Paws for Puppy Tales - Nov. 2019

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Well geez, here we are almost at the end of November before my first entry for the month. Nothing going on? To busy?, ........not really sure. Let's see if I can remember what's been going on. The show I mentioned in my last entry in October was in Topeka, Ks; it was just Kathy and I with Biewer Terriers as as I expected Kathy's bitch Gem won both days. That dog has amazing attention and gait in the ring and she certainly deserves all of the wins she has earned. I have no qualms losing to her. My "qualms" come more from losing so consecutively with my dogs; so much so that I am almost embarrassed (?) to show them. They are hyper, or fearful, run rather than walk, and their attention is all over the place except where it should be. I don't work with them enough at home, nor do I know the proper way to train them. What I need is a "natural", something that Gem seems to be. Someday I hope to owna true winner

Moving into November, the new little male Kathy and I will co-own arrived home (to my house) on November1st. We decided that his registered name will be Windsong's Heaven Sent to the Heartland and we are going to call him Winston. Though he doesn't have the deep gold/tan on his head that I love, he is a nice looking pup and seems to have a happy, no fear attitude. Today, 11/24 at about a week shy of being 5 months old, he weighs about 4 1/4-4 1/2 lbs. He is a good eater and in training for show, he is food driven enough to be attentive to "bait". I entered him in his first show (AKC 4-6 month beginner puppy show) and he did really well. He showed no signs of being fearful, walked well on the lead. Needs more practice being on the table and/or needs to mature and learn it is not scary up there, but for his first time/first show he received many compliments and won Best Puppy in Show over about 7 or 8 other breeds on the second day of showing. Finally a nice win to boost my self-esteem!

Jewel, Mia, Hope, and Sunny are all still here with us. I've had a few inquiries with applications filled out, even had Jewel sold for a few days until the buyer backed out. Except for being listed on my "Available" page I haven't really been putting them out there. If not before, definitely after the holidays are over I will more actively try to find homes for them so that I can concentrate on finding a new girl (or two). I am really hoping that the breeder we got Winston from will have a nice bitch unrelated to Winston for me sometime down the line.

We celebrated Lucky's 15th birthday on November 19th. At the same time, it is sad/scary to realize that he is getting up there in years and though he is still doing good, he is also obviously aging. He is very special to us having been the start of this "hobby" of mine. It is hard to think about the time when he will no longer be here. We've been blessed and lucky o have Lucky in our lives.

Holidays are coming up! Thanksgiving is next Thursday, then Kathy & my trip to Orlando, FL. for the dog shows, and then the rush to get shopping and things down to be ready for Christmas. With all that, it may be another month before my next entry on this blog of mine. Stay tuned...

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