Paws for Puppy Tales - October 2020

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

10-21 Dolly has been with us for one week and everything is going well. She made herself at home almost immediately with no issues with eating or sleeping. She's basically been given free run except for being put in a puppy pen at night to sleep. She's had a bed buddy (Marshall) which I assume may be helpful with no crying. Time will tell when we may have a lapse of her being in the pen alone at night when Marshall goes back to Kathy and before Skye comes home. She had her first visit with our vet this morning and checked out healthy and received her 2nd set of puppy shots. I've tried a few times to check her topline, and though it is difficult to get her to stand still or stack well being a wiggly pup that doesn't like to stand still or be on a table, I maybe see that she is a little high in the rear. I hope it's not bad enough that I can't show her and at the same time am okay with having less show expenses if I can't. But of course, would prefer her to be level and hoping it is just a growth issue. Time will tell.

Christine's puppy is 10 weeks old, so she could be ready to come home in just a couple of weeks!! Christine posted a video on FB of her (SKYE) the other day practicing her stack on the grooming table and "Oh my!", she looks really nice! I hope she will continue to train well once she gets here with me. I am no expert at training and wish I had more confidence in giving the dogs confidence when on the table. I'm afraid my frustration and/or expectations are not what they should be. In any case though, I believe Skye will do well in the show ring!

Leaving tomorrow for Kathy's for two show weekends in Oklahoma. Not really looking forward to being away from home for almost two weeks straight but with the shows so close together it just doesn't make sense to make the trip back home only to have to turn around and go back after a day or so. Two weekends of shows with the second one actually 5 days of shows, surely Winston will come home with his first CM title. Looking forward to that since he should have/ could have had it by now. . . . . . .yes, had he not been ripped off of points not just once, but twice. Maybe I will be able to put that all behind me once he finally gets that CM title he deserves..


10-15 SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS!!! The first of the two new female additions to my show/breeding program is finally home!! Dolly arrived safe and sound delivered by our new puppy nanny at noon yesterday from her birth place in Tennessee. The pick up and delivery went smoothly (with one flight change), but our new courier Carmella did an awesome job keeping both myself and Debarah in the loop with each leg of her trip here. I may not need the use of a courier for a while, but no doubt when I do I certainly hope Carmella is still in business. She will certainly get my recommendations for anyone that asks.

Though a little timid at first, Dolly soon seemed quite comfortable in her new home surroundings, and I find her to be sweet, and as cute as can be. It wasn't until later in the evening that I attempted to have her "stand" so that I might see what Debarah was noticing about her topline being not perfect, and in my eye I certainly did NOT see anything alarmingly wrong with it. Possibly a tad high in a spot but hard to tell with her fluffy hair and could also very well be just the gangly puppy stage she is in. Unless I see much more "off" at a later date I will definitely try showing her in the ring when I can. At just 14 weeks old we have some time for her to grow and see how she progresses. All in all, I am very happy with her as "Debarah's" choice as the girl that will best compliment as a breeding mate with Winston, and look forward to the day that we can do just that. Debarah came down a little on her price, and remains on her registration as "co-owner" until she has her first litter and will have first choice in a puppy back. Once that is fulfilled, her name will come off the registration and she will be solely mine.

Welcome to the Heartland Dolly!


10-8 It's really happening! Two days after hearing confirmation from Debarah that she's got the girl for me, we've got a date set to bring her home. After my last experience using our familiar courier Becky, and receiving an email from a new puppy nanny from Debarah, and then getting multiple rave reviews about this new unknown lady, I decided to giver her a try. Being a furloughed flight attendant and therefore flies for free, her price is less than Becky charges and after talking with her on the phone last night I have a feeling the whole travel experience will be more pleasant for all involved. Our new little girl will be here on October 14. . . . . just 6 days away! Debarah likes the registered name I picked out for her, "Windsongs Sweet Heartland Serenade", and after thinking on it for a few days I decided that her call name will be Dolly going along with the theme "windsongs, serenade, and coming from Tennessee country I figured Dolly, (thinking Dolly Parton) would be fitting. My original thought was to go with an autumn name (Ginger), but like the idea (and name) of Dolly better.

In talking with Carmella (puppy nanny) last night, I almost thought we might have an problem as she started her conversation with her "having a bit of a quandary, need to ask me a few questions, and not wanting to cause drama". Oh geez, here we go. As it turns out, her Biewer deliveries have been strictly for Karen Hansen of Rocky Mountain Biewers. Karen has been a thorn in the BTCA's side for years, and though her website is beautiful, IMO she has WAY to many dogs to give the type of socialization that I like to give and seems obvious that she is in it for the money more so than anything else. I remember Dr Patera, seeing her website and calling it a glorified puppy mill. ANYWAY, Carmella told me that when she talked with them about references because she was reaching out to other Biewer Terrier breeders for business, Karen told her that if she provides her services to any other Biewer breeders, she would be cut from delivering any of her dogs any longer, no ifs, ands, or buts! After Carmella finished her concerns, I in turn gave her my thoughts and thankfully, she agreed to go ahead and bring Dolly home anyway. I told her that if her services were as good as the references I talked to raved about, I could easily see how there could be many other breeders wanting to use her services down the road. Shaking my head on how Karen is trying to control things and keep good things from other Biewer breeders. Carmella described her as a nice person, but having a very German personality which I guess can be pushy, bossy, whatever which I guess is why she is so difficult to get along with. I'm staying out of it and just happy that the first of my two female Biewer Terriers is finally scheduled to come home!!


10-6 WoW! Heard from Debarah yesterday afternoon; "Are you ready for your girl?" AM I READY!!?? I have been so ready for so long. . . . just waiting on you Debarah (and the right pup to come along)! So it seems FINALLY I've got one of the two girls I've been searching for soon to be on her way here. Payment has been sent and now talking with a pet courier to fly her home. References need to be checked, then a date to be set. Stay tuned. . . . . .


10-5 A winning start to my October blog entry with our first time back in the ring since the pandemic began in Lincoln, NE. Winston and I had a very successful weekend with a total of 2 BOB wins, 2 Best in MISC show wins, and 1BOS win in a total of 4 shows, and showing with 9 other Biewer Terriers. We calculate that he won a total of 12 CM points; added to the 2 he already has puts him just 1 point shy of having his first CM title. Even though I was a bit disappointed coming up that short this weekend, I certainly can't complain to much with as well as he did do. Kathy and I are planning on attending a total of 7 (?) shows later this month in Shawnee, and then Oklahoma City, OK., and are pretty certain he will get that last point (and maybe more) then. I met Christine's puppies this weekend as well, more importantly my hopeful little girl Skye. She seemed smaller than I thought she would be with the weights I've been getting from Christine, but I think it's just her cobby little body. Picking her up I could feel she had a nice sturdy build which I like. She is adorable and I hope that she continues to progress nicely. My last conversation with Debarah about her female pup is still at a stand still after she stated that she would make a good breeding match for Winston, though she was not completely happy with her topline, saying it was "not perfect". I told her I was okay with that and asked how to proceed, but have not heard anything more from her yet. Ugh. . . . . that's Debarah for you. I just can't figure her out. Will have to wait and see (some more).........

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