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Paws for Puppy Tales - November 2021

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

11-29-21 One last update for November to report on the dog show results in Council Bluffs. Showing Kathy's dogs for her on Saturday, it was not Marshalls day to get the major he needed for his AKC champion title. However, at just 7 months old and on his very first official show out for earning CH points, Champ (Winston's son) did get his very first 3 point major taking the BOS win! Added note that in doing the double pony tail (banded into one and normally not noticeable) as Kathy likes to do I was "corrected" by the judge that this was not allowed after she noticed it showing due to Champ messing his up a bit. Thankfully it didn't cost him a win (though maybe it did cost him getting the BOB spot???). I will definitely not be doing that again as even though it is usually not noticeable, the judges are beginning to look a bit closer at these dogs for standard, and I'm not going to take any chances. Anyway, Kathy was there on Sunday and showed Marshall and Champ herself and Marshall did take the Best of Winners spot to earn his last 3 point major to earn his AKC Champion title!!! Valerie and her husband were there to pick up a few things from Kathy and I, and brought Major along to show and confirm that both of his testicles have dropped after 10 months!! Another reason to celebrate this weekend and that we did with homemade cookies and fudge that Valerie brought. She also brought Kathy, Sharon, and I a little Christmas gift. All in all a fun show weekend. . . . even though I did forget to enter my own dogs. LOL After we were done with the show, Kathy and Dave stopped at our house to pick up Tina, Pixie, and their 11 puppies to take them home (along with Champ & Bennie). Big sigh. . . . .our house is back to normal! On to the month of December now with Winston's "road to Westminster" beginning on the 7th, leaving to go to the handler, our Orlando trip for the AKC National Championship show along with the NOHS Finals in mid December, and of course Christmas very shortly after getting home from that trip.


11-26-21 Oh lordy, this is a lot of dogs/puppies!! Besides my three, we've got Kathy's three show dogs, 2 mamas, and their 11 (yes 11) puppies!! Yesterday was Thanksgiving and all of the dogs were contained into different rooms and thankfully were relatively quiet the whole time we had family here for dinner. And truthfully, it is not the number of dogs/puppies, it is a specific two that are driving us crazy. 6-7 month old Bennie and Champ are WILD and CRAZY and do not sit still for a minute when they are given free run time. They get into the other dogs' faces making them irritable causing more havoc. I think if it wasn't for them we would be fine. I am still okay with doing this favor for Kathy, but will sure be glad when they go home on Sunday.

The dog show in Council Bluffs is tomorrow where I will be showing Kathy's 3 boys for her and helping her on Sunday. Keeping our fingers crossed that Marshall will win a major and finally earn his Champion title. I look forward to showing Winston's son Champ tomorrow at least since Kathy will be his custodial owner/handler since I have done so with Winston.

Family Thanksgiving was nice, but still without Matt or Emily. I don't know when or even if they will be joining us for the holidays. Matt always seems to come up with some excuse or just plain says no to coming, and it seems Emily is becoming her fathers' daughter. Makes me sad. . . . and mad as it seems the only time I see or hear from them is when they need something. On the up side, it was nice having John's whole family with us with Crisler & DK finally being in the U.S. Jenny and Brandon were also here along with Jesse and Allie too!. As always, Jesse, the picky eater that he is, ate none of our Thanksgiving feast and I later saw a photo of him at another family members home with a dinner roll, salad, and some beef sticks. Strange boy. . . . . Another Thanksgiving treat was to be able to watch/see a Biewer Terrier showing in the toy group on the National Dog show that was televised. The dog was a beauty, another Windsong dog (Winston's breeder); she was one of the few pulled for choosing the 1 - 4 placings, but did not get a placement. She will also one of the competition with Winston at Westminster.

Will update with Council Bluffs show results after the weekend is done.


11-18-21 Just an added note to the note about having Kathy's 3 boys here the Wednesday before Thanksgiving until Sunday after the show. . . . .earlier today she called to ask "a favor". Since they will be spending Thanksgiving at their sons home she found out today that she won't be able to bring Pixie, Tina, and all 11 puppies there with them, so she asked if they too could come spend those 5 days with us. Whoaaa!!!; that's a lot of dogs and puppies in the house! But of course I said yes with the only real issue, (if that's what you want to call it), is having that many dogs/puppies in the house on Thanksgiving day with the family here as well. The dogs/puppies will be kept in their pens in the bedrooms, so really should not be much of an issue. Kathy and Dave will be at the dog show on Sunday and will pick the puppies up before they head back to Kansas.


11-17-21 Well, pretty much all immediate necessary plans for the Orlando and New York trips are set, and after all of the thinking, planning, and doing with the flights, show entries, hotels, and hiring a professional handler for Westminster, it just seems odd to now sit and wait for the events to take place. All the while during finalizing these plans, I was also thinking I was set and

ready to go for the dog show in Council Bluffs the weekend after Thanksgiving, only to find out (to late) that I had forgotten to enter Winston and Skye. My mind must have REALLY been on Cloud 9 with all of the Westminster excitement, since mention of CBI shows was in conversation many times with not only Kathy but Da'Mob friends as well, and even with all of that it never crossed my mind that I did not make my entries. I really, really assumed I had already had it done; so weird! As it turns out though, Kathy will likely not be able to make it to the show on Saturday, so she is bringing her 3 boys to me the day before Thanksgiving so that I (with help from Brad & Sharon) can show them for her, and then she will likely be there on Sunday. So at least I still have reason to go to the show; plus in doing this, I will also get a chance to show Champ, Winston's son. We are also hoping and keeping our fingers crossed and praying that Marshall will win a Major on this weekend, and finally earn his AKC Champion title.

