Paws for Puppy Tales - March 2020

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

3-31-20 Nothing to new or exciting to share, just figured I would add one more post before the month ends. Because you know...........with the "stay at home" order still going on there is not much else for me to do. Thankful that we are all still well. Slow but sure signs of Spring weather are becoming more noticeable and more often. Winston loves being outside and even our old boy Lucky who usually goes out and right back in seems to like the warmer weather. I know I sure do.

Today is our K litter's first birthday!! Mia, Kallie, Dolly, and Angel are all happy, loved, and well with their forever families and I am fortunate that they are willing to share information and photos of the girls when asked (and some periodically on their own). Dolly is the pup with the liver shunt and I am so very thankful that thanks to her mommy Gina, she is doing so very well and has grown and now weighs about 5.5 lbs. I've been keeping in touch with Kathy via FB messenger and sharing the excitement and anticipation of Gems pregnancy & other hopeful upcoming litters. I'm not there so what do I know, but I'm fairly optimistic that Pixie is also PG and hopeful that Kathy's other girl Star will be as well. Way to early to know anything as far as Star being only a couple of weeks since breeding, but with Kathy at home to do the breedings makes me hopeful. I've seen a picture or two of Pixie along with things Kathy has told me leads to my optimisim that she is likely pregnant. Gem is just two weeks away from her due date and will be going in for an x-ray next week (4/6). The week after Kathy will take Pixie in for and ultrasound to confirm whether she is or isn't PG. We are both very excited for these puppies, hoping for some show hopefuls and multiple girls to choose from. Nothing more to tell. The days are pretty much the same needing to stay at home. Not much of a TV person, the fact that our TV is on pretty much 24/7 of our waking hours is getting really old, especially since much of it is repeated news about the pandemic. If not that it is over and over again the same rerun TV shows that Jim watches. Ugh :(


3-21-20 Happy first official days of spring! Happy for the nicer weather to come, yes, but the world is in a crazy state of enforced hibernation due to what could be to some a life-threatening virus (Coronavirus - Covid19). Orders to only go out for necessities and to practice social-distancing, staying at least 6 ft from anyone if you go anywhere and/or when outside. Most businesses are closed and/or employees working from home and going out to eat is now "take-out" only. This is very odd, with the thought of contrating the virus kind of scary knowing it affects "older" people worse. I don't like being included in that group of people. At this time the lock down is to continue for at least 6-8 weeks. On a more normal note: life is otherwise fairly normal here at home. Being retired we are home more than not anyway. Lately I haven't been going anywhere much not really NEEDING anything to shop for, so no real change there for me except for the fact that if I WANTED to go, I can not. With just Lucky & Winston here things are quieter and less messes to clean up. Lucky had his yearly check up/DHPP shot and at 15+ years old happy to hear that his heart & lungs were fine. I checked with Debarah B. about acquiring a female with only assurance that I will get a female but only when it is right. It is good to know she is so careful in her choices for show/breeding dogs, but of course the waiting is hard. As another choice for my future girl hopefuls, we (Kathy and I) are happy to have confirmed that Gem is defintely pregnant with pups due mid April. She has also finished breeding her co-owned girl Pixie, and is presently in the process of breeding a third girl. (Star). She too is stuck at home these days so is easily able to make sure breedings take place, even has the ability of doing side by side AI's when she needs to. So it is hopeful that she will be having 3 litters with hopefully multiple pretty girls as show hopefuls.

Shows?????? What shows??? With the virus and closings, yes until further notice all upcoming AKC shows have been cancelled. It seems at this rate, any new pup(s) I find which seems will be at the usual 12 week age, will have plenty of time to mature and get to the 4-6 month age when they are able to be shown. Hopefully by then this virus pandemic will have subsided and life as we knew it will get back to normal. I sure hope and pray that is so.

Today 3/21/20 is the 17th wedding anniversary for Jim and I. Not able to go out for dinner, but at least the online order and pick up options are still available & encouraged, so that is what we did.


I am still hoping to have at least one new girl sooner rather than later, waiting to hear back from Debarah with testing results on a couple of girls she has from her November litter. I'm hoping their testing is clear to be a good match for Winston. I've also inquired to Deb Sidle about a 7 week old girl she has posted pictures of. She is/was thinking about keeping her, but said will keep me posted on her as we watch her mature since she is still very young.. Then of course there is the chance that Kathy will have a nice girl from her hopeful litter(s), so finally there seem to be some options for me at least. Right now, counting on Gem being PG, Winston is Kathy's and my only Biewer Terrier for show. This will put a damper on our show outings which is another reason to find my new girl(s). As it stands, I will be showing Winston in the Seward, Ne dog show without Kathy along to have fun with. There will be other "friends" there (Christine, Tammy, etc); more competition for Winston which is good though Tammy's dogs have been tough to beat. Winston is a much better competitor than what I've been showing against them, so maybe/hopefully we will have a chance for more points for him. There will be both Open and All Breed shows both days, so four shows/chances for the weekend. The Lincoln, Ne dog show is in mid May and the plan right now is for Kathy to show him then since I have a family wedding to attend on that Saturday. However, if by chance I have a girl to show, I will be there too! My fingers are crossed.

On non-dog news, I hosted our sibling bunco night a couple of days ago. As much as I stress over hosting anything, the house got cleaned up presentable, my food and dessert was plentiful and good, and everyone had a good time. I did however almost cut the tip of my thumb off while I was slicing the frozen dessert! The front of my nail and around back a bit, but we were lucky that it didn't seem to require stitches; at least we decided not to take a trip to an emergicare. Bandaged up it stopped bleeding and now two days later it has not bled anymore and seems to be slowly healing. I am assuming I will lose the top part of my nail, but thankful it was not worse and that I still have my whole thumb.

No more news on Sunny & Hope - no news is good news, and though I do hear something about Jewel & Mia almost every day, all has been good there! I am so happy to know they are all doing well. If they're happy, I'm happy.

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