Paws for Puppy Tales - September 2020

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

9-28 Oh lordy; dealing with Debarah is one thing I definitely will not miss. Here we are two days later and we are nowhere further than we were. In our last conversation the other day I requested a photo of the pup (full side view) to which she replied would come later that afternoon. . . . . . . . . . . two days later, still nothing. This whole process is on Debarah's time, like it or not. I'm not liking it very much any more which is why I will be glad to get this signed, sealed, and delivered. Pup will be 12 weeks old on Wednesday, the 30th so I'm giving her til then at least before once again, messaging her. Busy or not, I just don't get it. Her Biewer Terriers are very good quality, but unmatched with very poor customer service. IMO


9-26 Well after all the negativity I wrote about the pup from Debarah here two days ago, BAM!, the next day she messages me stating that she feels that this pup is the right one! After a few conversations and requests for more pics and a video (which I got today), it is now pretty much a done deal and little miss Windsong's Sweet Heartland Serenade could be here in the next couple of weeks. Guess I'd better be coming up with her call name pretty quick. Paperwork needs to get in order, payment sent, and arrangements to get her here need to be set up but yes, it looks like FINALLY my Windsong girl has been found. Thank the Lord!!


9-24 Okay, what the heck; I'll make another entry. . . . for lack of anything better to do and because I am getting so excited at the prospect of bringing Christine's puppy home. Skye is now a little over 6 weeks old, so just 6 more weeks (end of October) to go! With the fact that Christine keeps me pretty well satisfied with videos, pics, and information about her & her siblings, the fact that I will get to meet her in just one more week at the Lincoln, NE dog show, and that Kathy and I are planning on staying busy with dog shows in the month of October, I'm thinking that time will fly by and Skye will be coming home before I know it! More good news is that Christine told me today that she has a good friend lined up that has offered to drive Skye to Omaha for us when the time comes, so the "how do I get her home" question is taken care of. As far as the Windsong puppy goes, still have not heard anything more from Debarah about her. This puppy is 11 weeks old now so I would think she would/SHOULD be talking more with me about her; actually would like to have heard and seem more about her all along. I'm getting to the point I think that I am tired of dealing with the "poor service" by Debarah, and therefore starting to feel that I won't be so disappointed if the puppy does not work out. It's hard to get excited at the prospect of getting her when I've seen and heard so little about her all along. And I don't know; just getting tired of waiting with little to no information offered from her without me asking; and even then the information is like the bare minimum. I've even been thinking of just waiting for her to come to me about this puppy whereas my original thought since our last contact was to contact her again when the pup is 12 weeks old. Think I will at least wait a little past that point to see if she says anything. If this girl is not the one I guess I will get my deposit back from her and move on. We'll see, I guess. The Lincoln, NE show is next weekend and I'm looking forward to it, holding onto hope of Winston winning some and adding a few more points towards his CM. Kathy has been looking at going to two shows in Oklahoma the last two weekend in October and I pretty much decided today that I will be going to both of them with her. Debated a bit about skipping the first one because they were so close together (the drive to her house), but since the second shows will be 5 days (Wed-Sun), I plan to just stay at Kathy's for the two days after the first weekend, rather than going home and coming right back a day or two later. My thought to skip the first show was partially because I feel slightly guilty that I get to go somewhere and Jim is stuck at home, but remind myself that it's pretty much his choice that he goes nowhere and that if he wanted to go do something he certainly could. So really my guilt is unwarranted. That's it, nothing really new, just putting my thoughts in print.


