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Paws for Puppy Tales - July 2022

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

7-25-22 Finally back in the ring again at the dog show in St Joseph, MO this past weekend, this time with Winston AND Lexi's very first AKC 4-6 month Beginner Puppy show. I was very pleased with her performance with this being her first time out in the commotion and noise of a dog show. She did not seem stressed at all and she walked without hesitation while in the ring with me. Our friend Valerie showed her for me the second day (Sunday) because of a ring time conflict with Winston and from what I could see she did fairly well with her as well (though not holding her tail up quite as good as the day before). I think it may habe been due to either because she was with a different person or it looked like maybe Valerie was not walking as fast as I do??? Anyway, being the only Biewer Terrier showing in the puppy match, BOB was a given, and though there was only one other toy breed on Saturday, Lexi did place 1st in group and on Sunday with two other toy breeds showing, she received 3rd place. All around I am very pleased and hope I will be able to show her more, though that is questionable. It's getting more and more evident that the judges are looking and checking more earnestly for color faults, not only looking at the pads of the dogs feet but also through the hair underneath, armpits, etc. This makes me nervous because of the black ticking that Lexi has on her back legs and her toes/feet area. Will see how it progesses in the coming months and practice trying to hide it with chalk and product. Winston won BOB on Saturday as assumed by most of us there, but did not win any group placement in either the regular Toy group or the NOHS Toy group. Disappointing. :( But the BIG surprise (and a bit of a disappointment) came on Sunday when Winston did NOT win Best of Breed, but was placed as Select Dog. He was beat by his son Champ which is better than to someone else I suppose, and glad that now at least Kathy knows it CAN be done. BUT, I can't help but wonder . . . . WHY??? Granted, Champ looks ALOT like Winston, but due to the fact that Champ's coat was very short and choppy whereas Winston's is almost floor length, I just don't get it. The only thing I thought of after the fact was a short conversation had with the judge at the examination table about having to hold up the dogs for the pads and hair check. I'm wondering if I may have taken something she said wrong and in return said something that steered her decision to Champ. Oh well, I'm okay to share the weekend wins with a "family member". Otherwise, it was good to see everyone again, and I was happy to see that even BRAD and Sharon were there, Brad feeling pretty well considering all of the health issues/surgery he's had recently. I did however still feel somewhat like the outcast of the group some of the time, noticing seemingly closer friendships between the others there. I sure wish I could stop feeling this way, but things just don't seem to be the same as they once were with Kathy and I. At the end of the second day I overheard her speaking to Brad & Sharon about other shows and she did mention to me that IF I wanted to go to Des Moines I would have to drive myself because she was not going to be going because of a home football game that she and Dave were going to be going to. No mention yet of any other upcoming shows, and I wonder if she will mention any to me. I do know there is one coming up in Topeka at the end of August (entries close on 8/10) and I'm wondering if she will mention that one to me. I'm not going to ask, so we'll see.

I did make that I-29 drive to St Joe, MO with no problems and manuevered from the hotel to the show site (and a restaurant or two) with no problems. How did people ever get along without Google maps!?! LOL We were going to venture to the campsite Kathy & Dave and Valerie & Larry were staying at on Saturday for dinner, but it was SO hot outside and in the show arena that we decided to just stay at the hotel once we got back after showing. Terri kept both Dolly and Skye for us all weekend and said that they were good and it was fine, but certainly instilled her feelings of not wanting any more dogs of her own.


7-19-22 Thought I'd just re-read my last post, and as I read, realized another discepancy in

Kathy's story of going to the Ottumwa show "to take the girls Brad had entered". This not being the only reason has become even more apparant after looking at the show results earlier this morning and noticing first, that Champ had won BOB both days and even a OHGR4 on Saturday. My first thought was "geez, she didn't even tell me that, only of the girls' major wins". Then coming on here and re-reading my previous post I was like "oh!, she didn't tell me about Champ's wins because maybe she didn't want me to realize that she took him (aka: the whole show entry was planned long in advance). This really hurts my feelings; even if it might be because she doesn't want Winston there, I still wonder why our friendship seems not what it used to be. The deal about "assuming" I would drive to the show in St Joe rather than riding with her weighs on my mind as well. Knowing how I am about driving why would she EVER assume something like that. Nor did she say anything about it until I had asked about the trip after returning from Westminster. Right or wrong about feeling the way I do, something is definitely different. :(


