Ice Ice Baby Starlit Heartland Sky

~ Skye ~


"Skye" joins the Heartland family at shy of 14 weeks old.  Such a beautiful, happy, and confident puppy we are confident as well that she will do well in the show ring when she is old enough. 

Windsong's Sweet Heartland Serenade

~Dolly ~

10-14-2020  Meet our sweet Dolly, the newest member of our Heartland family!  At just 14 weeks old, Dolly has lots of growing  to do. 


While we enjoy her puppy antics and watch the changes she will go through as she matures, we hope to get her into the show ring in a few months as well.


Heartland's Hopes and Dreams

~ Hope ~

A very special girl born on May 29, 2016, Hope is the first pup from my own breeding, that I decided to keep to add to my show & breeding program.  Right from the start, I love her markings, her head coloring, and as she progressed in her first 12 weeks, her size seemed to be charting right where I wanted her to be.  Her show career was short as she did not seem to enjoy the hustle and bustle of the travel and noises at the shows, but she did "show" that she had the right stuff, earning 4 CM points in the few shows she did take part in.   At about 7 1/2 lbs, Hope has grown up tall and lean as an adult just like her mom, as well as an attentive mama to the two littlers of pretty puppies she raised before being retired.  Hope is healthy & happy living with a retired couple in Oklahoma along with her Heartland sidekick, retired male Sunny.

Christa of Biewer Terriers of Brookwood  (RETIRED)

~ Hannah ~

Our beautiful Hannah, our first and the foundation of our show/breeding program, is retired and living the life of leisure that she so deserves with a great family that has other furry family members as well as adult children with pets that come to visit often.  Retiring my adults is very difficult, so finding them the perfect forever family is at the top of my list.  They do not leave here until I am totally comfortable with their prospective new family.  In her new home, Hannah is loved, well cared for, and has plenty of furry friends to keep her company just as she did when she was here.   She is I am happy.  

Cameron of Biewer Terriers of Brookwood  (RETIRED)

~ Camie ~

Born in October 2012, Camie joined our family in January 2013.  Her rich deep coloring caught my eye from the start and as she matured into the beauty I knew she would be, the urge to show this wonderful breed grew in me. After taking a few conformation classes with her and then showing her in an AKC sanctioned fun match in Fremont, NE., I loved it & knew I wanted to do more.  That would come later.....
Camie gave us three beautiful litters of puppies before being retired from breeding.  Keeping her in the family, Camie is loving the life of retirement living with one of my sisters who is also retired.  It was a match made in heaven and I couldn't be happier for both of them.

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