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2-11 Albeit a bit late, it's a new year and I'm hoping to get back into my more normal life. Things seem to have settled down a bit with Matt; maybe finally into his new normal. Though not the life he or I would wish for him, it is what it is and we're doing the best we can in getting him taken care of. Since the beginning of all of this in May of last year, he has been in and out of the hospital many times, has had his right leg amputated below the knee, multiple small strokes, and chronic diarrhea, to name just a few of his health problems. Having tried to be his care giver until October of last year, it became very clear that it was much to much for Jim and I to handle. After finally getting him set up on Medicaid he has been in a skilled nursing facility, which though not ideal, is where he needs to be, and much better than alone in his apartment.

Since the beginning of this year things seem to be settling down. It's been a bit over a month now since his last hospital stay and I'm hoping that continues. With him settled into his new normal, I am going to try getting my "normal" life back. So, when Dolly came into heat the other day I decided to breed her hoping to get a litter of puppies, and hopefully a show puppy out of her/Winston. With it having been so long since I've been in the show ring and breeding, I have had thoughts of whether or not this was all a sign that it was time to end that chapter of my life. But all along at the same time, I still found myself drawn to having more puppies and getting back into the show ring. So this litter will kind of be my trial on whether or not this is something that I still want to continue. Connie (across the street with Lexie) bought herself a little male puppy hoping to take him into the show ring, I think wanting me to be her mentor, so all of the possibilities are still around me. Plus, my hope is to breed her male to Skye when he gets old enough, since I likely cannot breed Skye to Winston again. Time will tell what this year holds. . . . .

2/23 Dolly/Winston breeding days are done. We did not get any natural ties in, but thankfully I was able to perform several AI's. Because both of her previous litters were born about a week early (according to breeding dates), I did start breeding her earlier this cycle assuming that she ovulates earlier in her cycle. IF we are successful puppies would be due to arrive APRIL 20-24.

2/29 Yep, 2/29. . . . it's LEAP day. Didn't realize it was leap year until yesterday when I noticed that February had the extra day. Well since it's leap day, let's just leap into the decision to buy a new show puppy shall we? Yikes, I think I'm doing it!! At first, seeing two 3 1/5 month old girls posted on Facebook by a breeder I am familiar with, I messaged her inquiring about one of them. She is keeping one and will sell the other as a show prospect but has not made the decision on which she will keep yet and said she will let me know in a couple of weeks. However, earlier today I decided to message another lady I am familiar with, Carol Elkins (she in fact now owns LILA, the pup from Dolly's first litter that Deborah Billings took as her pick of the litter). I had often thought about messaging her about Lila, and today decided to do it to ask about whether she had any puppies available as well, since a photo of her male "Flash" had caught my eye a while back. Surprisingly, she does have a female puppy that she says she's held back for show and is willing to sell her to me. She sent me a few short videos of her and tonight we talked on the phone, and it all seems promising. It certainly looks like I just may be adding a new Biewer to our family soon. And even better is that this puppy is already 5 months old so will be ready for the show ring this spring. And being that age, we already have a good idea of her adult size and of her quality as a show dog. It's not quite a done deal or set in stone just yet, but I think by next week I should know for sure. Happening fast, but I think it will be a good thing and just what I need after all I've been through in the past year. I am so ready to get my life back.

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