7-11-22 Nothing much new to report dog-wise though we did have another birthday to celebrate. July 8th was Dolly's 2nd birthday celebrating with new toys and treats for her. I've also been working a little bit with Lexi walking on the lead in preparation for her debut in the show ring at the end of the month in St. Joe, MO. With a little guidance from Winston, she began walking better outside and walked freely (without hesitation) when I took her once to PetSmart to walk around. Being in a show atmosphere/ring is completely different, so we'll see how in goes. I will be taking her out more before then. She is maturing nicely, but still not as excited about her as I was with her sister Lila while she was here. Besides the bits of black where it shouldn't be, she does not walk confidently with her head held high, nor does her tail curl as nicely over her back. She is however a nice solidly built dog and her coat seems like it will be nice, so I do have hopes that she will do well in the ring. On the 9th, we had our annual big family gathering/picnic at Beaver Lake. The weather was perfect, the food was great (homemade polish sausage & cabbage rolls provided by Dave & Julie Propp for Barbs 80th birthday), and I was happy to have John, Crisler & DK, Kristen and Gage, and Jenny there with us this year; missing Matt and of course Emily. Emily had always gone with us in the past, so I missed her being there. But it was another fun, fun time!! When Kathy gave me the final expenses for our Westminster adventure, she also mentioned that she and Dave were going to Ottumwa, IA "to show the girls that Brad had entered", giving me the impression that she was going for only that reason. When I asked her today how it went, she mentioned that Major (with Valerie) had gotten major points. Needless to say, I was a bummed to find out they were at yet another show together that I was not, making me feel (correctly or not) left out and disappointed. Obviously since entries are made and close well in advance of the shows, and seeing as how I was told nothing about it until the weekend of, I do feel that I was purposely not told about it, and that Kathy didn't go only because Brad and Sharon couldn't make it. I'm starting to feel like the outcast in this group of dog show friends, rightfully so or not I'm not sure. It could be partially me and my insecurities, but lately things just don't feel the same. Is she really cutting back on shows due to gas prices (is she really cutting back on shows???), is the reason she suggested/asssumed I would drive myself to St Joe because it is a shorter trip for me, or did she just not want me tagging along with her and Dave (or maybe it's Dave). I am pretty certain from bits of conversations I've heard her have and kind of from Valerie herself that Kathy doesn't care for the fact that Winston is still being shown as he usually takes BOB over any of the other dogs she/we are showing. For now that could be part of the reason I feel we are being left out. I don't know. . . . . . . . maybe it's just me. Closing out on this post since there is nothing more to report for now.


7-1-22 New month brings us totally out of Westminster mode/month and back to normalcy in life. It is however a day to celebrate . . . . today is Winston's 3rd birthday! A bit later we will celebrate with a special treat and maybe a new toy, and of course a picture or two. He may need a bath before that though. With this new month also comes the 4th of July, not one of Winston's favorite times as the fireworks going off in the neighborhood scares him and stresses him out a lot. Upcoming scheduled plans or celebrations for the month of July include Winston's 3rd birthday today, Dolly's 2nd birthday on the 8th, along with a birthday brunch for sister Barb hosted by Cheri and Susie that same day, our annual big family gathering/picnic at Beaver Lake on Saturday, the 9th, and then (finally) a dog show in St. Joseph, MO on the 23-24. Kathy seems to think it would make more sense if I/we (Jim and I) drove ourselves there since it mean less of a road trip, so I guess that is what we will have to do. Got a motel booked but will need to finalize plans for someone to watch Dolly and Skye. Sometimes I think I'd rather just stay home, but hate the idea of missing any dog show. This will be a FIRST for our little Lexi who is entered in the 4-6 Month Beginner Puppy shows that weekend.

Other than that, there is one more celebration for the month, but it will have to be celebrated in our hearts. July 16th is Emily's 21st birthday, but with her STILL choosing not to be a part of our family we unfortunately won't be able to celebrate this milestone birthday with her. I still think about her often and am so sad that she has distanced herself from all of us, and pray that someday. . . . preferably sooner rather than later, she will come back into our lives.

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