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Biewer Terriers have been a part of my life since 2010.  After seeing my first Biewer Terrier puppy at a Yorkie meet up I attended, it was immediately apparent that I wanted to become involved with bringing this new breed into full AKC acceptance.  I began reading as  much as I could about this fairly new breed, and through that research I found a reputable breeder with the same passion & love for their dogs as I have. In finding that reputable breeder, I also found my first pair of Biewer Terriers, the two that would become the foundation of my Biewer Terrier breeding program.  Through these beautiful dogs, it became my goal to breed not only healthy, happy, well socialized puppies, but also Biewer Terriers that meet the breed standard, in hopes of realizing my own continuing dream of raising a puppy that I can someday take into the show ring.

With the constant news and changes taking place as the Biewer Terrier gained popularity, there were always new things to learn.  And as we have gone through the ups and downs of the process in moving up to full AKC acceptance, having these sweet souls as a part of our family has brought a smile to my face every single day.  My dream of taking the Biewer Terries into the show ring began in 2016, and I continue "living my dream" to date.


Please, take a few minutes to browse through my website and share in the joy these little ones have brought into our lives!


Thank you for visiting!  

~ Rose ~

11-19 Reggie with his last litter of pup
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