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Windsong's Sweet Heartland Serenade
~Dolly ~

Meet sweet Dolly; one of our female Heartland family members!  We welcomed Dolly into our lives in October 2020 and she has added so much fun since day one.  She definitely has personality PLUS!!  Dolly was born on July 8, 2020 and comes from one of the top Biewer Terrier kennels.  She has such a happy personality, and I believe it is that happy, playful personality that in my experience, has made her THE BEST mom to her puppies; more so than I remember seeing in any other of the girls I've bred.  I think because she loves to play, she really enjoys interacting, playing with, and teaching her pups right up until they leave for their forever homes.

7-4-21 Dolly outside.jpg
5-18-21 Dolly face @ 10.5 months.jpg

Little Gems Heartland Amber Sky
~ Amber ~


The newest addition to the Heartland is AMBER.  

Amber was born in Arizona on October 3, 2023 and I think it was fate that brought her here.  After over a year since being able to travel and participate in the dog shows it happened by chance that we came upon this little beauty.  At already almost 6 months old, it's as if she was ready and waiting to be shown. . .  by ME!

With a fearless outgoing personality, a gorgeous coat, beautiful color and markings, and seemingly as perfect as can be, I look forward to getting her in the ring to see what the two of us will accomplish together.    

I have a feeling she will do very well!


GCH CH Ice Ice Baby Starlit Heartland Sky
~ Skye ~

5-8-21 Skye BOS - earned AKC CH title.jpg

Skye earns her
Champion title

Skye earns her
AKC Grand Champion title


 Skye" joined the Heartland family on Nov. 15,2020 at shy of 14 weeks old.  She was such a beautiful, happy, and confident puppy and we were anxious to get her into the show ring as soon as possible.  Skye began her show

career shortly after turning 6 months old and just 3 months later showing in the 6-9 month puppy class, Skye    won the final 3 points she needed to earn her AKC             Champion title, and 3 months later her GRAND Champion title!!  Additionally, having earned 10 AKC points before reaching the age of one year, she also received the honor of earning a "Puppy of Achievement" certificate.  Quite an achievement at such a young age!!! 

Even having done as well as she did in the ring, I think Skye prefers staying comfortable at home, and so was retired from the show circuit after earning her AKC Grand Champion title.  Since then, she has blessed us with beautiful puppies sired by our AKC Grand Champion Bronze, "Winston".

10-8-21 SKYE - Grand Champion.jpeg
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