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Our Retired Females


~ Hannah ~

Christa of Biewer Terriers of Brookwood  


Beautiful Hannah was our first Biewer Terrier and the foundation of our breeding program.  She is retired and living the life of leisure that she so deserves with  plenty of furry friends to keep her company just as she did when she was here.   She is I am happy.  


~ Camie ~

Cameron of Biewer Terriers of Brookwood  


It was with Camie that I got my feet wet in showing.  After taking a few conformation classes I showed her once, just for fun in an AKC sanctioned match.  I was hooked & knew I wanted to do more.  That would come later.....
Camie gave us three beautiful litters of puppies before being retired from breeding.  Keeping her in the family, Camie is loving the life of retirement living with one of my sisters .  It was a match made in heaven and I couldn't be happier for both of them.


~ Hope ~

Heartland's Hopes and Dreams


Hope was a pup out of our beautiful Hannah, held back as a show prospect.  Though she was a pretty girl, she preferred life at home over the hustle and bustle of show life.  After blessing us with two beautiful litters ,Hope was retired and is now living with a retired couple in Oklahoma along with her Heartland sidekick, our retired male Sunny.

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