Paws for Puppy Tales - May 2021

Updated: May 31, 2021

5-31-21 They say it's your birthday, happy birthday to ME! Yep, today I am 67 years old/young. I thought that (if nothing else) deserved a post to my blog. Some of the kids will be coming over for a cook out to celebrate; it is also Memorial Day. No rain in the forecast today for a change with temps in the 70's, so should be a nice day to be outside. We've had a house full of dogs and puppies for a week now and I will admit it is getting a bit "trying". Not so much for the amount of dogs, but more for the noise they make barking at anything and each other. Pottying on potty pads is going by the wayside with the extras here so there are many "accidents" to clean up too. Still have another week+ to go. I will definitely be ready to head out to Hutchinson, KS for the dog show after this and I'm sure Jim will really, really enjoy some peace and quite & normalcy around the house while we're gone. Rosa and her pups are doing pretty well I'm happy to say. The two tinies are still so much smaller than they should be, but both have gained and toddle around the pen, as well as nibbling on the kibble or wet food I put in with them. I've also made sure they got the best teats with each nursing session and made sure that nursing sessions were frequent enough, even getting up once or twice a night to make sure they nursed during the night. I hope they continue to thrive once they are back with Kathy. I think that is all I have to report. This is the end of May. . . . . . . on to June and summertime fun!


5-24-21 Our fun and successful show weekend in Lincoln, NE is in the books. Winston took BOS in both shows on Saturday for 2 - 4 point majors; the 2nd one of the day also gave him the last of the points needed to earn his GCH title with AKC!!! On Sunday, he took BOB in both shows for 2 - 5 point majors and went on to win a Group 2 placement in the NOHS Toy group. Skye did pretty well too with three Select Bitch wins earning 3 point majors for each. I'm sad not being able to show her myself (since she and Winston both go in the ring at the same time), but glad that for the most part she does pretty well with whomever has taken her in. The last show this weekend though, she was NOT having it at all, so no placement, It was two long, hot days with 2 shows each day so I'd say she did/does pretty darn well for still being still under 1 year old. It was nice showing with our entire Midwest group of Biewer Terrier owners and I think a fun weekend was had by all.

I was able to see Faye's 2 male puppies (sired by Winston). They are both pretty nice looking and Kathy and I decided together which one would be our choice as pick of the litter, assuming of course that he continues to develop well. I also got to see just how tiny the two smallest pups of Rosa's actually were. . . . and boy are they TINY! Stubby (the one with the damaged tail that ended up falling off) seems very solidly built, but so small and weighs just over 6 ounces. The other little male that Kathy had put with Faye and her pups and was supplementing is pretty scrawny looking, but both of the boys get around just slightly behind what a normal 4 week old pup does I think. Rosa and her pups, along with River & Major, and Gem & Marshall all came home with us for a little over two weeks. With any luck I hope to get the two tiny pups' weights up to a better and maybe more normal weight range for their age.


5-14-21 Just a couple of quick notes; Kathy told me the other day that Dale Hunsberger was needing to go out of town on business, so he dropped his very pregnant (with Winston's puppies) Biewer Terrier Faye to her, to whelp & care for her pups until he got back. Faye had her puppies last night (5-13-21); 4 male puppies. Unfortunately, the first one and the last were stillborn. The first one was very large (7 oz) and the last one very tiny, just 1.4 oz. The other two boys had very nice weights in the 5 oz range. She sent pics of all of then; the tiny boy looked to have possibly died a while ago, head oddly round and loosing or had no hair. The shape and looks of his head eerily reminded me of what "rolled" out of Tina when she whelped her pup that had likely died the week before birth. Anyway, happy that at least the two live pups are seemingly healthy with good birth weights. It is my understanding that Kathy and I will get pick of the litter as (part of?) the stud fee.

