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I can’t say enough how wonderful of a personality Layla has.  She loves to give kisses 
and she fits in perfectly with our family.  I feel so blessed to be her human mom. :) 
Her personality is so much bigger than her little body! :)  She loves to play with all of her toys, as well as being a true lap dog.  The only time she barks is when she is playing with our cat who is so much bigger than she is.  I suppose her bark makes her feel bigger!  LOL  Her potty training is going well, her appetite is good, and she loves to go for car rides!  There hasn't been one person that come in contact with Layla that doesn't absolutely fall in love with her little face.  I couldn't tell you the number of people that have could not resist when they see her if they can stop to see her closer and pet her.  They ask about what breed she is & how beautiful she is.
Thank you Rose for allowing Layla to join our family. She is truly a gift and every day I am so thankful for her sweet and spunky personality.  She has taken over the role of “baby of the family” and gets spoiled with toys, love, affection, and more.  We wouldn’t want it any other way. :)

Tammy S - Layla (Biewer Terrier "H" Litter)

Layla @ 1 yr (4).jpg

"Rose, it is bittersweet to recall (I say thru tears) but.... It was the horrific tornado in Joplin, MO that prompted Gary and I to decide to adopt a small pet from the animals displaced and/or who lost their family. By the time Gary had his turn, all the small ones were adopted. (Note that all animals found new homes). ♥  And so we decided to go with my next love, a Biewer and I could not be happier or more blessed to have found such an amazing breeder and friend and to have my love compounded with our precious Austen. We love him to the moon and back!!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! "                

Denise G.

Austen (BiewerTerrier "A" Litter) 

9-29 Frisco (Gizmo) _ 1 year.JPG

I came across Rose as we were in the process of looking for a Yorkshire.  I had never heard of, or seen a Biewer Terrier, but I saw a short video of her "F" litter on Facebook and I quickly fell in love with the playfulness of the puppies.  I contacted her through FB and she replied within a short period and sent me more information on her puppies. The first sign that she is a quality breeder is that she does not release her puppies until about 12 weeks. Every puppy place I had come across was releasing the babies around 6 weeks which was concerning. Rose wants to make sure her puppies are healthy and ready for their new home. Second sign of a quality breeder - when I asked if I could see where the puppies have been staying she gladly said yes.  In our search for a puppy I found that most breeders would not let us see where the puppies were being kept which was a red flag as to the conditions they may be living in. We brought Gizmo home at 12 weeks and he was socially ready to be around people and other house pets. He is a wonderful dog!  Very smart and pretty simple to train. His manners are mild, small terriers are usually skittish and yippy, but that has not been the case with Gizmo. He's a fun dog to play with and a perfect lap dog. My family and I are so happy that we found Rose; she is breeding a wonderful quality dog and sincerely loves and cares about each and every one of her puppies.  

Thank you again Rose for breeding such a wonderful dog!

Debbie F.                                                                                                                       

Gizmo (FRISCO - Biewer Terrier "F" Litter)

PPP 6-30 Finn.JPG

I am constantly stopped & asked about my beautiful Biewer Terrier, Finnegan (Brady)!  Not only is he a gorgeous, cuddly teddy bear, he has the personality to match!  I have Rose to thank for that!  She breeds and raises friendly, well adjusted, happy, and healthy dogs.  You can't ask for more when looking for a breeder, or a new puppy!

Brenda S.

Finn (Brady) - Biewer Terrier "B" litter

PPP 12-13 Wilbur (Carter).jpg

We had a wonderful experience with Heartland Biewer Terriers!  Rose was very accommodating throughout the adoption process and sent us home with all vet records and a goodie bag of our puppy's favorite things.  She checked in with us regularly during the transition to make sure everything was going well.  Our dog Wilbur has the best temperament of any dog we've ever known!  He is the perfect addition to our family and we are so happy he is with us!


Meredith S.

Carter (Wilbur) (Biewer Terrier "C" litter) 

We have been so  blessed to have found Rose and Heartland Biewer  Terriers, which  brought Charlie &  Cooper into our  family!  We  weren't previous  dog parents, we  had cats.  But  when we researched bringing a new pet into our home  the Biewer Terriers had all of the characteristics we were looking for; lovable, smart, easy trainers, and non shedding.  We have found all of that and more with Cooper & Charlie!  We recently were challenged with a member of our family being diagnosed with a serious illness; having our "boys" around has truly been therapeutic for us.  I really don't know what we would have done without them!  Thank you Rose for sharing your family with ours.


Lindsay & Mary O.

Charlie & Cooper - Biewer Terrier "C" litter 

9-15 Charlie & Cooper _ 2.5 years for PP
PPP -  Alex _ 20 months.jpg

"I can't thank you enough for my "Baby", my heart, my precious Alex! He is the sweetest, most loving, most well adjusted boy anyone could ever dream of! He is sweet, loving, but really most of all a clown! He always makes me smile...and usually burst out laughing! Thank you Rose for this most precious gift!"


 Pam R.

