Paws for Puppy Tales - November 2020

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

11-25 Happy Thanksgiving! (tomorrow) It will be quite different this year with the covid pandemic still going strong; our traditional family dinner cancelled. Jim and I will fix a much smaller turkey dinner for two (rather than the usual 12-15), and the kids will be doing their own thing. Still, I/we are so thankful for all the good in our lives and believe that "this too shall pass" and life will be more normal again.

Our two new female puppies Dolly & Skye are doing very well. They both have had healthy appetites, great first check ups with our vet, along with no adverse reactions to their puppy vaccines. Having two rambunctious puppies as well as 1+ yr old Winston has been pretty wild. The younger girls can get quite rough and sometimes nip to hard; so much so that we will sometimes give Winston a reprieve from them by putting him up on the couch with us. It is also a way to preserve his coat from being damaged from their "play". Life stuck at home has been getting a bit boring, so having these girls here has given us some fun in watching them run and play, and keeps us a little busier in tending to their care and needs.


11/17 Our new Biewer Terrier "family" is finally complete! Our second little girl arrived home on Sunday, 11/15. Today, just two days later at 14 weeks old, Skye is adjusting to her new family and surroundings with absolutely no problems at all. Having seen many photos and videos of her since her birth, and meeting her in person at 7 weeks old, I already pretty much knew she was a pretty little girl with seemingly great conformation, and this was all confirmed when she arrived home on Sunday. Her top line is pretty perfect and she seems to have good confidence holding her tail curled over her back almost all of the time. Her weight is good at 3 lb 11 oz and she seems to have a healthy appetite, eating well since being here. Dolly's Wisdom DNA Panel results have come back showing her as 100% Biewer Terrier and clear of the 211 genetic health tests they ran. I've already got Skye's DNA sent and will have the results in 10-14 days. There shouldn't be any problems there as I already know that her breeder, Christine has done the same DNA testing on her parents and they are both clear of all health issues. Now that the search for my girls to breed with Winston is complete, I can just sit back and wait for them to mature into adults, as well as getting them into AKC shows as often as possible hoping to earn that prized "CH" front of their names.


11/7 This is a very hard entry for me to have to make; dreading this day for at least a few months knowing my time with Lucky was growing shorter. At just 2 weeks shy of his 16th birthday, the difficult decision to let Lucky go was made on Thursday, Nov. 5. Watching him seeming to lose his "fun" in life for quite a while and more recently in the past few weeks seeing how difficult it was for him to get around and spending much time sleeping, THIS day was different as I could see that the strength in his back legs was barely there, he would fall to his side and not be able to get upright without help, and he WOULD . NOT . EAT. In all of his 15+ years of life, I can't remember Lucky ever missing a meal and always wanting more. Today, several attempts offering him food, he showed no interest. I knew it was time; it was as if he was telling me so. We took him in at 6pm that evening and I held him as he slipped off to sleep, never to wake up again. No favorites in all of the dogs I have owned, but Lucky is our NUMBER 1 and forever and always will be. He took a great big piece of my heart with him when he left and it hurts so much knowing he's gone. But I know it was his time and am glad he is not suffering or unhappy any longer. Thank you my sweet Lucky boy for all of the good, and happiness that you brought into my life. Run free...................❤🌈


11/3 Home one day after being gone since 10/22 for dogs shows in Shawnee and Oklahoma City, OK. Eight days of shows and Winston comes home with 5 BOB/BMISC and 3 BOS wins, and more importantly enough points to earn his first CM! The last day of showing his BMISC win even earned him (me) a check for $40 along with his rosette ribbon! Kathy's girls shared the BOB and BOS wins with Winston. It was a fun and exciting trip but as always it is so good to be home. I took Dolly along on the trip to get her acclimated to show travel, the show scene and noises and was happy to see that she had no issues at all with any of it. She traveled well (after just one bout of car sickness) and showed no fear at all on the show grounds. She sat on the trolley taking it all in, even barking at some of the big dogs standing near by. She will not be able to actually show until after she turns 6 months old (January). I've been working on getting her to stack on the table a bit and am thinking when she does that well, her topline looks okay, so hoping to be able to show her when the time comes. Our other little girl Skye will be coming home soon, delivery date set for November 15th. Today she is 12 weeks old and she weighs in the 3 lb range. Her breeder Christine has been keeping in contact with me about her with videos more than photos, and information of what to feed her, her vet visit/shots, and potty training. I am anxious to get her home as a playmate for Dolly, hoping to give Winston more couch time keeping him/his coat safe from those crazy puppy teeth. So excited to soon, have the two girls I've been searching and waiting for for about a year home, and be on our way to maturing to nice show/breeding females. Any new litters is still quite a ways off, but at least we are finally on our way! On another note, our sweet Yorkie boy Lucky will be turning 16 years old later this month. As sad as it is to think about, I can't help but think that each birthday brings us one closer to it being his last birthday. I really think this 16th will be his last as he is showing so many signs of aging that even I wonder if we should just let him go. He is blind, deaf, and his poor little legs seem so weak, though he does still get around. He has doggie dementia and walks aimlessly or in circles a lot. He does still eat fairly well for the most part, and doesn't seem to be losing to much weight. I guess I'm not quite ready to let him go, but I know his time with us is getting shorter. Love my "Lucky boy", he was our first and is the paw-triarch of our furry family.

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