Paws for Puppy Tales - May 2020

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

5/14/2020 Well, mostly because there is nothing else to do so "why not?", another entry already to mention that Kathy's girl Pixie had her puppies a couple of days ago (5/12/20) with no problems; 3 boys and 1 girl. Glad for her that all went well, now just one more litter to whelp in the next few days to a week from now. Star had an x-ray last Monday showing that she is carrying just 2 puppies, different from the 4 supposedly seen on her ultrasound on day 30-ish.

Chatted with Deb Sidle the other day a little about her litter of 5 girls. She is uncertain which of the 3 out of 5 females (remember that two are mis-marked) she might offer me. She did mention one of them that she would probably sell, but she is mostly white and certainly not my first choice for show purposes. After a bit more discussion Deb said she would think on it some more and keep me posted. I was a bit disappointed that after waiting all this time watching this litter that my choices were getting cut so slim with a possibility of getting none of them, but I guess I should have known that she may want to keep one or two. I think she will still allow me one of these girls so I will hold onto that chance until I know for certain. Nothing new from Deb Billings yet, but that's no surprise; it's only been a week since I recevied the picture of the one pup. Patience, patience, patience........


5/9/2020 Welcome May! My birthday month (even if it IS on the very last day), springtime/warmer weather finally sets in to stay, vegetable garden & flowers get planted, all around the beginning of my favorite time of year! With that being said, the world is still in a pandemic and social distancing (the new normal) is still in place. Staying at home has not bothered me to much so far except for the fact of not being able to go to dog shows. I wonder if/when that will be able to start up again. I was going to hold off with my first May blog post, waiting for news of Kathy's 2nd litter (of three) of Biewer pups to arrive, but decided I have a some of my own stories to share. so figured why wait. The news that spurred me to post right now is that today I was a very lucky winner of an EZ Whelp whelping box set up (a value of up towards $500-$600);which includes a 4 x 4 whelping box with adjustable doorway, rails to fit inside, heating system, 2 whelping pads, full whelping kit, and and and additional add on room/pen to enlarge the pen as the pups grow!!! This was a Facebook group holding the raffle. I've probably spent about $100 on various other raffles with no luck........until today. I can't wait to get it, and better yet can't wait to use it. That will be quite a while though as I am still waiting on getting two new girls and then for them to get to breeding age. That is the BIG excitement for my life these days. In other news, up until the last 2 weeks we have pretty much been doing absolutely nothing except sitting at home. Until we finally donned our face masks a couple of weeks ago and took a trip to the hardware store for paint and painting supplies. With Kristen in her own place now, the basement is free and ours again and with that it was time to freshen up the look down there with a lighter color on the walls. I also chose a fun "dune buggy" green color for the bathroom, and decided to make the spare (bed)room down there into my grooming area, and with that painted an accent wall in there a pretty Biewer Terrier purple. I hope to be able to pull the carpet up and figure out how to lay down linoleum. Crossing my fingers it won't be to difficult and doable for me. Once the basement is done, we will move upstairs and refresh a room or two up there as well. Two months into this pandemic, I've seen Kristen & Gage, and Jenny fairly regularly, and have seen Emily when driving her to or from work a few days a week. Up until the other day I've only but at least texted with Matt & John off and on but have not seen either of them; boys are different I guess. I finally got to see Matt this week when he and Emily came over for dinner one night. I had hoped to have John join us but he could not clock out of work as early as we ate. My sisters and I also had not been able to get together for our monthly bunco games. We all had enough of not seeing each other, and deceide to get together on the patio in my backyard, sitting a safe social distance away from each other. I am thankful that each of us has stayed well and pray that we stay that way, and that this pandemic gets under control so that we can get back to be a little more free and relaxed to go about our business. As I sit here at home, my wait continues in finding and bringing home new female additions to my breeding/show program. The wait, or more-so the uncertaintly of when/where they will come from is getting old, but I will hold on to that old saying "good things come to those who wait". I did finally get a picture of ONE puppy that Deb Billings has, though I know that particular litter has two females in it. I got no reply when I asked more questions about this particular pup as well as her sibling which kind of irritates me a little, but also I realize that Deb only shows what she feels might be a good prospects. I understand that, but still........she has my deposit and it seems fair that questions should be answered and with my having first choice of what girls she has, I should be able to see them all so that I can make a choice. Oh well.........they are much to young to know anything for certain just yet, so I will be try to continue being patient. My other prospect (hopefully) is the litter of 5 females that Deb Sidle had. I contacted her as soon as I saw they were born and she supposedly is keeping me in mind for one of them. I haven't contacted her since then and probably should/will check back with her soon. At least she has posted photos of all of these girls as they are growing and there seem to be at least 3 or 4 of the five that I could be interested in should they mature as show/breeding worthy. I had mentioned to Tammy Ryker of my interest in a female from her Brixley's litter. As it turns out she had a singleton, a girl, but the pup passed away after a day or two. And last but not least, there are Kathy's pups yet to be born. As we know, the pups Gem had in April have too much white on their bodies to be show pups, so no prospects for me there. Her next litter out of Pixie is due any day now, and then her third litter from Star is due in about a week or so. Don't know if there will be girls yet, or if they will be show/breeding worthy for quite a while.. The fact that both Pixie and Star (littermates) are pups with Dreamer as their sire makes me a tiny bit leary about getting one of those pups since I used Dreamer with Hannah, who had Hope, who had a pup with liver shunt. Not knowing where the LS came from, but with Dreamer in the mix, I'm just not sure I want to take a chance of bringing that line back in. Star is also a DM carrier so will not be a good match for breeding to Winston, so no prospects for me there anyway. Whew!!! Well, this post sure got longer than I thought it would be Until next time. . . . .

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