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Paws for Puppy Tales - September 2022

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

9-27-22 Just 3 more days in September so this will likely be the last entry for the month. This month seems to have flown by and with October just around the corner its hard to believe Skye's puppies will be here in just a few short weeks. She is doing well, eating pretty good and her belly is growing but so far not to big; whereas I think she will probably have no more than 2-3 puppies. With being just 2 weeks past Dolly's breeding dates it is obviously to early to know anything, but her weight has gone down an ounce or two in the past two weeks, her appetite is slightly less and/or seems to prefer eating later in the day, and she has had 2 days with an upset stomach. I've wondered if I might "know" sooner than her first time since she's had a previous litter, but so far she still has me guessing.

I will be heading out to lunch today with the sisters in celebration of Virgie's birthday coming up on the 29th. Other than that it's been a lot of sitting at home with no where to go/nothing to do/no money that I need to spend. That will change in a few weeks when puppies are due to arrive with vet appointments for x-ray(s), puppy food, whelping supplies, and who knows what else. Looking forward to it!


9-24-22 Just a short update; Dolly had an "off" day this past week, a gurgly stomach, not eating well and/or when she did eat something she pretty much threw it up. At just a week and a half past being bred I'm not sure if this would be some morning sickness or if she just didn't feel well that day, but noting it just in case. Skye is doing okay, eating a little better though I still make sure she eats, helping: aka spoon/hand feeding when needed. I also called the vet and made the appointment for her x-ray to be sure to get her in when needed; it is set for October 11th. And, in talking with Connie this past week, she does want to go to the Lincoln dog shows, so if I need to stay in a hotel she can stay with me, and Jim can stay with the girls. Show times are not posted yet, so still waiting on that news. That's it; quiet week at home this past week


9-21-22 I am convinced and stating out loud that Skye is definitely pregnant! Her belly is filling out and it's just pretty obvious; right on queue at being 5 weeks along. . . half way through her pregnancy. She is eating on her own time, but mostly just canned food so I've been sneaking in kibble ground up finely and mixed in with the canned. Since she eats when she wants to I just make sure to offer it to her throughout the day. Dolly is at just a week past her breeding's so of course much to early to know or even notice anything.

The dog show in Lincoln is coming up the first weekend of October; hard to believe September is half over already. I think staying the weekend is out with Skye being pregnant since I don't want to leave her in someone else's care for two days. But not knowing the show times pretty much until a week or so before the shows, I think I will book a hotel just in case; for just myself if need be with Jim staying home with Skye & Dolly. If the show times are good for traveling back and forth each day I will cancel the hotel and we can both go to the show. Talking with Connie, she will go to Lincoln with me if I "need" her, but otherwise would like to go see her step dad in Arkansas. I certainly don't NEED her to go, but would enjoy her company if Jim doesn't go. But, we'll just have to wait until the show times come out before I know anything for sure.

Nothing much else to report. Matt is trying to take a week without any doctor appointments. That freed me up for what will likely be our last swim day at Mark & Karen's pool yesterday. It was 100 degrees so a great day for swimming in mid September. Temps are predicted to be more fall-like the rest of this week and into next, with tomorrow being the official first day of autumn.


9-14-22 We are on day 16 of Dolly's heat cycle, done with breeding having AI'd on day 11 and on days 13 thru 15. I am very hopeful there will be puppies from both her AND Skye.

I spent the day yesterday with Matt, taking him to what we thought would be an eye appointment for new glasses, but ended up at an eye specialist with issues due to his diabetes. Will need to take him back again later today for hopefully some better news. Matt is getting very down, depressed, and tired of all that his happening to him. I can't blame him and feel so bad for him; I wish there was more that I could do, or better yet wish this was not happening to him at all.


9-12-22 The shows in Des Moines were this past weekend and it went well. Being with Valerie and Larry was nice and like our normal friendship; I think even more comfortable not having Kathy there (only because she talks much more than I do so there would have been less conversation between Valerie & I had she been there). Also, a nice surprise to see that Brad & Sharon were also there (with their grand-daughter Mandy), and things seemed normal between them and I as well, again more so without Kathy there. Point being that they are all (or seem to be) closer friends with Kathy than with me. ANYWAY, I talked with Brad a little and he mentioned something about his philosophy of people/friends need to NOT plan so many shows together so as not to "give" wins/points to a dog you know will likely beat your own dogs. There was more to it than this, but it kind of made sense, and what he was saying hinted to me that maybe that is a part of the reason for Kathy's' distancing herself from me in going to shows together. Not so much with them and Valerie because they show different breeds so do not interfere with that philosophy. But still, HOW she went about doing it was not a good way and does not explain why we don't chat like we used to. My only logical ASSUMPTION is that she didn't want to straight out tell me we wouldn't be going to shows together explaining Brad's thoughts, afraid she would come across as mean and hurt my feelings (which happened anyway), and we don't chat like we used to because she assumes I am upset, mad, or that I don't consider her a friend anymore. Either way our friendship has certainly changed and I'm not sure it will ever be the same again. I still have thoughts that I would like to end our co-ownership with Winston and Champ, with me keeping Winston as my own, and she can have Champ, taking each other's names off of their AKC registrations. Not sure if/when I might bring that up to her; we'll see.

