GCHB CH Windsong's Heaven Sent to the Heartland CM


                                                               Winston has proven to be a shining star in the AKC show ring and will sire  future                                                                             Heartland Biewer Terrier litters.  Born on July 1, 2019, Winston was shown for the                                                                            very first time at just shy of 6 months old, and won BPIS in the AKC 4-6 Month                                                                                    Beginner Puppy Show!  We were very pleased at the confidence he showed in the

                                                               ring at such a young age, and the "watch" command seemed to come naturally to him.                                                                     Just a month later (Dec. 2020) in Orlando, FL. Winston did well against the many                                                                               beautiful dogs there placing in the top 4 in every show! 

                                                               The pandemic shut down dog shows for a while, but his first time back in the ring

                                                               at just over a year old, Winston showed without missing a beat, & quickly earned

                                                               his CM (Certificate of Merit) title!  In April 2021, just 4 months after the Biewer Terrier                                                                       breed officially became a part of the AKC toy group, Winston earned his AKC Championship title!  Less than two months later, he became an AKC Grand Champion; the 4th Biewer

Terrier to earn that title!  And then in October 2021 Winston moves up once again to the AKC Grand Champion

BRONZE title.  This boy loves to be in the ring!

2021 was a BIG year for Winston moving quickly to his GCHB title, earning an official invitation to the 2022 WESTMINSTER DOG SHOW as one of the top 5 Championed Biewer Terriers, and was the #2 Owner-handled Biewer Terriers as well, earning him and invitation to show in the AKC National Owner Handled Finals in Orlando.  We are so proud of this boy!

Winston is co-owned by myself & my friend in Kansas and we look forward to what the future holds for him and the

offspring he will produce.

2022 Westminster Invitee!

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Online Westminster invitee list.jpg

AKC Medallion awarded to the first 10 Biewer Terriers to earn their Grand Champion title.  Winston was # 4 in that group,

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@ 7 months

 CH Heaven Sent DalCrista Heartland Gold


CHAMP was born on May 13, 2021 and is the son of our GCHB CH Winston!  Seeing the similarity in their markings, he was watched closely early on as our "pick of the litter" of two.  His personality stood out as he got older and his first time in the ring in an AKC Puppy Match, Champ won Best of Breed from a group of 5 Biewer Terrier puppies and then won second place in the puppy Toy group.  At 7 months old showing in Orlando along with a large group of other pups his age, Champ showed well and brought home more ribbons.  Following in his daddy's footsteps in the show ring, Champ earned his AKC CHAMPION title just 2 weeks shy of his 1st birthday, and has since earned a Group 4 and a Group 3 placements in the NOHS Toy Group ring!


CHAMP is co-owned by myself and my good friend Kathy from Heaven Sent Biewers, and resides and is being shown by her.


4/30/22     New AKC Champion

Retired Heartland Males



~ Sunny ~

I started showing Sunny when he was about 5 months old and at just over 1 year old he has "shown" the right choice was made by earning enough points to gain his "Certificate of Merit (CM) title with the American Kennel Club!   

Sunny has been retired and is living the life of luxury with a family in Oklahoma along with our retired female Hope.


Aaron Cassanova of Biewers of Brookwood 

~ Reggie ~

 REGGIE was the foundation of our Biewer Terrier breedings.   After siring many of our Biewer Terrier puppies, Reggie has been retired and has been placed in a loving pet home with a former vet tech that was working at our vet clinic at the time.