Paws for Puppy Tales - June 2020

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

6-15-2020 Really?!!?? From seemingly such good possibilities of two girls to none of them working out, and back to waiting yet another 12 or more weeks waiting on yet more litters to be born. We've scratched the Deb S. pup possibility last week, and now after receiving a tidbit of a video of Deb B's female (in which the pup looked to walk very well), when I asked for a weight she tells me she will be a "substantial" girl, and if I wanted something smaller I would not want this pup. Having seen the video and the couple of pics I saw she did look on the bigger side to me and knowing the size of her siblings from the last litters/same parents, I was afraid of this. I would be surprised to find out she is not at least 3+ lbs already which makes her charting bigger than what I would want. So more than likely I am on the waiting list once again with Deb B, hoping for better luck with a litter due any day/now and another due in mid July. Seems the next timeline in the possibility of bringing any girls home won't be until early fall now. Presently on 3 lists, pups from Victoria O. in California (litter born a week or so ago and another due now), Deb B. (litter due now and another in mid July), and also just talked with Diana S. in Virginia has a litter due in late June and another in early July. Time to play the waiting game. . . . . AGAIN.


6-9-2020 Just a quick update on my new female pups search. Contacted Deb S first as it had been about three weeks since we had last spoke. With her litter past the 10 week old mark I figured it was time to get a definite answer from her about her pups. Well, as luck would have it, she "shot me down", stating that she wasn't sure any of they would be show worthy now saying two of the 3 possibles were mis-marked, and also that she was probably wanting to keep them all for herself for breeding purposes anyway. Disappointed? Yes, but there's a reason why I am not getting one of her pups, so. . . . . time to move on. It just so happened that another club member that lives in California posted a picture of her new litter of 4 females just the other day, so I messaged her about being considered for one of them. She agreed to keep me in mind and stated that she has another litter due on the 14th of this month. So, the waiting begins again. I messaged Deb Billings yesterday about her two Siri/Sopranno female pups & was told that she is keeping the lighter colored one, but offered me the darker girl stating that both pups looked amazing, and that this particular pup looked as though she would make size, and had good movement. She also gave me the option to wait on another pup from a litter due in a few days or a litter that is due in July. I asked for more detailed photos of this pup and maybe a video. Barring any bad reaction on my part to this pup, I will take her rather than chancing the wait for her other litters. I did mention however that I was looking for two females and maybe there might be another female for me from one of the other litters. Currently waiting for the pics, and time will tell on her next two litters. Oh this waiting game. . . . . I'm not very good at it. Well, I'm getting very good at it, but I don't like it!


6-4-2020 Decided to check my last entry and was surprised to see that it was over two weeks ago; or more so that here we are into a new month already! So, though still no exciting news to share suppose I will start my June blog before June is over. As if the Coroavirus pandemic is not enough the past week or two has brought more chaotic rioting in fact over racism in the U.S. the most rece3nt involving a black mans death by a Minneapolis police officer. The officer and the other 3 involved were all fired and later charged with murder but not before protests, riots, and looting happened all over the US. The pandemic seems to have lost the headlines to the riots but it is still here. Restrictions are being eased, businesses starting to open up with new rules, new ways of running businesses. No dog shows though in the foreseeable future just yet. Dogs. . . . . still have just the two (Lucky & Winston), still waiting on confirmation from Deb Billings and Deb Sidle about any new girls for me. I messaged Deb B. for info or photos; "8 weeks old, taping ears, will get pictures" is what she said, none received yet. She did however post two tutorial videos about taping ears and I'm certain that the pups she used were those from the Siri/Sopranno litter that I would hope to choose from. At least I got to see them that way. Noting new from Deb Sidle since mid May. I guess I am maybe thinking about waiting until the pups are 10-12 weeks old before I ask again. Certainly she/they would want an definite answer at the point when the pups are able to leave?? I know I sure do! That would put us mid-late June, so not that much longer. With the house to ourselves now Jim and I have been busy fixing up the basement and in doing so revamping the spare room down there into my grooming area. Today we moved my grooming tables & equipment down there and also changed out the full bed to the upper spare bedroom and bringing the daybed to the grooming area. All that is left to do is to organize the room and do something fun to the walls, decorating with show ribbons won, photos, and maybe some stencil painting. I think I'm going to like this new area!

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