Alex (Biewer Terrier "A" litter) 

I am a dog groomer for 38 years; a few years ago Finnegan (see previoustestimonial) came into my shop.  I had never seen a Biewer Terrier before; Finnegan was such a good boy!  I asked his owner Brenda about him and she told me about Rose.  I contacted her...........and could not be more in love with both Rose, and my Chester!  Rose, you are the best breeder.  Your pups are the kindest and sweetest ever; the care you put into your babies is truly through the heart!  I could go on and on about you and your pups, but instead I will just say "Thank you, for the best pup ever!"  My Chester will be 2 in March (2015) and sends his love to his Grandma Rose <3


Vicki C.

Chester - Biewer Terrier "C" Litter 

PPP Chester at almost 1 year old.jpg
PPP 4-2013 Barbie2.jpg

I would highly recommend Rose's Heartland Biewer Terriers!  Her dogs are healthy, social and beautiful! When we picked up our Barbie, Rose had pictures, health records, toys, food and grooming tools to take with our new family member. She is wonderful, AND the perfect 'Grandma' to all her puppies!!


Eileen P.  

Barbie (Biewer Terrier "B" litter)

8-26-15 Crimson for PPpage.jpg

In May 2012 we took home our first (certainly not our last) Biewer Terrier.  We could not have asked for a better experience than we got with Rose of Heartland Biewer Terriers.  With Rose's prior knowledge and blessing, we moved to Florida the day after bringing Crimson home.  It was during that time that I learned that Rose would always be a part of Crimson's (and our) life.  We checked in with Rose daily during the several day drive, letting her know through pictures and messages of how well Crimson was doing.  She had genuine concern for him traveling at such a young age and THAT sets her apart from many breeders...........she cares about her pups long after they leave her care!  What I loved most is that Crimson was home raised and well socialized.  He is the sweetest boy and has the best personality!  With Rose you can feel confident that you are getting a "hands on" raised and loved puppy.  You are getting a BEAUTIFUL dog that is very well socialized and certainly in fantastic health!  You are also gaining an extended family, as you (and Rose) will want to stay connected through pictures and info as your precious puppy grows.  THANK YOU ROSE, for our devilishly SWEET boy Crimson!


Alice R.

Crimson (Biewer Terrier "C" litter) 

Melina is a perfect bundle of love & energy; she doesn't know a stranger & truly believes that she is loved.  In turn she demonstrates that love to everyone she meets.  She came to us well socialized and unafraid of the world.  At the same time, she is respectful and quick to roll on her side when the neighbor's German Shepard gets to close for her comfort...or when she is meeting a new canine friend.

She is bright, and as eager to learn as she is to please.  She loves a challenge & persistent enough to stick with one until she is convinced she has done her best (there will be no squeakers left in Melina's toys!).  Who knew that a 7 1/2 lb little fluff ball could dominate a tennis ball with the finesse & spirit that would impress Serena Williams?  We love her spirit of independence that is balanced with her desire to be affectionate and loving.  She snuggles and loves as hard as she plays.

Melina handles a 2 mile walk without a problem.  She loves the outdoors & is happy to be exploring.  On days when our work prohibits long walks, she is just as happy in our gated area.  Not only is Melina smart, she is strong, healthy, and beautiful.  We attract a lot of attention when we are socializing.  Whether at the vet's office, doggie day care, or at the grocery matter where we are Melina attracts attention because of her beautiful colors, and of course her tail that is always held high for all to see! 

I cannot say enough about Rose & what a wonderful person she is. Her puppies reflect her calm personality and exude her love for her Biewer Terriers, Yorkies, and human family. Our daughter has a Yorkie (Ramona) from Rose, and both dogs are wonderful, wonderful additions to our family!  We appreciate that Rose has been there for us during our first year as puppy owners.  She's offered support and words of wisdom when we needed advice or had questions.  Thank you Rose!


Dana & Tucker L.

Dixie (Melina) - Biewer Terrier "D" litter 

6-11-19 Melina (Dixie).jpg
11-11-14 Dex PP page.jpg

Dex has been the best addition to our little family!  It took a lot of convincing, begging, and bribing for my husband to get on board with the idea of a puppy.  Now he's constantly telling me what a great decision we made in bringing Dexter into our home.  Andy thinks we got the best pup of the litter; Dex is so well behaved, loving, & has such a personality!  That's all because of Rose's dedication & love for her fur kids from the moment they are born.  The amount of time & effort she puts into raising her pups is astounding, and it shows.  Dexter is so easy to bathe & clip.  He loves making new friends, going for walks, and people watching out the screen door.  He's really smart, playful, and loving.  When he's not playing fetch, he's taking a snooze right by you.  My in-laws are amazed with his personality & calmness.  He is just a little over a year old, but he's so well behaved.  I know that's due to Rose's wonderful care & all of the effort she put into raising him.  Not only did Rose give us the opportunity to have such a lovable silly puppy, she welcomed us into her extended fur family.  She loves hearing updates about Dex and wants to stay in touch.  When I went to a wedding in Omaha, Rose was more than happy to have Dex visit for a few hours.  It was so good realizing that she continues to care about him even after he came into our family.  Rose is an amazing, caring breeder and raises wonderful, loving puppies.  We are so very blessed to have met Rose and to have welcomed Dex into our lives.


Lea & Andy L.   -   Duke (Dex) - Biewer Terrier "D" litter 

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