Paws for Puppy Tales - September 2019

Updated: Aug 12, 2020


9-24-19 Gunner and Kallie have been with their new families for one week and initial reports are good; everyone is happy and adjusting well. Both Gunner and Kallie have been checked by their new vets and checked out well. I think the right family has been found for each of those precious pups. I was contacted by someone about a puppy, actually asking me if I knew of a Biewer breeder closer to her area in Ohio. I told her that I did not know anyone, but did mention about the pup I still have. We chatted (online) quite a bit and her major issue was how to get Mia to Ohio. Our chat ended with a "let me know if you hear of anyone in her area with an available dog/puppy, and I figured that was that. The next day as I filled out an online entry for Jewel for the dog show in Lawrence, Ks in mid October, I decided to go ahead and enter Mia as well since she is turning 6 months old in a few days and would be eligible to show in AKC All Breed shows. After doing so, I thought to myself, "now watch, since I have her entered in a show, someone will want to adopt her". Wouldn't you know, just an hour or so later I get another message from the same lady in Ohio stating that she had filled out my puppy application, just in case she figures out a way to get Mia picked up. I explained that many have made the drive from long distances or had found affordable round-trip flights. After letting her know the adoption process and cost, she said she will think on it some more and try to come up with a plan. It's now a sure thing, but sounds like a decent possibility. Fingers crossed it will work out. Tomorrow will be 3 weeks since the "oops" tie with Hope & Sunny. Still to soon to know one way or the other if the one breeding took, so we are still holding onto the hope that she is NOT pregnant. As much as we were fairly certain to just have her spayed if she is, debating a bit today if we should just let her have the pups and watch carefully for any possible issues and hope for the best. Still, hope and pray that pups are not on the way. We could really use a break after all that has happened. On a good note, I did hear from Gina today and Dolly/Camie is doing well. Recent check up had her taken off the anti-seizure meds and she was strong & well enough to get her rabies shot. Video seen of her showed her happy & playful. Thankful that Gina had the love and means to help this precious little girl.


9-14-19 Here we are mid September already. I've thought about starting my September blog a week or so ago, but decided to wait for the "done deals" before writing. Done deals being that both Gunner and one of the last two pups from our "K" litter that I was holding on to (Kallie), have found their forever homes and are now with their new families. Gunner was adopted by an older gentleman from Michigan; a widower who lost his wife last year and then his schnauzer a few months ago. So he is alone and needing a companion to spend his days with. For this reason, I think that he and Gunner will be a great match since Gunner has always seemed to be an "old soul" who likes nothing more than to be with his person, and with his knee problems doesn't want/need to play as rough as other dogs his age. My main concern with this adoption is that the man has never owned such a small dog before, but he seemed to genuinely love Gunner from first sight and I think the care Gunner needs is exactly what he will be willing and able to give him. He said he looked forward to watching that Gunner eats enough and even okay with hand feeding him if need be. I hope and pray they will be a good fit for each other and live many happy years together. Kallie was adopted by a lady (and her husband) who had a Biewer Terrier before, that they had gotten from Gayle Pruett. She found me through the BTCA website. After chatting with her via email and then on the phone, she made the decision to adopt one of the girls, leaning towards Kallie but said she would make her final decision after seeing them both. She and her husband made the long drive from Arkansas and made the very difficult decision (they loved both of the girls) to take Kallie as their own. They even slightly toyed with the idea of taking them both; that would have been so cool! They live in Arkansas but travel to Arizona to live in the winter months so Kallie will be a traveling girl. I think she will live a happy & spoiled good life with this family. So, we are left with just Mia for now; oh how I love this girl and am so disappointed that my hopes for her are down the drain because of her sisters liver shunt. I hope her forever family is found soon but she is here to stay until then. Another big UGH! was added to our stress that was finally starting to wane about a week and a half ago. Hope was in heat and not only did we NOT intend on breeding her this time, certainly not with Sunny. Well. . . . . . . .wouldn't you know it and you can probably guess. Oops ties actually do happen and Sunny got to Hope when I wasn't looking. She was in a small pen, I went to the bathroom and came out to find Sunny in the pen with her and they were tied. He had jumped up onto the couch and jumped in the pen with her. One tie, mid cycle; during what I would consider a time that would optimal for a good chance at a pregnancy happening. Hoping and praying hard that instead this will be one of those times that the breeding does NOT take. As mentioned, we did not intend on having a litter of pups this time and REALLY need a break after all that's happened, and not wanting to chance another Sunny/Hope litter since all I've read is to not breed this pair again. That being said, IF Hope did get pregnant we will likely have her spayed to dissolve the pregnancy, which will also dissolve the chance of ever breeding her to any other males in the future. Please God, please; don't let Hope be pregnant. In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

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