Paws for Puppy Tales - March 2022

Updated: Apr 5

3/6/22 March is here, the month spring begins and winter comes to an end. YES!! We're starting off the month with chubby healthy 3 week old Biewer Terrier puppies! Their mama Dolly though still not eating as I feel a nursing mama should, is eating some on her own and/or with a little help from me. Seems that is the way it will continue until the pups are fully weaned. Very odd, but if that's the way it is, so be it. At 3 weeks old the puppies are starting to toddle around a little bit, hold their heads up more, and mouth at each other, in between still mostly eating and sleeping. Dolly spends plenty of time out in the living room with us; at this point her being in the pen in between feedings while they sleep doesn't seem necessary, and she is a SUPER mom wanting to check on them the moment she hears a squeak out of any of them. I dewormed mom and pups when they were two weeks old and will do so again according to schedule. At this point all is well with this little family.

This past week Kathy and I finally got our hotel and flight booked for our trip to New York in June for the Westminster dog show. That is a load off my mind and maybe now I can start feeling excited about it again. Next step is to try and figure out how we will get around once we are IN New York. From what we've read it doesn't seem very tourist friendly or easy. We've checked with David and Jennifer Harper about a good time to get Winston back to them and hope to be able to meet them at one of the shows in Oklahoma in April to drop him off with them. Nothing is set just yet, but with the show entries open or opening soon I hope to get that set with them sooner rather than later.

3/14-15/22 Another week gone by and at 4 weeks the puppies are getting to be much more fun; active a bit more often and really starting to play with each other and getting to know/recognize ME. I've buzzed their little ears once already and did the same to the bottom of their paws this morning. They are basically living outside their box now and have access to their full 4x4 whelping pen. I've seen them actually playing with the few toys a little bit, they've lapped up puppy mush a few times, and are getting the hang of using the water licker bottle available to them. Knock on wood not wanting to jinx myself, but seems pretty sure that the male puppy may have a home waiting for him already. A lady in Colorado (with another home in Illinois) sent an application back in November 2021, and reconnected with me when she saw photos of the pups that I posted on Facebook. Her preference was a male so I've been conversing with her via email since then and she seems genuinely interested in adopting him. I am waiting for another week or two before really getting down to the business end of the adoption; for now just getting to know each other through email conversations. Seems our next dog show trip won't be until mid April; bummer for me. . . . it's been far to long! Kathy opted out of the early April show in Claremore, OK because of the long drive, but mentioned we will be going to Grand Island, NE in mid April, and the Tulsa, OK show April 30-May 1. After having that figured out we contacted the handler and confirmed that they too will be in Tulsa, OK, and that is when/where we will return Winston to them to get ready for the Westminster Dog Show in mid June. The new letter of eligibility/invitation and entry form for the show arrived in the mail yesterday; online entries open up on the 18th. The show dates in June will be here before we know it. . . . . New York here we come!

3/22/22 Starting things off with "Yay, it's officially SPRING, and daylights savings time has also here!" The weather continues to go back & forth, but nicer weather is surely on it's way. More sunshine and warmer weather, spring flowers and budding it!

The pups are now 5+weeks old and doing great; getting active and so much fun to watch. Their puppy teeth are starting to come through and Dolly is beginning to show signs of wanting to feed them less often and for shorter periods of time. I believe that they are eating some of the kibble left with them 24/7, though I always wonder if they are/would be eating enough to keep them going without nursing. I just never know how much is enough for these little ones, and am happy to be retired and at home able to watch them closely during this transition from nursing to eating solids. I am still very hopeful for the two girls as show prospects, though of course still much to early to know for sure. The prospective home I was working on for our male fell through the other day (she decided a Biewer Terrier would be smaller than she was comfortable with), so we are back to square one in finding him a forever home. I put him up as available here on my website and will do so on Facebook and Good Dog as well. His forever family is out there and we will find them; sooner than later I hope. I really thought we had it with this first lady I had been working with; so disappointing.

It was Jim and my 19th wedding anniversary yesterday; we celebrated with dinner out at the Bonefish Grill and a Nothing Bundt Cake at home for dessert. We're coming up on the end of March and getting closer to the next dog show Kathy & I are going to in mid April. Finally!!!! It's been far to long for me. I am anxious for that as well as the chance to see all of the puppies Kathy is still hanging on to; she's really got more than she wants to keep, and wants me to help her decide which ones to keep. I think that's about it for now. . . . . .

3/27/22 Happy 107th birthday MOM!

Good news - our male puppy (whose name will be Levi) has a forever home waiting for him. We received a deposit to reserve him on Friday and he will be going to live in Norwalk, IA with two ladies, Janet & Lori. They have had an application on file since last year, so it's kind of surprising to me that they are the second family that had still had not gotten a different puppy by this time. He will be with us a little longer than the 12 week mark due to a vacation they've had planned for over a year; they have offered to pay me for keeping him longer. Since it will be a bit longer for him to go home, and living close enough to make a weekend drive, they asked if it would be possible to come meet him sometime before he is ready to go home. I agreed to this after they've had their first puppy shots, so probably sometime in late April or early May they will be visiting him. I'm so happy that his home is ready and waiting!

Pups are now 6 weeks old, still gaining at least 2 or more ounces weekly. Trying to get them weaned as Dolly has had about enough of it, but still making sure she nurses them a little bit since I am not sure/comfortable that they are eating enough of solid foods. They don't seem really interested in the dry kibble but do seem to like the Stella & Chewys rehydrated raw food. I will be calling the vets office tomorrow to make an appointment for their first puppy shots as well as an appointment to have Winston's teeth cleaned.

That's about it for the month of March. . . on to April showers to brin those May flowers!

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