Rosa's pups are 2 1/2 weeks old now and all are still alive & eyes are open. She has still been supplementing the two smallest ones and they are slowly gaining. "Stubby" as we have lovingly been calling the boy with the tail and belly issue is gaining pretty well, and as of yesterday had lost the dead part of his tail, living up to the nickname we have given him. With the other smaller male still gaining very little, I suggested the idea to see if she could put him with Faye and her newborns under her supervision. She did that this afternoon after she got home from work and the pup was nursing and it seemed that Faye was okay with it. Kathy said that if it was going well and still needed, she was going to see if Dale would take that pup home for Faye to raise along with her two. It may not be needed depending on how long Kathy is caring for Faye and her pups. Maybe, Rosa's little one will be doing much better by the time Dale takes the dogs back home. Kathy mentioned that it might be after the Lincoln show before he gets them back; if that's the case I will get the chance to see them before they go back to him. I'm secretly hoping that is the case so that I can see them, though I'm sure Kathy would prefer to have them off her hands sooner rather than later.


5-10-21 Surprisingly, Kathy WAS able to get the error in Gem's points from the Grand Island show corrected and just a couple of days later the points on the AKC records are changed to reflect as they should have been. Happy for Kathy as that would have been a big disappointment for her.

The Seward, NE show is in the books and it was a good weekend. Day 1, Winston took BOB, and for the first time got a group placement (Group 3) in the NOHS; that helps make the long day of waiting for the end of day shows worth waiting for. ALSO, Skye won BOS today earning the last 3 points she needed to achieve her AKC Championship title. I am pretty certain that being just under 9 months old makes her the youngest Biewer Terrier to earn the title. On day 2, Winston got the BOS placement; these two wins will leave just 6 more points needed to his GCH title! Hopefully that will happen in two weeks when we show again in Lincoln, NE.

I also got to meet in person Winston's first litter of puppies; the six puppies Rosa had two weeks ago. They all seem to be doing pretty well, two of them needing extra supplemental feedings. They seem to take these feedings well as I watched Kathy feed them and seem healthy & active, so I'm hoping they continue to thrive. They are both still pretty small, but gaining slow but sure. One of these little ones had an issue with his umbilical area and his tail. Kathy took him to her vet; he got an antibiotic which cleared up his belly issue, but the wound to his tail will cause it to be amputated if it does not fall off on its own. He otherwise seems to be doing okay and losing a part of his tail is better than losing him. Rosa and her puppies will be coming home with me after the Lincoln show so that I can take care of them (as well as Marshall, Gem, and River & Major) while Kathy and Dave are in Disneyworld with their grand-daughter. All will return back home in early June when Kathy & I go to the show in Hutchinson, KS. Life in our house will be a bit crazy for those couple of weeks for sure!!!!


5/6/21 Oh my gosh! . . . . . points are up on the AKC website for Saturday's show in Grand Island showing Winston having the BOB points/wins that were actually won by Gem. Kathy is going to be so upset as this win/points would have gotten her all of the majors and CH beat that she needed for her GCH, leaving her with only additional points needed to earn the title. This error is the second one in two shows that we've been to in Winston's favor. No doubt Kathy will try to get the error corrected when she finds out about it. Though I've heard the contrary on getting points changed at this point, I hope for her sake that it can be done.

As it turns out, Kathy did not even bother taking Ella in for an ultrasound after deciding from what she was seeing (or not seeing) that Ella was not pregnant. So looks like I won't be fostering/raising any more litters for Kathy for a while.

That's it for now; show in Seward coming up this weekend. Looking forward to it.


5/1/21 Came here to read what I had posted last and then realizing today was a new month decided to go ahead and write something to start the new month. It's May 1st, May Day, and the weather is windy but beautiful. Mowed the lawn and enjoyed some outside time with the dogs this morning and have plans with the siblings this evening with dinner at Jim & Duffy's. Jim and I enjoyed a morning at the zoo yesterday and then lunch at Stella's in Bellevue.

Kathy is still working, and working to keep Rosa's pups alive and well. There are two or three of them that she is working extra feedings with and 1 or 2 that are still only at or slightly below their birth weight. It kind of amazes me that they have made it this long with only extra feedings in the evenings (and through the night??). They are getting more round the clock care this weekend with her home, but then back to fending for themselves again next week. I look forward to seeing them next weekend when she brings them to Seward when we are there for the dog show. I hope they will all be thriving a bit better by then. That's really about it for now; looking forward to the show next weekend. The Rykers will be there with their 3 Biewers and I am hoping they don't steal the show (especially against our CH's) as they many times have in the past. I'm a little worried having them there is going to put a damper on Skye finishing her Championship though; I hope and pray that I'm wrong. All she needs is 3 little points. . . .

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