9-16 With fairly regular posts to my blog lately you'd think I have a life to tell about, but actually my frequent posts is more out of boredom than things to tell. That and maybe I keep coming to my website wishing I had new pictures or news to add to the website instead of just my private blog. Fingers crossed that soon there will be some changes and additions to the website itself. Last night Christine was wanting to confirm the AKC registered name for her/my girl saying that she was going to get it filled out for me to sign when we are in Lincoln. I confirmed the name I had chosen, but expressed hesitation in making it that official while Skye (the puppy) is still so young; reminding her that with 6 more weeks still to go/grow there was always the possibility that she could not work out for me. Certainly not expecting or wanting anything like that to happen, but you just never know. She agreed that she was jumping the gun and said she will hold off on the registration for now. The litter is now 5 1/2 weeks old and doing great. Skye is about 1 1/2 lbs and charting in the 6 lb range.........perfect! Haven't heard any more from Debarah (no surprise) and figure I will give her until the end of the month before asking again. I did however see that she posted on Facebook about a 10 week old male puppy whose eyes never opened (meaning he has no eyes). I automatically assumed that he was a sibling to the female I've been talking to Debarah about, but not really sure since she does not give out information on any pups/litters unless she is considering them for me. The age of this male is VERY close which makes me assume he is a littermate. Saw that information and hoped it would not affect the possibility of getting the female. Debarah sent me the photos of the girl (at 8 weeks old) knowing about the little boy so I'm guessing she is still a possibility. We'll (wait and) see. . . . . . . That's it for doggie news. Covid has put a damper on this summer goings on, but my sisters and I have been blessed to be able to enjoy the backyard resort of my nephew's swimming pool and hot tub once a week for most of the summer. It has truly been GRAND and such a blessing having that day each week to look forward to. So blessed and thankful for this family of mine.


9-10 Just a quickie; I did get photos of Debarah's pup over the weekend as promised and at 8 weeks I do like what I see of this female as well. Fingers crossed that she will work out in my favor. My reply to Debarah thanking her for the pictures and questions asked went unanswered so I am back to waiting on her. This is the way she works :/, partially I think that her life is filled these days with taking care of her elderly mother's needs, and that she doesn't seem to give much about a pup unless she is fairly certain of their show/breeding quality. Christine on the other hand has been very accommodating with pictures and videos. Her pups are 4 weeks old now and getting playful and fun. I've decided on a name for her; **ICE ICE BABY STARLIT HEARTLAND SKY** and will call her Skye. Now let's just hope she progresses nicely and actually gets to come be a part of the Heartland breeding family. Actually came up with a name for Debarah's girl as well **Windsong's Sweet Heartland Serenade**; have not come up with a call name for her just yet. But I'm very happy with the AKC registered names. Now, if I could just get these two girls here, Heartland's show/breeding program will be back in action!


9-5 Time to get the September blog started. First up is that the entries opened up for the Lincoln NE show first weekend of October, and Kathy & I were right there at 8pm on Sept. 3 to submit our entries. Confirmation came through today (via charges to our credit cards) that our entries were counted as part of the 1000 entries allowed. So it looks like FINALLY I will be showing again. It's been a long time coming with no shows since late February because of the Covid pandemic. It's still going on, but precautions are being taken and wearing masks is mandated. Looking forward to the show and hope Winston looks and does well enough to win over the Rykers' dogs. Secretly wish (for that reason) that they were not going to be there, but they will be. Christine also submitted entries for the show and plans to be there with Gracie & Whisky. I do believe that she will be traveling with her litter of pups (the female I am hoping for), so I will hopefully get to meet her that weekend. The pups will be just shy of 8 weeks old, so a fun age to meet her for the first time. I'm hoping really hard that she will be one of the two female pups I've been pretty patiently waiting for. I spoke with Debarah B. yesterday inquiring about an update and photos of her female and got pretty much the usual, "she's looking very nice" with an added weight info of 1.14 lbs at 8 weeks. She told me that pictures would be taken this weekend so I'm hoping new pics will be coming soon (hopefully without me having to ask for them again). Other than that I don't know too much about this pup so it's hard to get to excited about her right now. I'm hoping she too will be the one of the two girls I hope to add. If she works out, she will be of age to come home in early October. Fingers crossed and lot of prayers that soon my blog posts will be of welcoming two new pretty girls to the Heartland show/breeding program.

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