3 weeks now before Winston leaves for Texas to be with the handler(s) until after Westminster. I am glad to hear via Brad McDannald that David Harper is very excited that he is going to be showing Winston and has been telling people that he will soon have a "temporary Biewer". Brad really feels that we have made a good and the right choice in hiring David and it letting Winston go to him well in advance of Westminster so that they can create a nice bond in order to show well together. I still feel bad for Winston that he will be living the life of a "show dog" for a couple of months, but then at the same time assure myself that it is just temporary, and he will be fine. I am also anxious that living a more refined, scheduled life with the handlers, will help his coat to grow longer and better than it would if he was at home. Hoping and praying that Team Winston will do very well in Orlando and at Westminster!


11-12-21 Just an update that after a 3rd email to Jan Noble, Jax and Joy's new owner, I finally heard back from her yesterday. She mentioned that she had already sent an email to me, but for some reason it did not go through. With all of the photos and even a video that she had attached to the email, it's no wonder that it may not have gotten sent. My theory is that she clicked out of her email account before the email was finished processing the first time. ANYWAY, as I had hoped and assumed, she loves Jax and Joy and I was happy to hear that they had no problems adjusting to their new home. They have a new friend in her daughters Biewer named Bo and prefer to sleep with Jan, which I am happy to know that she let's them sleep with her so soon after getting there. There was no mention of potty training issues so that is a big PLUS. I was confident that she/they would do well at re-training them. So all is well with them and I couldn't be happier for all involved.


11-9-21 Another week has past and our plans are that much closer for Orlando & Westminster! We finally talked with the professional handler(s) David & Jennifer Harper a couple of days ago and finalized our plans in hiring them to show Winston at Westminster. Rather than waiting to meet them IN Orlando, new plans include getting Winston to them on December 7th) so that they can work with him and get him accustomed to them before Orlando, and the plan is that they will be showing him in all of the shows there except for the Owner-Handled Finals. They are also planning to show him the weekend before Orlando in Newbery, FL. to get him used to showing for them before then. It will be odd watching him in the ring instead of showing him myself, but I am also excited to see how he does with them. I'm sure they have their ways of training him in being attentive and excited to show with them, maybe even better than he is for me. I'm also curious to see and hopeful that they may do wonders with his coat while he is in their care. After the shows in Orlando comes getting ready for Westminster. There's been no mention of any other shows for him/them in January before then as of now. Professional handlers fees are not cheap and seems that they can add up fast we're finding out. Thankfully all handler fees, show fees, and travel expenses will be split between Kathy and I, as co-owners for Winston so that will help.

It's also been one week since Jax & Joy have been with their new family, and except for a photo and 1st night update from the puppy nanny that took them to their new home, I have not heard any other news on how they are doing. Brenda Pierce (the flight nanny) texted them the day after dropping them off and was told that their first night went great and when she jokingly asked if she needed to come back to get them, they adamantly answered no way! I on the other hand have emailed them twice asking for information on how they are doing with no reply. I don't get it. . . . . .and can only hope that no news is good news. Still, I hope to hear from them before to long.


11-2-21 Today is the day that Jax and Joy left for their new and forever home in Ohio. Dropped them off at the airport with the flight nanny at about 12:45 and left with tears welling up in my eyes. I'm happy that they've found a new home and their new family seems very excited to get them, but it makes me so sad to know they will have to once again adjust to a new place and new people, and have to wonder (however dogs do) where we went and why, just as they did when Dan & Heather's familiar faces "disappeared". I take comfort knowing from experience that they will adjust and be fine, and that they have the familiarity of each other for comfort. Just heard along with a photo about a minute ago that they are in their new family's arms, getting ready to start their new life. Winston is really going to Westminster!!!! Plans are in full swing with his entry confirmed, our hotel booked for January 24-27, 2022, and getting close to having a professional handler hired to show him there, thanks to the referral and help from Brad McDannald. He will be meeting with the handler this weekend and will have him contact Kathy with/for details and his contract information. Brad says the handler is very excited about the idea of showing a Biewer Terrier at Westminster so I think this possibility will work out. The handler's name is David Harper and he and his wife Jennifer have been showing dogs with over 60 years of combined experience. This is so exciting! Kathy and I have also been making final plans getting ready for Orlando in December. Hotel and flights are booked, all of our entries are made so basically just waiting for the date to get here. We may be meeting the professional handler there and possibly have him show Winston in some of the shows there to get them accustomed to each other. From there I think he will probably take Winston with him so that he can work with him more before Westminster and maybe condition his coat better than I can. Well maybe not "better", just more professionally. In other news, turns out that Kathy found out that she has Covid 3-4 days after getting back from Shawnee, OK shows. She spent a couple of nights in the hospital getting antibiotics and then sent home to recoup, quarantining until Nov. 11th. About 3 days later she told me that Shari Mason also got Covid!! Thankfully, I did not. I think it is due to getting my booster vaccine 3 weeks prior; Kathy had mentioned that the doctors were telling her that they've seen cases come in of people who were more than 6 months out from getting their first vaccines. Another reason I think that she and Shari got it is because they both have been run down dealing with birthing puppies through the night and keeping watch over ones in need, losing sleep making their immune systems a bit weaker than normal. That's it for this first post in November

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