we have both some good news and some VERY sad news. July 2 brought us tears as we said good-bye to our sweet Yorkie Toby. At 11 yrs. 9 mos. of age we would certainly have hoped that he would have been with us longer, but the neurological issues he's been dealing with since he was 10 finally got the best of him and we sadly knew it was time to let him go. Grand-daughter Emily insisted that she be there with him as we said goodbye as he was always her favorite of our crew. It as almost unbearable; we heard a storm rumbling outside as he slipped away at the vets office as I imagined the heavens crying right along with us. After we had left and the rain had passed, Emily caught a picture of a rainbow. . . . . surely a sign that Toby had made it to Rainbow Bridge and was happy and whole again. That was a special moment and helped with our acceptance that the choice to let him go was the right one.

There was little time to mourn as my trip to Dallas, Tx with Kathy came two days later to celebrate and show with the Biewer Terrier's move up to MISC class with AKC. It was a fun weekend of shows even though I went there totally NOT expecting to win anything as I was showing Gunner (with 2 bad patellas) and 10 month old Jewel; a puppy and not fully matured/filled-out. I have been in a win-less slump for so long and my self-esteem has been in a slump right along with it. Much to my surprise (and excitement), on the very last day of the 3 days of shows, Jewel did win and earned her first 2 AKC points placing Best of Opposite in the all breed Miscellaneous show that day. If that was not exciting enough, we won over two(?) other bitches in the ring, one of them an adult that was being shown by a professional handler!!! Not to forget to mention, Jewel was the only Biewer Terrier that won in the All Breed MISC shows all weekend that was owner-handled and a bred-by. All well and good and something special Kathy tells me (I know it is), but I was more happy just to have finally won something.

Last to mention for this first week in July, two of our "K" litter puppies have found their forever homes. Angel (renamed Louise) was adopted by a very cute couple that live in Colorado and they know Sally who has Ramona & Tilly. The little one of this litter, Dolly was adopted by a repeat (x3 now) customer, Gina Robinson. They also have Sophie (Demi) & Bella (Ebony) and are renaming Dolly to Camie. Mia and Kallie are staying with us for the time being as I am hoping they will continue to mature nicely into show prospects. One of them may be going to live with Brad & Sharon McDannald so that they can show one of them for me.

That's it for the start of the new month & the second half of 2019........stay tuned.

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