So, the show itself went well enough. Bummed that yes, Stryker was there both Saturday & Sunday, and as assumed took the BOB wins both days. Thankfully, Winston did get the Select Dog/BOBOH placement both days along with two NOHS Grp 4 placements, so I consider the weekend a success even though points towards his GCH Silver title were slim (1 point each day) to none. The trip to Des Moines with Connie went well; on the way home she said she DID have fun, learning a lot, and interested in going to more and hopefully getting herself in the ring someday.

Things are looking more & more on the positive side that Skye is pregnant which is GREAT though still a little early to actually admit out loud that she is. She will be 4 weeks along later this week, so maybe in another week we will be to that point. Dolly and Winston are still eager and playful, even more so last Friday on her day 11, so I let them give it a try on Friday before I left for Des Moines. It didn't seem they were going to get the tie, so I went ahead and AI'd them. It seemed a bit fumbled like Skye's first one, I think maybe because she wasn't quite ready. When I got home last night from Des Moines, they were both HIGHLY interested in each other. We ended up though doing another AI, this one going much better than the first. Hopes are high that I will be having two litters here within the next 2 months.


9-6-22 After realizing this past weekend was another dog show missed while Kathy, Valerie, and Brad were enjoying their time at the Amana Ia shows, I can't help but feel sad and left out and wondering again why/what caused Kathy and my close friendship to be gone. I know it is not just (or at all) that traveling with her husband Dave is easier for her. If that were the case we would still be chatting with each other on FB and occasionally by phone. She would still be checking to see if I was maybe planning on being at a show for sharing grooming area, but there was none of that for Amana, nothing about the upcoming Colfax shows, only the Lincoln show where she knows I will drive myself to. I so badly want to ask her why this has happened, to get a real definitive answer, but tell myself not before Lincoln so as not to be uncomfortable being in close proximity since our grooming areas will be shared. I'd love to discuss it with Valerie, but don't want to put her in the middle of it. Added note, later in the day after making this post, another mis-sent message between Valerie and me (a message that was meant for Kathy from Valerie), leads me to being even more sure my feelings are correct. But I still don't know exactly why?????

The Des Moines show is coming up this weekend; even that it seems weird that Connie and I are going together yet I talk with her much more infrequently than I thought we would be, and especially with the show/travel coming up. I wonder if she is excited at all, like she seemed to be when she first adopted Lexi; she doesn't seem to be. I would love to ask her about the Colfax, IA shows at the end of September, but right not I don't think she seems excited enough about Des Moines to want to go anywhere else. Plus, feel the need to see how Des Moines traveling together goes before adding any other travel plans. Trouble is entries for Colfax close tomorrow. I have even been tempted to go to Colfax myself, but when I mentioned it to Jim I get the same wishy-washy answers I always get from him, so seems I will be missing that show too.

Then there is Matt; he is having more issues with his health with more doctor visits scheduled. I hope and pray that his new problems with swelling in feet, legs, etc. is something that can be corrected and/or controlled, and not something more serious. I am worried about him and for him, and it is another thing weighing on my mind, making me sad. He just doesn't deserve all the heartache that he has/had in his life.

To end this depressing post on a lighter note, I am still cautiously hopeful that Skye is pregnant. Today is 3 weeks post her first (fumbled) AI, and her appetite is definitely lessened with now having thrown up twice in the last week or so. I've been giving her a bit of Dyne at least once a day for the nutrients she's been missing with not eating well. AND, Dolly is now on day 8 of her heat cycle. Winston has been much more interested in these early days with her than he was with Skye; such a huge difference. I'm pretty certain they will be able to breed naturally having seen many attempts to mount her already and Dolly is flagging and standing for him. I will breed them this coming Friday before leaving for Des Moines (her day 11), and then let them breed for at least 3 days when we get back on Sunday (days 13-16). With luck I will finally get some Winston babies of my own.


9-3-22 Can't help but note the HUGE difference in Dolly & Skye's heats. Whereas Skye/Winston interest was slim to none, here we are on only day 5 of Dolly's cycle and Winston and Dolly have already been flirting, he's been sniffing and even trying to mount her a few times. Both of Skye's cycles were so different than any I've experienced; I'm pretty much attributing it to her personality rather than something being off with her cycles. I may think otherwise if she does not get pregnant this time since I believe she was AI'd on appropriate days. At this point, coming up on 3 weeks post being bred I am cautiously hopeful as she seems much more "needy" than her usual being off to herself, and it seems she is beginning to go off her normal eating routine. She also threw up yesterday morning. So, my hopes are up; keeping my fingers crossed.

A full sibling gathering today at Mark & Karen's (pool) for a swim/cookout birthday party for Mary Jane's 79th birthday today. The temp is only supposed to be low 80's but sunny, so with the heated pool water I think it will be okay for swimming. Siblings and spouses will be there as well as a few of Mary Janes other kids/gran-kids (all adult age). Should be a fun day.


9-1-22 Love is in the air again, or at least it will be in a week or two; Dolly's DAY 1 of her heat cycle started on August 30th. Going by her the success of her last breeding, her most fertile time will be right when I get back from the show in Des Moines which works out well in not having to worry about taking her along with us. So excited for the prospect of having (hopefully) not one, but two litters of Winston puppies soon, and hoping & praying that I will not be disappointed. Here we are starting a new month, the month autumn begins. As much as I love summer I think fall may be a close favorite for me with the warm turning to cool, but not yet cold. I think maybe summer and fall are neck and neck as my favorites, followed by spring. . . . and well, winter weather lags to far back to even measure on the scale to like or dislike. It is just tolerated.

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