Paws for Puppy Tales - May 2022

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5-2-22 Home from a dog show weekend in Tulsa, OK which resulted in two more BOB/BOBOH wins for Winston as well as his/our first Group 1 placement in the NOHS Toy group ring!! THAT was exciting!! Also exciting was that Winston's boy CHAMP (being shown by Kathy) earned the last two points he needed and earned his AKC Champion title just about two weeks shy of his first birthday. I also got to meet the three GEM/WINSTON puppies that are now 6 months old who oddly are all 8+ lbs already. We're not sure how that happened and wonder if it is a fluke thing that happened or if something in their genes together produces HUGE puppies. It just seems to odd and can't imagine it would happen to all of their puppies if they were to be bred again (which is NOT the plan). They are otherwise nice pups and it's a shame that they will obviously be over standard, though one of the two was shown this weekend and did better than we would have thought. Guess maybe the judges like bigger pups over the other smaller puppies that Kathy has. We met up with David and Jennifer Harper at this show and left Winston with them after the shows on Sunday to continue on with his Westminster adventure. Loved it when Jennifer first came to talk with Winston on Saturday; though it took a few seconds for him to fully remember her, it was VERY obvious that once it clicked and he realized who she was he was SO EXCITED, and their connection and fondness for each other was obvious. They will be showing Winston in 5 week/weekends of shows for a total of 20 shows before Westminster on June 21; I'm sure hoping they will be able to get some group placements with him before he comes home, and certainly expecting/wanting a placement at Westminster! With that many shows between now and then, it seems pretty much a done deal that he will be able to earn the 43 points he needs to earn his AKC GCHS title. One can never be overly confident though as we learned two weeks ago in Grand Island when we "just knew" that Champ would have his CH title the last day of that show, ......... and then he didn't. So, we'll just hope, and wait and see about Winston's GCHS title, but once he has it, or after Westminster his show career will be finished. The timing is right that in June and after Westminster, Dolly's girls will be old enough to start showing, assuming they will continue to blossom into show quality dogs. So far, so good. In the meantime, I will be helping Kathy show her group of pups with another show coming up next weekend in Seward, NE. We had also planned on showing in Lincoln, NE (as we always have), but DARN if we didn't find out last night that the show entries are full before Kathy got her entries in, so their will be no Lincoln shows for us this year. BIG Bummer. . . .not quite so much for me since I really had no dogs of my own to show, but certainly would have at least been something to do/somewhere to go.

5-10-22 Seward, NE shows are in the books; whew, what a wild ride showing 8-ish dogs/puppies between Kathy and I. Thankfully we had Jim and Dave to stand with the dogs outside the ring and also did get a little help showing from a friend we see often at shows. It was still a bit frantic, but we got it done. And in doing so, RUBY, another of Winston's pups (now a bit over a year old) earned her AKC Champion title on Sunday; and though Champ did not get BOB either day, losing to Christine's dog one day and bitch the other, he did get BOBOH both days and earned a NOHS Group 4 on Saturday and an NOHS Group 3 on Sunday!! Way to go CHAMP!! Note to self: Kathy and Christine had a few "words" on Sunday morning because Christine was pulling her two Champions for Sundays show which would cause there to be no Champions to beat for Champ if he would have gotten a BOB win (a "bitch move" as Kathy put it). Christine felt bad and did end up showing Whisky . . . . . and unfortunately he ended up getting BOB instead of Champ.

In the meantime, Winston was with David & Jennifer showing at Purina Farms in Missouri. Unfortunately so was Stryker, another Windsong Champion, so Winston only placed Select on Friday and Saturday. Sunday he did get BOB. . . . . . because Stryker did not show up. Not sure how many points (if any) he may have earned; not a great start in reaching his GCHS title. :(

In getting home from Seward early Sunday afternoon, all of the kids (except Matt) came over to visit for Mother's Day and we ended up cooking hamburgers on the grill. So sad that Matt doesn't join us for much of anything anymore. . . . . . and the fact that after 2 months we still have no contact with Emily. I sure hope she is safe and happy and pray she comes back into our lives someday. I just don't understand her complete cut off from everyone in the family.

