Paws for Puppy Tales - September 2021

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9-20-21 WELL. . . .so upset with the news that nephew Dan and his wife Heather are wanting to rehome the puppies they adopted from me 3 years ago for what I consider a "not good" reason. There is no life changing event causing this need; only in Heather's word. . . . "owning dogs puts a significant restraint on how we would otherwise choose to live". And the reason for that is because they like to "get up and go"/travel and owning pets does not make that easy. But the real kicker was when Heather said: "While they are the sweetest dogs ever and we are very fond of them, we are not natural dog owners". WTF!!???!! This makes me so angry since their way of life was they same 3 years ago, so why the hell did they adopt the puppies in the first place. And not just A puppy. . . . but two puppies!!! So now I need to find Jax and Joy a new home with two fairly big issues making that a bit more difficult than normal. Rehoming adults is not terribly hard, but since Jax and Joy are very bonded, we all agree that they should only be rehomed together. This is the first hurdle; the second one is that Dan & Heather chose not to keep the hair on their ears trimmed short causing their ears to not stand erect as the Biewer Terrier standard states, so that may also be an issue for potential adopters. It certainly would in my case. The whole thing makes me sad and mad. At first Dan & Heather said they were committed to keeping them until a home is found, if not I told them they should send them back to me especially since they did mention something about a Yorkie rescue which I adamantly forbade them to do. I assume because of my "offer" to take them back, they quite quickly changed their tune and now Jax & Joy will be coming here this weekend to live until a new home is found. I've already listed them on my website; I hope a loving FOREVER home is found for them sooner rather than later.

In other news, we've had one or two swim days this month at Mark & Karen's pool and though we have another "last" one planned for today, the weather changed from 88 to mid 70's & rainy so maybe last week's swim will have been our last for the year. Fall is almost officially here.

Plans for John & Crisler's wedding/welcome party are in the works, I'm not quite as stressed about it as I was. My biggest stress point is hoping for good weather since is must be held outside. So far the forecast is a good one, but we're in Nebraska and it seems it is ever changing. Keeping my hopes up and fingers crossed.

I think that's about it for now. . . . . . . .

9/8/21 I thought, "it's September 8th, maybe I should start the months' blog. . . . but nothing new is going on". Then I remembered there is one bit of doggie news, that may have started the last day or so of August, but only recognized for certain this month. SKYE is finally having her first heat cycle just shy of 13 months old. In one of the recent baths/grooming in late August I remember thinking her vulva seemed slightly larger than it had been but I just attributed it to her maturing and turning 1 year old. But, the last day with Kathy back at her house after the Topeka shows even she mentioned that it seemed "pretty big". This was on August 29. After returning home the next day I decided to check her closer (it's so hard to see anything because of her long dark coat), but yes, most definitely I could tell that she was beginning to swell. I did not see anything that looked like she was bleeding until the first day or two of September, so I am really not quite sure what her "day 1" would be. I went ahead and marked my calendar with it being on August 30, and am just watching she and Winston for signs of standing heat. So far on what might be day 10 there has been some slight interest from him but nothing to crazy, and she definitely tells him she wants nothing to do with him in that respect. Of course there will be no breeding this time around.

There will also be no more shows for us until early October in Lincoln, NE. Skipping the Des Moines show next weekend and Kathy has decided no more until Lincoln and/or until the puppies she has are old enough to show. With school, and 3 of her girls bred and hopefully pregnant (including Gem), she will be busy with puppies and with Gem one of the pregnant hopefuls, she would only have Marshall to show until the puppies are old enough.

As it turns out, the weekend of the only possible September show is the weekend that was decided upon as the date to host our Wedding/Welcome Celebration for John, Crisler, & DK. The party is planned for 9/25/21, being held in our back yard so hoping for a beautiful fall day weather-wise. Inviting only family siblings (on both sides), so not to large of a crowd. There is also Gage's postponed birthday party coming up on September 18th. And excited that we sisters will have at least one more swim party at Mark & Karen's this coming Friday with temps predicted to be 90.. . .YES!!!

That's about it for now; I'll pop in again at least one more time this month with news of how these things turned out.

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