I also heard from Levi's new family and they have set up another visit with him on May 24th. The pups are now going on 13 weeks old. Their second visit to the vet for check up and shots went well; they are all happy healthy puppies. The girls are progressing nicely as possibilities for the show ring.

5-16-22 Wouldn't you know . . . . . . . . . after posting new photos of the 13 week old puppies on Facebook, pretty nice ones I might add (fresh after a bath), Debarah Billings messaged me expressing interest in one of Dolly's puppies. (I do owe her a puppy back per her contract when I purchased Dolly). Absolutely I was certain that the puppy she was interested in was LILA (my better pick between Lila and Lexi). My first reply to her was "Please tell me it's not LILA", to which she replied, "of course my eye goes to her" and thankfully added "show me the other when you can." So, I sent her a long sob story message back the next day with my most recent photos of Lexi, and so far though she has read and seen the message I have not heard back from her yet. So, I'm hoping there is still a chance that she will either take Lexi over Lila OR wait for Dolly's next litter when I breed her to Winston. My fingers are crossed that will be the case. Another bit of information from this past week. Matt texted that he had some new information about Emily, and then called to tell me the news. She is living with her boyfriend (which we pretty much knew), but the news was that Emily had called and talked to Beth letting her know that she had been pregnant, ending up with what Matt (I think mistakenly) said was "a blood clot or something in her fallopian tube". Right away my mind went to an ectopic pregnancy as did Kristen when I told her, but in any case Emily ended up having emergency surgery and from what Matt said, of course the pregnancy was not viable/the baby was lost, Emily could have died, and that Emily would never be able to have any other children. At the time I was just so glad to know that she was okay and to know that she did talk with Beth. Matt thinks she may have tried to call him as well but because he didn't recognize the number he didn't answer the call. But, as I think about it now it just makes me so sad to know that she went through all of that without the love and support of her family. I still hope and pray that she will come back into the family someday. Matt has such mixed emotions about how she left, I think stemming from his financial situation more than anything else. I don't say anything to him but he certainly can't expect her to stay living with him forever. The way she left was certainly not right but I think it just got to a breaking point to where she felt she had to leave. And as it turns out, the conversation between Emily and Beth was cut short when Beth brought up Emily leaving the way she did. There is a time and place for everything, and that was NOT the time Beth needed to be bringing up the how/why Emily left the way she did ..........

5-20-22 Show weekend for Winston in Abeline, Tx. He is the only Biewer Terrier showing today, following two days there are 1-1-1-1 supposedly showing. Hoping for BOB wins along with the chances for group placements too. I looked and saw that numbers were up for the next show he is entered in at the end of this month and all four days he is the only Biewer entered. Hoping he will at least get some group placements since there is no competition for him in the breed ring; which also means to chances to up his points towards his GCHS title. The way things are going, looking on the bright side, at lease it seems I will be able to show him a few more times after Westminster to get him to his GCH Silver title.

Texts from John last night that DK was taken to Children's Hospital for appendicitis and he will have surgery tomorrow. What a strange coincidence that just 3 months ago Crisler was in the hospital for the same thing.

Four days have passed since talking with Debarah about her interest in one of Dolly's puppies and so far no response to my message letting her know more about Lexie. I'm hoping that means she will hold off of the girls from this litter. I plan not to say anything more until after they go in for their final puppy vaccines on May 31, and then see what she says. I need to know one way or the other. Dolly went for her dental two days ago and ended up getting two teeth pulled because of tooth resorption. Something I've never heard of before and was told it is more common in cats. The rest of her teeth they told me are good and they look so nice & clean again!! She didn't seem bothered with any post extraction issues, but still I kept her away from her crazy pups for the day.

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